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76 11% Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013) - Feb 25, 2016
"I kinda liked Dragon Ball back when it wasn't always about figuring out how to be the strongest, then figuring out how to get stronger than that. If I had the chance to collect the seven Dragon Balls, I would wish for the writers to think of something more interesting for the characters to do."
77 15% The Losers (2010) - Feb 25, 2016
"Hold envelope up to head. Say, "'The Losers', starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian, Negan), Chris Evans (Captain America), Zoe Saldana (Gamora) and Idris Elba (Heimdall)." Open envelope. Read the note inside. It says, "name a movie based on a comic book that will never have a sequel with its original cast.""
80 30% Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) - Feb 25, 2016
"I think I would have appreciated this movie more if it came out some time between 2000-2008."
70 1% 7 Minutes (2015) - Feb 14, 2016
""7 Minutes" is an early film in its director's filmography so I think some of its cliches are forgivable. We've seen heist movies and we've seen heist movies go wrong. What makes this one interesting is its editing and fragmented story. During the titular scene, everything focuses on a character, displays their name in all caps and then goes back to show their motivations for taking part. CARPETGIANT "I could put something on while I vacuum. Hmm. A heist movie. This should be easy to follow.""
60 0% Bangkok Dangerous (2008) - Feb 14, 2016
"Legend has it that the inspiration for this movie came from an experience Nicolas Cage had while traveling. He saw a poorly translated sign warning of the potential risk of injury caused by walking into a revolving door with an erection."
75 6% Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) - Jan 31, 2016
""The Scorch Trials" is about a group of special teenagers (known as Gladers) who repeatedly encounter adults that view the teens as a valuable commodity. They wish to use the Gladers and their magic blood as a resource for their own nefarious purposes. I think this is clever because movies based on young adult fiction are made by adults who target and manipulate teenagers (who think are special) into giving away their magical resource (money)."
70 1% The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) - Jan 31, 2016
""The Haunting in Connecticut" was single-handedly responsible for ending the production of Hi-C's popular Ecto Cooler flavor after revealing the source of its secret ingredient."
81 41% Starman (1984) - Jan 31, 2016
"After I watched this movie, weird, up-beat music started playing and I turned strange colors. This lasted for about fourteen seconds. I also discovered that I was invulnerable to damage while in this state."
73 2% Wrecked (2011) - Jan 19, 2016
"I tried playing Call of Duty for the first time yesterday. After a few clumsy matches and repeatedly receiving the last place ranking, a twelve-year-old advised me to "get Wrecked". I located a copy of "Wrecked" and watched it that evening, but I'm not sure how it will improve my first-person-shooting abilities."
76 11% Silent House (2011) - Dec 09, 2015
"Filming an 86-minute movie in one take is an impressive feat. However, carefully filming segments of a movie in such a way that it can be edited to look like it was done in one take is not nearly as remarkable. It's like that time my brother tried to convince me that he went ten minutes without blinking while we were waiting at a seafood restaurant but in actuality he blinked every time I stopped looking at him."