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Member Since: Dec 13, 2016

Location: USA

Bio: I'm an avid movie watcher but by no means pretentious. I just love movies and talking about them.

I generally stay away from pre- 80's films and my tastes are more focused on fantasy and adventure.

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20 T4 The Big Short (2015) - Dec 16, 2016
"Business jargon, money lingo, and numbers. If the actors didn't make sad faces and scream when bad things happened, I wouldn't know something bad happened. The celebrity explanations at key points did not help("Hey, Margot Robbie is in this one too!" is literally what I got out of the scene where she's in a bathtub). So, for almost 2 hours, I got a sort of entertainment and pleasure out of big name celebs emoting and acting with barely a concept of story or drama to cling to. "
15 T4 The Counselor (2013) - Dec 16, 2016
"Another one of those where I didn't feel like there was a coherent story knitting anything together. It was just a bunch of scenes where big name actors played cryptic characters who told each other allegories. Something something... drugs and a truck. I almost finished it but did not. "
70 T5 Eden Lake (2008) - Dec 16, 2016
"Holy Christ. This really hits home to a very real fear of mine. The unrelenting cruelty of humanity at it's worst - the irrational, apathetic, consuming rage and desire for destruction and pain. I'm just cringing all over the place with this film. "
40 T5 Blood Creek (2009) - Dec 16, 2016
"Really weird and convoluted plot but entertaining at least. I feel like I just watched two hours of Michael Fassbender running around a farmhouse set. The best part was the zombie horse. Seriously, that is one of my true to God nightmare wraiths - an insane, creepy horse that eats people. "
95 T8 Pacific Rim (2013) - Dec 16, 2016
"I love this. It's about the people but there's plenty of big battles and the monster noises give me chills - I've loved that semi-mechanical synthesized crap ever since the first Jurassic Park. And how does Charlie Day steal the show? Seriously, and Ron frigging Perlman. They're secondary characters and yet I am insanely interested in what they're doing and what they've got going on. Charismatic bastards. "
90 T7 Bambi (1942) - Dec 16, 2016
T3 The Toxic Avenger (1984) - Dec 16, 2016
100 T10 War of the Worlds (2005) - Dec 16, 2016
T2 Son of the Mask (2005) - Dec 16, 2016
10 T3 The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) - Dec 16, 2016