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Movie Buff - 385 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 11, 2011

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Status: Attached

Bio: I apologize to the millions of fans doubtlessly watching every move I make, I'm on break (and have been), and I haven't seen many films due to the end of this semester (law school). I will return soon, updating the ranking of every single film (I'm using Excell instead of flickchart).

I use my Flickchart (same username) to determine my ratings here. Ratings are based on my personal enjoyment of the films as they compare to all other films. Because the ratings are comparative, and not individually based, some films (especially classic Disney) that are objectively 4.5 or 5 star films in their genre might receive overall ratings of 3 or 3.5 stars. Overall, there should be more high rankings than low, since I seek out films I will enjoy and avoid films I won't.

0 = 0 stars
1-9 = 1/2 stars
10-19 = 1 star
20-29 = 1 1/2 stars
30-39 = 2 stars
40-49 = 2 1/2 stars
50-59 = 3 stars
60-69 = 3 1/2 stars
70-79 = 4 stars
80-89 = 4 1/2 stars
90-99 = 5 stars
100 = The Godfather
more Recent Ratings
95 91% Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015) - Dec 24, 2015
"Full disclosure: I love Star Wars. This film seamlessly blends new characters with old and introduces "new" villains, all while maintaining the spirit of the originals. The plot is a retread, but it works in a film already bathed in nostalgia. I question how some of the Whedon-esque humor will age, but it worked fine on first viewing."
89 80% Birdman (2014) - Dec 24, 2015
"Beautifully filmed, directed, and acted. I'm a sucker for tracking shots, so a film that is edited to be a single shot is about as good as it gets for me. Unfortunately, Birdman doesn't cover much new ground with its script, and the obsession with modern pop culture (superhero films, "going viral") feels a little out of place in a film that is otherwise traveling off the beaten path. Don't let this complaint keep you from seeing the film, however. 4.5/5"
75 57% Batman: The Animated Series (1992) - Oct 31, 2015
"The ratio of "mature" to "kid friendly" is a little one sided at times, but when this show is good, it is really good. The animation takes influence from noir, and the stories take influence from the "darker" interpretations of Batman that was popular at the time (Burton's films just being released), while never forgetting to still be funny (see any Harley-centric episode). Final note: in 20 minutes, this show portrayed Mr. Freeze better than a $125 million blockbuster."
79 63% Stargate SG-1 (1997) - Oct 30, 2015
"A show that runs for ten seasons is naturally going to have its share of highs and lows. While the first season or two follow a pretty strict planet-of-the-week format, it really takes off once the overarching plot threads start getting more attention. The cast clearly enjoyed their time with the show, and even the final 2 seasons, when the entire cast of Farscape is imported to replace Anderson, while not as good as say, seasons 3 and 4, do manage to gain momentum once they get going."
86 75% Firefly (2002) - Oct 30, 2015
"The true tragedy of Firefly's cancellation was the amount of promise it showed in its first season, and Whedon's tradition of having the first seasons of his shows being the weakest. Each character is lovable in their own way, and the entire season sees them slowly build trust for one another. I guess the flip side is that, by the end of Season 1, all the characters are pretty much where we want them to be in life, so Whedon hasn't had a chance to kill any of our favorites off... the bastard."
89 80% Battlestar Galactica (2004) - Oct 30, 2015
"First two seasons are arguably the best of any science fiction show. The danger feels real, characters are relatable, and the plot keeps you hooked. Seasons 3 & 4 aren't bad, but a mix of overambition and lack of planning lead to meandering and contradictions in the plot (culminating with the writers saying "G-d did it!" to fix unanswered questions). Overall, though, this show is excellent, and really manages to delve into moral issues from a unique perspective, while still always feeling human."
90 82% Breaking Bad (2008) - Oct 30, 2015
"The study of a protagonist becoming an antagonist so gradually you can't tell where the line's crossed. And really, that's the point: how far along can you justify pushing the line until you stop trying to justify it. Walter White's character is always fresh, the cinematography is top-notch, and you never lose the urge to see what happens next. Yet, the show falls short of perfection by underdeveloped side-characters who never truly come into their own (compare Skylar White to Carmella Soprano)."
95 91% Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005) - Oct 30, 2015
"After I finished watching this show for the second time, I texted a friend saying that I think a character in a cartoon originally intended for children had more development than characters in most "adult" tv shows. And really, this should be just as enjoyable for adults as children (bar the occasional "moral" episode, i.e. "girls can fight, too!"). Despite some filler, when this show is on full throttle, there are very few shows that can claim its intensity or emotion. 5/5"
97 95% The Sopranos (1999) - Oct 30, 2015
"How exactly do you review a show like the Sopranos in 500 characters? The shows meat was always solid: the juxtaposition of gangster life with family life. And, while the therapy visits occasionally seemed token, they never felt unnecessary. Even the characters that were sometimes annoying (AJ), at least felt realistically so; everyone knows annoying people in their life. The show got more complex as it went along, but it was always good, and often great."