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62 37% The New Mutants (2020) - Sep 21, 2020
"Nothing like Fantastic Four disaster or Dark Phoenix mashup here.. The New Mutants is a weak attempt, can not close it's potential to say the least, but at least it's a compact, smooth movie which have some intriguing elements in it.. "
72 66% Creed 2 (2018) - Apr 22, 2019
"This last two Creed movies carry Rocky franchise to a whole new era very succesfully.. I hope, it continues accordingly and we can witness the legacy of Adonis Creed through the years... "
75 75% Avengers: Endgame (2019) - Apr 27, 2019
"Endgame is more of a homage to couple of Marvel movies and its characters than a movie on its own. It takes a risky road, leaves many unanswered questions (or u can say plot holes) Some of the characters and the choices in the movie disappointed me a little bit. However, the tone of nostalgia, extended unrushed narrative,(i love longer movies) emotional level and a few unexpected turning points in the story carry the movie to a certain level. Overall Endgame is a successful farewell to the saga."
72 66% Tenet (2020) - Dec 26, 2020
"Original and interesting idea, as expected from Nolan, but not a smart movie this time! It's not plausible, not even in it's own sci-fi standarts.. Tenet fails to sell it's main plot, to convince the audience! It can't explain well enough what at stake and how! But it makes also a great watch at the parts when and where it can deliver, at the parts we get it and somehow attached to it.. :) p.s.: Some cuts from one scene to scene/scences trasition were odd. So rapidly changes distracted me! "
72 66% Ocean's 8 (2018) - Mar 11, 2021
"In some way, it's very much like The Force Awakens; suppose to be a continuation, a new chapter but essentially ends up being a problematic copy, a loose remake of the first movie with a female lead and totally different cast! But also damn fun to watch.. :) "
68 56% Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - Apr 24, 2020
"I couldn't stop asking whether Rey's origin was planned and known by writers from the beginning or they came up with the idea at the last movie?! In any case, the end product is a total mix bag and actually, after the (storywise) wreckage of "Last Jedi" they didn't have much space or many other choices.. Still i didn't hate it, but didn't like it very much either.. Overall i still prefer prequels over these sequels by a narrow margin.. "
80 86% Jessica Jones (2015) - May 20, 2018
"Such a unique character.. it is well written, well paced, well played but bad financed (the few effects look cheap) With Daredevil, it is one of Netflix's two achievments among it's Marvel properities.."
78 82% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - May 30, 2017
"Liked it much! Even better than Force Awakens, this flick is at least original as it gets and is quite serious.. "
55 20% Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Sep 19, 2020
"There's nothing interesting, different or attention grabbing in it apart from some visuals, choreography and Emma Watson's charm.. A big meh!.."