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Location: Montreal, Canada

Age: 25

Bio: Hi! I like movies. I also like things that aren't movies. Like Cupcakes. and Corgies.

I don't review short films.

For increased precision and accuracy, I'm only ranking films I've seen since around early 2007.

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68 T4 Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Oct 09, 2017
"ugh. Each entry in the rebooted franchise has moved further and further away from Roddenberry's progressive sci-fi vision and closer and closer towards Hollywood's generic sci-fi action film: Generic evil villain, Generic sexy sidekick, generic action sequences, generic MacGuffin. The movies are still watchable but at this rate, they probably won't be for very much longer. "
75 T5 Hum Aapke Hain Koun...! (1994) - Oct 09, 2017
"It's waaaaay longer than it needs to be, but it's definitely fun and campy in the Bollywood Musical kind of way. And the Set Design and Costuming is honestly the purest expression of the 90's that I've seen from any movie. #SalmanKhanMakesSuspendersSexy"
80 T7 Amy (2015) - Oct 05, 2017
"It's really fascinating to see how everyone in her life shifted the responsibility of blame, when in reality, she likely could be still with us if just one of them decided to put in some effort to help her."
65 T3 Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017) - Oct 05, 2017
"Pretty generic pop music documentary: some humanizing moments, some glimpses behind the creative process, some candid interviews, some "It's all about the fans". Really nothing out of the ordinary, and it doesn't reveal anything about Gaga that a die-hard Little Monster probably wouldn't already know anyways. "
78 T6 Okja (2017) - Oct 02, 2017
"It does make some very valid critiques of late capitalism, particularly in regards to Korean Consumerist Culture, but the power of it's polemic gets lost as, both narratively and tonally, it simply just goes way too over the top to be taken 100% seriously. Great cast and cinematography though. "
83 T8 Cat People (1942) - Sep 27, 2017
"An example of what great film-making can do: Tourneur elevates a stupid premise and shoe-string budget into a creepy and atmospheric psychological thriller. It's a great film to study how editing and lighting and camerawork can effectively create tension and fear, and the two chase scenes are among the best I've ever seen. While not the greatest film from it's era. it's certainly not bad by any means and it's hard not to at least appreciate the craftsmanship. "
80 T7 Hidden Figures (2016) - Sep 21, 2017
"It's a very risk-averse formula film that doesn't break any new ground, and it's definitely adapted the story so as to make White people not feel so guilty about the whole segregation thing, but it still tells an interesting story and tells it well; with competent directing and great performances from the ensemble cast, not to mention with enough girl power and heart from the filmmaker to avoid it from feeling sterile."
80 T7 The Little Foxes (1941) - Sep 13, 2017
"Wyler, Davis et al. make the most the most of an excellent script by Lillian Hellman that explores the intersections of class and gender in early 20th century USA.. How does capitalism reinforce gender and racial hierarchy? Is it possible to fight the patriarchy while still reinforcing capitalist structures of oppression? Find out this week on the Bette Davis hour! Seriously, though, it's a really all-around well-made and thoughtful film that deserves a place among the classic Hollywood canon."
75 T5 It (2017) - Sep 10, 2017
"As something who generally dislikes all horror films, I found this surprisingly very... Not bad. Full Review Pending."
70 T4 GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (2012) - Aug 04, 2017
"Probably best watched as a companion piece to the Netflix series. I watched the whole first season thinking that eveything was completely made up but no, they only barely stretched the truth. This was a real thing! On national TV! The 80s were so unironically campy and I can't believe I missed out on such a glorious decade."