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64 21% It Chapter Two (2019) - Sep 05, 2019
"At one point during one of IT Chapter Two’s many tepid attempts at fright, grown-up Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) asks “Should we be running?”, to which Bill Denborough (James McAvoy) replies “This is Derry, I’ve kind of gotten used to it.” I can think of no better metaphor to describe my feelings towards these movies’ attempts at horror. But on the bright side, it’s definitely not the worst movie these two actors have starred in this year."
68 27% The Burbs (1989) - Aug 26, 2019
"Great cast and some very fun comedy and satirical elements, but a lot of it fell flat for me and overall I found it pretty unengagjng. Still, it’s always nice to see Babby Hanks (as opposed to current Hanks, Daddy Hanks), and Bruce Dern’s turn as the absurdly jingoistic neighbour is a fun one."
74 39% Ocean's Eleven (2001) - Aug 26, 2019
"I feel like time has been kinder to this movie than maybe it deserves. It’s fun, and seeing the actors play against each other is neat, but it’s not as memorable as I would hope and it sometimes feels like Soderbergh was stuck on autopilot. "
73 36% The Last Dragon (1985) - Aug 26, 2019
"This movie was so incredibly dumb and basically seems to exist because Gordy wanted to jump on the Karate Kid bandwagon to increase Motown sales but it’s still a hoot. Sho’nuff is a classic character. I now have to rewatch Sorry To Bother You to understand the references Tessa Thompson’s character makes."
81 61% Midnight Run (1988) - Aug 26, 2019
"Definitely one of my favourite of the light-hearted action flicks we got in the 80s. De Niro and the dad from Beethoven are an excellent duo, and the silly atmosphere never lags."
87 84% Paper Moon (1973) - Aug 26, 2019
"This was delightful! The chemistry between the O’Neals is so nice, and Tatum definitely deserved the Oscar for that performance. Really nice photography and it skips along well."
86 80% Dolor y gloria (2019) - Aug 26, 2019
"Although it sometimes seems scattered, the beautiful final scene brings it together perfectly. Incredible performances and a wonderful score, with some fantastic Almodovar melodrama and humour."
64 21% Now You See Me (2013) - Aug 18, 2019
"This is one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen but I still had a fun time watching it! It’s all just ridiculous razzle-dazzle that doesn’t make a lick of sense but it doesn’t take itself seriously and the cast are a lot of fun. A decent one to watch with the parents when you’re home and you know they won’t be into The Square or whatever."
86 80% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Aug 15, 2019
"Tentative score because dang do I need to see this one again. Wildly entertaining throughout, yet definitely messy, indulgent, and too long. Tension builds very well in Tarantino’s classic style, and the cinematography is excellent. Pitt and DiCaprio are doing some of their best work ever, while Robbie is an underused delight. I didn’t feel like the themes of the parallel storylines worked together like they could have, but we’ll see upon rewatch. Rick and the girl was my favourite scene."
83 69% Coco (2017) - Aug 15, 2019