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Member Since: Dec 14, 2014

Location: USA

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86% Taxi Driver (1976) - Sep 26, 2020
"They should remake this and call it Uber Driver. Also really made me want to take a shower after."
22% A Civil Action (1998) - Sep 26, 2020
43% Vice (2018) - Aug 29, 2020
"Great casting, all of the different political characters are embodied effectively by their actors. However, what worked for McKay in the Big Short doesn’t really work here. It feels too chaotic, too unfocused, and too ambitious in it’s scope. It’s a shame because underneath all of the unnecessary detours lies a great film. But unfortunately it’s too distracted, and Bale’s amazing performance feels wasted. Sam Rockwell does a hell of a good George W. impersonation though. "
86% Frost/Nixon (2008) - Aug 29, 2020
"We are going to make those mother fuckers choke! Great movie monologue. "
43% Idiocracy (2006) - Aug 17, 2020
"Has the potential to be so much more, but unfortunately wastes that energy. I felt like the movie did not go far enough in its cynicism which would’ve resulted in a more effective satirical work. Whenever there are scenes with soft sentimentalism tossed in the movie’s tone suffered. Nonetheless, it is an actually downright hilarious film at some points, especially while high. Luke Wilson makes for a solid protagonist but whenever he or PRESIDENT CAMACHO, hilariously played by Crews are not "
43% Batman Begins (2005) - Aug 12, 2020
67% Dredd (2012) - Aug 08, 2020
"Dialogue is a little too corny tough guy at some points, but overall an enjoyable, slick and futuristic Sci-Fi action film. "
67% The Martian (2015) - Aug 03, 2020
67% The Theory of Everything (2014) - Jul 27, 2020
86% Her (2013) - Jul 26, 2020
"Excellent ending. And an original take on artificial intelligence that's not so doom and gloom as the usual fare. "