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86 80% High Life (2018) - May 16, 2019
"Probably one of the creepiest and most enigmatic movies I’ve seen involving a Fuckbox."
74 39% Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) - May 16, 2019
"A very cute and fun time at the movies that falls down when it tries to get more dramatic as expected. Still, I had an awesome time. Seeing how the Pokemon were integrated into the world was great, and while most of the story turns were massively obvious there were a couple of smaller twists I thought were legitimately good. Plus you get to hear Bill Nighy say ‘Pikachu’ AND ‘Mewtwo’!"
62 18% Wine Country (2019) - May 12, 2019
"Awesome cast, of course, and there are definitely some decent laughs in there, but for the most part it’s a forgettable flick where most of the jokes are mild titter-worthy at best. Still, nice to see a movie about female friendship and aging get a bunch of hype, I guess?"
83 69% Thunder Road (2018) - May 09, 2019
83 69% The Princess Bride (1987) - May 04, 2019
"A “classic 80s movie” that ISN’T horrifically overrated? Wonders never cease. Very funny and keeps the perfect tone, with a brilliant cast."
80 58% Thoroughbreds (2018) - May 04, 2019
"A much better dark comedy than it is a thriller (honestly I don’t really get how it’s classified as one at all) but still very enjoyable. Two perfect leads and a tone that rightfully satirises the privilege of the characters while understanding that they can’t be blamed for their upbringing."
85 76% Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Apr 28, 2019
"Objectivity will come later for now I’m still in pure “this was the coolest shit I ever saw in my whole life” mode ya feel"
92 94% True Stories (1986) - Apr 22, 2019
"A wholesome and affectionate celebration of the strange with some of the driest humour ever seen and a wonderful collection of offbeat characters, plus some absolutely killer songs. Would you believe this is the first thing I’ve really paid attention to from Byrne besides hearing Once in a Lifetime and Burning Down the House a few times apiece? I got some catching up to do! (EDIT: also had the opportunity to see this for a second time in 35mm at the Prince Charles Cinema. fantastic stuff.)"
41 6% Serenity (2019) - Apr 21, 2019
"This movie is truly terrible but it goes so hard with its total batshittery that I kind of have to admire it. Worth watching just for the multitude of scenes that will make you inadvertently do a Psyduck impersonation. McConaughey trying so hard and fully acting his ass off only adds to the hilarity."
70 29% Tag (2018) - Apr 19, 2019
"A fantastic and very game cast and some really fun set-pieces elevate a script with some decent jokes but also some really hackneyed stuff and a semi-cheap ending. Wish the other female characters got to do as much as Fischer (who is excellent)"