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Member Since: Jan 8, 2011

Location: San Diego, USA

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75 42% Closer (2004) - May 12, 2019
"Great cast, but otherwise mundane. If you want to watch a movie about infidelity in relationships, watch a Woody Allen movie. Although Natalie Portman isn't in any of them..."
75 42% The Wind Rises (2013) - May 12, 2019
"Lacks the magic of some of the other Miyazaki films."
75 42% Run Lola Run (1998) - May 12, 2019
"Different and entertaining, but we don't get much of Lola's back story or much of her relationship."
75 42% 13 Tzameti (2005) - Jan 07, 2019
"Interesting to see a different style of film making from the traditional hollywood. But lacking character development and a point besides the shock value."
85 79% Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) - Jan 05, 2019
"Very interesting look at underground art of ~10 years ago, and how it went above ground."
70 27% Chappaquiddick (2018) - Jan 02, 2019
"I really don't understand the point of making a movie about this story in 2018. How is it relevant? A summary of Ted's whole career would have perhaps been better. I guess it was well done fwiw."
90 91% Green Book (2018) - Jan 02, 2019
"Pretty much perfect. Good story, perfect acting, good direction."
75 42% Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) - Jan 02, 2019
"The best of the prequel trilogy, but otherwise the worst of star wars. Hayden Christensen is terrible, the script is poor, and the CG looks outdated by now."
75 42% Vice (2018) - Jan 02, 2019
"Gets points for a unique style, but I pretty much knew most of these facts about Cheney fifteen years ago. Still, I can see how Americans need reminding of these things."
75 42% Three Identical Strangers (2018) - Jan 02, 2019
"Worth a watch to see how a psychology experiment (presumably by well meaning researchers) can go horribly wrong. As a film, it's a bit slow and a bit one-dimensional, but gets its point across nonetheless."