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99 83% Halloween (1978) - Oct 18, 2013
"John Carpenter's breakout hit, Halloween is a suspenseful and scary slasher flick where Micheal Myers escapes from a mental institution and goes back to the house where he murdered his sister some years previously. John Carpenter does well with making Michael Myers terrifying but also makes Laurie stroud and Dr. Loomis very believable as well. it's worth checking out if you like horror films ."
99 83% Lost in Translation (2003) - Oct 20, 2013
"This is a great film if you want to have an understanding of what life is like in Tokyo, Japan, seen through the eyes of two gaijin(played by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson) Lost in translation is just a fun,quirky,and in the end uplifting film about what is possible in life. Really worth checking out if your a fan of the main actors in the film, have an interest in Japan at all or slice of life movies, you'll enjoy this film."
100 95% Moon (2009) - Jan 08, 2014
"A homage(of sorts) to sci-fi films of a earlier era, Moon is a visually stunning film that has a strong plot, tight focus and superb acting from Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey. MOON is a rare modern sci-fi flick that treats sci-fi with the maturity the genre needs every now and again to stay fresh and thought-provoking. Really recommend this film to fans of science fiction particularly those who yearn for sci-fi that makes you think."
100 95% The Shining (1980) - Oct 18, 2013
"One of the best films based on a Stephen king novel, The Shining is a great horror film not at least due to Kubrick's direction and Nicholsons' performance. This film is a definite recommend if you're into horror films or want to start, The Shining is a good place to begin."