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83 68% Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) - Oct 24, 2020
"Doesn’t QUITE reach the comedic heights as the first, but is a better movie overall. The real people stuff gets just as nuts and unbelievable as before, but there’s also way more scripted sections and they’re actually pretty damn good! SBC kills it as much as ever but Maria Bakalova is the real find here - an absolutely incredible talent who shares Cohen’s fearlessness. Vastly exceeded my expectations and well worth watching. And Guliani is such a gross creep ew ew ew"
85 76% Nomadland (2020) - Oct 17, 2020
"A beautiful ode to chosen families and kindness and perseverance and oh my god McDormand is the GOAT"
81 60% The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) - Oct 16, 2020
"A good project for Sorkin, allowing him to revel in the things he’s best at while keeping his bullshit to a minimum (for the most part, at least). An unbelievably phenomenal cast give superb performances across the board, especially Cohen, Strong, Rylance, and Langella. Some exceptional montage editing. Bumped my score down a few points for some elitist Sorkin moments and that unbelievably cheesy ending, but this is still his best project in a decade and very strong overall."
87 84% American Utopia (2020) - Oct 16, 2020
"Massively self-indulgent and a few songs too long, but still a wonderful, joyous experience. The movie itself is fantastic, an all-time great concert film on par with SMS, with Lee bringing the experience out of the live setting in the best way (as well as adding his own essential and emotional touches during the amazing Hell You Talmbout section)....but the show. What a show! I can’t believe nobody added this before me this site is dying :( :( :("
78 50% Bad Trip (2020) - Oct 15, 2020
"The scripted bits aren’t so good but who even CARES there are so many incredible hidden camera sections and amazing reactions from unaware members of the public"
72 32% Saint Maud (2019) - Oct 15, 2020
"A good and promising debut horror. No more, no less. Suitably creepy, Clark is very good, and Glass is one to watch, but I don’t think this particular movie really deserves the accolades it’s receiving."
77 47% Shirley (2020) - Oct 13, 2020
"I admire how un-biopic-y this is and the performances and cinematography are great but it wasn’t quite as gripping as I was hoping. Does make me want to watch more by Decker, though."
83 68% Akira (1988) - Oct 13, 2020
"Gorgeous animation, exquisite music, and some truly fantastic, arresting visuals.’s alright??? Definitely feels like a cliff notes version of a larger story at times and the character development isn’t much. But it’s a freaking masterpiece of craft."
80 57% Kajillionaire (2020) - Oct 12, 2020
"Super funny and surprisingly tender at times. Probably one of July’s best!"