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45 26% Agent Carter (2015) - May 25, 2020
"Love the cast, hate the writing. It's themes are a confused nightmare. The writers introduce the TB epidemic at the beginning of the show, this would be fine but the action agent Carter takes at season one's finally becomes so much more selfish and stupid with TB as a part of the context. It was so ill conceived that I seriously wondered if the writers had forgotten they'd written that in. Not interested in anything more after that first season."
100 94% Frozen II (2019) - Apr 29, 2020
50 30% Cenerentola (2011) - Mar 07, 2020
"The setting is nice, the acting is mostly passable if wooden. What I had the most trouble with was the voice-over audio, it very frequently didn't mesh well with the visuals throughout the film, to call it distracting would be an understatement. It wasn't exactly bad but I don't think it was good either."
30 20% A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish (2019) - Feb 11, 2020
"Auto-tune the Movie, when it's kind of a musical..? While probably not as poorly made as many other Cinderella movies it's certainly one of the most unoriginal and insipid. I think literally every part was lifted from other Cinderella genre movies."
100 94% Batman: The Animated Series (1992) - Feb 04, 2020
"One of the best batman stories that exists. The voice cast is amazing, the animation is good, and the music is great."
100 94% The Mandalorian (2019) - Jan 30, 2020
"My favorite star wars show to date. The cinematography, music, set and costume design, writing, and acting are all good."
95 80% Fruits Basket (2019) - Jan 30, 2020
60 36% Captain Marvel (2019) - Jan 30, 2020
"Deserving neither such praise nor such censure. It's a moderately bland typical superhero movie, and Carol Danvers is by far the most boring character in the film. It has some fun moments and good commentary but overall it's just dumb and cookie cutter. One small nit-pick: perhaps this is just me but I don't like the "backstory" behind Fury's eye, it kinda ruins a character moment from Winter Soldier."
60 36% The Lion King (2019) - Jan 30, 2020
"Ranging from impressive to annoyingly uncanny valley. The characters were lifeless and most of the voice acting fell flat. The musical parts were unimpressive and Be Prepared was by far the most disappointing. Not one I'd choose to see again."