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Cinema Addict - 1396 Film Ratings

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Location: AK, USA

Bio: My ranking guide:Over 50-I'd recommend it. Some on the lower end in the 50's and 60's maybe only for certain occasions.
50-hilariously bad. so bad they need to be seen. the kind of film that deserves a 0 and a 100 at the same time.
Under 50-would not recommend most of these films. Some would be ok in a certain situation, like with rifftrax or if your lady is all into it and you have no spine.
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56 34% Don't Look Up (2021) - Jan 03, 2022
"Satire is strange. It works so well to point out the wrongness and/or absurdity of things, but when combined with trying to point out the righteousness of the counterpoint, it has to be perfect or else it very much looks deaf, dumb, and blind. I won't lie, I found some bits of this very funny and I did like the performances, but a lot of it feels very up its own ass and is clearly looking down on people. It might also be too on the nose for its apocalyptic tone which undercuts its own point."
75 57% Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - Dec 25, 2021
"Marvel got back in the Kung-fu business. Thank god this is a million times better than their previous attempt which was the Netflix abomination called Iron Fist. Have I mentioned Iron Fist sucks giant donkey balls. Fuck that show. "
73 54% Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) - Dec 25, 2021
"Honestly needed to take itself a bit less seriously. There were like 30 minutes of death and crying and goodbyes that could've been cut down to 10. Was light on hijinks. Quips good, plot fun, set pieces were cool although the scaffolding around the Statue of Liberty a bit confusing to follow exactly where everything was. Sadly, the best part of the movie was how hard I laughed at the Moonfall trailer before it started. God Moonfall looks awful. "
59 35% Jackass (2000) - Dec 09, 2021
"Honestly, I've now met many people who think that comedy is supposed to "punch up" and have some sort of greater purpose and message for the down trodden. Oh that we may hark back to the halcyon days when putting a stick in the spokes of a bike your friend riding is peak comedy. "
68 44% Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) - Nov 26, 2021
"You'll love this is you are turned on by proton packs, the ecto-1, or fucking Harold Ramis' dead body. But honestly, no big laughs but pretty consistent chuckles throughout, particularly from the dead pan of Phobe. Characters thin but fine, plot was hole-y but fun. I actually wanted to dislike it more than I did so maybe I'm going to easy on it because my cynicism wasn't fully met. The nostalgia porn and fake Harold Ramis were the worst part and weren't that far from ruining the whole thing. "
90 93% Dune (2021) - Nov 06, 2021
"David Lynch just got cucked so fucking hard. Guess there's a 15th time for everything. "
80 69% Squid Game (2021) - Oct 26, 2021
"1) look up your currency to won conversion before you start, it helps 2) the VIPs had to be written by a 12 year old, by far the worst part of the show 3) through the first 6 episodes, I thought they did a great job giving proper time for main plot, side plots, and character development. Episodes 7-9 were ok but noticably more flawed. I dislike the ending because I don't need Squid Game season 2. Maybe I'm wrong and they make something good. I just like the idea of high quality, 1 season shows"
68 44% Hell's Kitchen (2005) - Oct 11, 2021
"You don't really watch this show. You just watch the funny clips of Ramsey yelling at contestants and customers who have complaints. Unlike most cooking competitions, nobody gives a shit about any of these contestants because THEY'RE FUCKING DONKEYS!"
73 54% Masterchef (2010) - Oct 11, 2021
"Ramsey is less of an ass and more of a mentor here than in his other shows but he still ends up being more interesting than the other judges. Even without yelling, Joe somehow manages to be more of a psycho that Ramsey at his most shouty which is both hilarious and detestable in equal measure. Generic, formulaic, but fine. I like cooking shows. "
80 69% The Great British Bake Off (2010) - Oct 11, 2021
"We revisit the idea of cooking competition but this time the heartwarming comfort is a constant rather simply a forced moment through interviews and tearful goodbyes. It replaces fast aggressive cuts and pacing with a slower and easy going nature. The harsh criticisms of the judges are plainly stated and helpful rather than biting, harsh, and cutting. If you like cooking shows, particularly competitive ones, this is pleasant, silly, and relaxing. "