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T7 Your Name (2016) - Dec 22, 2016
"A lot of the plot conventions featured in "Your Name" will be familiar to anyone who's seen at least a couple Japanese youth dramas, and certain subplots fall to the wayside in the final act. However, Shinkai's trademark gorgeous colors, art, and animation will definitely distract from the story's shortcomings. And any other complaints should be placated by a creative premise that's finessed with a commendable attention to detail."
T7 Tickled (2016) - Dec 22, 2016
"What is, at face value, an absurd (if intriguing) premise for a documentary turns out to be an incredibly twisted and uncomfortable study into the enigmatic mastermind behind a global ring of tickling competitions, and how this person has soured the lives of so many. "
T4 Loving (2016) - Dec 22, 2016
"The strong performances are wasted on what is an ultimately uneventful picture that doesn't actually have that much to say. What spikes of drama that do occur are resolved with little excitement, and while it's hard to knock the movie for keeping the focus on the couple at the trial's center, some courtroom combat could have added a much-needed spark by making the leads feel more invested in the fight for their love."
T7 Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) - Dec 22, 2016
"All of the vampire tropes are here, but they're toyed with to hypnotic effect by Jarmusch, who breaths life into the genre with a fantastic soundtrack, and a strong melancholic atmosphere that's tempered by a playful spirit; a contrast embodied by Swinton's Eve and Hiddleston's Adam. The leads are an effective core for a somber film that thoughtfully explores the preservation of culture, and humanity itself, through the eyes of characters old enough to witness the plateaus and nadirs of both."
T7 Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999) - Dec 22, 2016
"There's no shortage of stories about code-bound warriors being face with the extinction of their culture, but Jarmusch makes it feel fresh again by replacing feudal lords with mafia dons, and by applying a fusion of Eastern and hip-hop philosophy popularized by Wu-Tang (and by getting RZA to produce a dope score, no less.)"
T7 The Red Turtle (2016) - Dec 22, 2016
"The story is told with no dialogue, forcing the viewer to absorb the events through simple, but beautifully rendered visual storytelling. While the art and colors used add dimension to this picture, you should also keep an ear out for the sound design, which is nearly as important for conveying some of the movie's most involving moments."
T7 Dirty Pretty Things (2002) - Dec 22, 2016
""Dirty Pretty Things" is a window into the underbelly of Western society; it shines the spotlight on the immigrant men and women who, despite being the unsung linchpins of our cities, are also some of the most often and easily exploited. With his cast of extremely talented, and ethnically diverse players, Frears taps into this reality. The characters are the heart of this story, and by bringing their world to life, and framing it as a mystery turned thriller, something truly resounding is made."
T1 Bamboozled (2000) - Dec 22, 2016
"The sad thing is, "Bamboozled" is actually rooted in a lot of shameful truths about the entertainment industry and modern racial discourse. The expression of these truths lacks any semblance of subtlety, it's too long and terribly boring, too self-important, too misguided, and is neither witty nor funny... but I digress. And that's without mentioning how ugly the movie is; shot on Mini DV digital video, this movie looks incredibly cheap--like a student film. And that editing... ugh."
T2 Mirror Mirror (2012) - Dec 22, 2016
"All I remember about this movie is how taken aback I was at the random ass Bollywood-esque musical number at the end, "I Believe (in Love)." Not even gonna lie, I thought it was catchy as hell. "
T5 American Gangster (2007) - Dec 22, 2016
""American Gangster" cycles through the familiar procedures in the gangster movie formula; in that regard, it's unexceptional. But the film distinguishes itself from other genre pictures with some vital moments of execution. The firefights are few. The real contest is a battle of convictions between the leads (played with expected prowess by Denzel and Crowe.) As shown by their climactic confrontation, compromise makes the difference between a penthouse, a jailhouse, and a morgue."