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60 T5 Black Mirror: Crocodile (2017) - Jan 14, 2018
"Concept is interesting but wasn’t really a huge fan of the execution,"
80 T9 Black Mirror: USS Callister (2017) - Jan 04, 2018
"This one is pretty different but just the right sort of new life I think Black Mirror needed as a few other episodes while still good seemed a bit formulaic for the series. Really twisted but thoroughly entertaining."
65 T6 Black Mirror: Metalhead (2017) - Jan 03, 2018
72 T8 Black Mirror: Hang the DJ (2017) - Jan 02, 2018
"Was getting fairly strong San Junipero vibes thrugh this, Another entertaining concept and a nice, more gentle addition to the series."
68 T7 Black Mirror: Arkangel (2017) - Jan 01, 2018
"Back-to-basics Black Mirror. It’s pretty good and it explores an interesting concept but I can’t help but feel a tad disappointed - all a little safe really and not as fresh as I was hoping."
88 T10 Call Me by Your Name (2017) - Dec 28, 2017
"It’s definitely a slow burner but it’s so emotionally driven and so nuanced that it’s captivating to watch. Those last few scenes are haunting. It’s a beautiful time capsule that I thoroughly enjoyed watching."
82 T9 Coco (2017) - Dec 26, 2017
"A rich tapestry of Hispanic culture, which, for someone like me in the UK, is refreshing to watch. Not as fun and humourous as other Pixar movies but it has a lot of heart and very poignant messages with its love of music, culture and family shining through. Pixar and Disney just keep on delivering homeruns."
70 T7 Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Dec 19, 2017
"While the last one felt quite classic and true to its roots, this film seems to be a little more daring in some aspects. It takes a while to truly get going with a few other gripes here and there but a nonetheless solid outing for the Star Wars saga."
58 T5 I Love You, Man (2009) - Dec 04, 2017
"It’s fairly charming and Rudd and Segel are pretty great together but it’s nothing amazing really. Fairly standard overall but keeps you mildly entertained."
62 T6 Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (2017) - Oct 22, 2017
"Humourous and light-hearted - Jack’s dad is rather smutty, isn’t he! Nothing special and you can tell that a lot of this is scripted, but it does what it says on the tin quite nicely."