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30 5% Film in Which There Appear Edge Lettering, Sprocket Holes, Dirt Particles, Etc. (1966) - Oct 21, 2010
"The problem with certain sorts of experiments like this is that they really should be installation pieces you can watch as little or as much as you want instead of being forced to watch it all. Only in a few cases would this sort of thing work, which this does not and ends up taking an interesting idea and not doing anything of interest with it."
80 77% The Shout (1978) - Oct 25, 2010
"A strange and bizarre film, well adapted from a Robert Graves short story. The acting is great, the cinematography is striking, and the sound, which would have been terrible in another film and is mostly done in post-production, works here and makes the film even more unsettling. A hidden gem from my country."