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70 T7 In a Heartbeat (2017) - Aug 06, 2017
72 T8 Deepwater Horizon (2016) - Jul 27, 2017
"It seems I have a taste for disaster movies after Dunkirk. This was a very informative, tense and well-made movie, with a great cast and great effects. It also attached emotional resonance to certain characters which does make you more invested in the whole affair a little more. It can get a bit hard to follow, especially the complicated rig terminology, but it seems the experts are chiming in to say it was all ringing true. Seems it was a fairly accurate portrayal so sheesh..."
75 T8 Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 27, 2017
"It's not what I expected at all but it's very competently made and clearly a very visceral, relentless tale that is also really well scored. Plays more like a docu film but as long as you're down with that rather than a narrative-driven emotional tale, then you'll be in for a good time. The top half of Tom Hardy's face deserves an Oscar nomination for sure. "
68 T7 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Jul 23, 2017
"It's good fun and it's great to see not see the origin story once more, but for me it's still a little too padded out and self-aware in the MCU. I was quite bored towards the middle too until there was a revelation that brought me back into the story. Its overall tone was aimed at a far younger audience than I expected too, but it's all fine and well made but no real wow factor that makes it stand out."
70 T7 Fresh Meat (2011) - Jul 22, 2017
62 T6 The Inbetweeners (2008) - Jul 22, 2017
45 T3 Bad Education (2012) - Jul 22, 2017
68 T7 Only Fools and Horses (1981) - Jul 22, 2017
80 T9 Black Mirror: White Christmas (2014) - Jul 21, 2017
"It's a bit overcrowded with the overlapping stories but like always this was chilling, gripping stuff. Not sure if this will be a Christmas special I'll watch again come the real day..."
65 T6 GLOW (2017) - Jul 21, 2017
"It's pretty entertaining, edgy and stylish overall but I feel it all needs a little more substance - it's quite erratic with its plot and overall tone. Hopefully all this superficial stuff is just paving the way for future, better seasons."