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94 86% Armageddon (1998) - Jan 04, 2015
"Pure testosterone. America saves the world, as it always has, does, and forever will. Bonus points for launching a fourth(fifth even?) comeback for Aerosmith. Billy Bob Thornton and Jason Isaacs are masterful AND provide eye candy to boot."
85 40% Deep Impact (1998) - Jan 04, 2015
"Too "Oscar baity" for a disaster movie. Let alone when Armageddon came out a few months later and cucked America's imagination. Still good to see mass destruction."
85 40% When Time Ran Out... (1980) - Jan 04, 2015
""Good" bad at it's best."
80 24% Hollow Man (2000) - Jan 04, 2015
"Later Verhoeven. His heart wasn't in it anymore."
92 84% Starship Troopers (1997) - Jan 04, 2015
"Second only to Robocop. PV's Apocalypse Now answer to Robocop's The Godfather."
85 40% Turkish Delight (1973) - Jan 04, 2015
"Earliest Verhoeven with a distinct voice on the radar. A solid first effort."
85 40% Katie Tippel (1975) - Jan 04, 2015
"Early Verhoeven still finding his voice. Taking steps into the muck of avarice but still not jumping in."
86 52% Soldier of Orange (1977) - Jan 04, 2015
"Another great movie from Verhoeven but he wasn't letting himself off his leash just yet. By itself, it's a fascinating World War II mini-epic but too much bullshit "respectability" considering what Verhoeven would show he was capable of."
90 69% Spetters (1980) - Jan 04, 2015
"Great, subversive work from PV. Graphic, lurid, vibrant, and genuinely both sad and uplifting. Verhoeven's best early work by far."
90 69% The 4th Man (1983) - Jan 04, 2015
"Not as "great" as Basic Instinct but way more lurid and filthy. Outstanding early Verhoeven work and all the bonus points for violence using a prosthetic head."