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Cinema Addict - 1225 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 5, 2009

Location: Montreal, Canada

Age: 29

Bio: Hi! I like movies. I also like things that aren't movies. Like Cupcakes. and Corgies.

I don't review short films.

For increased precision and accuracy, I'm only ranking films I've seen since around early 2007.

Letterboxd: CosmicMonkey
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73 41% Don't Look Up (2021) - Jan 02, 2022
73 41% The Power of the Dog (2021) - Dec 20, 2021
"The sort of slow-moving arthouse drama that's 100% about subtext. Every single character is emotionally repressed and nobody ever says what they're feeling. The entire point of the film is for the viewer to discover and interpret the hidden emotions and motivations of each character. If that's the kind of film you like, than you'll love this, but I've never found these kind of stories particularly engaging."
83 77% The Lego Movie (2014) - Dec 19, 2021
"This movie had no right to be this good. What was supposed to be a 90-minute commercial for plastic toys became a multi-layered cosmic horror/absurdist comedy/anti-fascist parable."
75 49% John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019) - Dec 18, 2021
" The consistency of this franchise is impressive, but each entry does feel like it's suffering from diminishing returns to a degree. I keep expecting to see more from the world-building and character arcs but for film-makers who are willing to take big risks with their action sequences, they seem relatively more timid to take the same risks with their scripts. Here's hoping that Chapter 4 is willing to break the mold and try new things again."
78 58% John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Dec 09, 2021
80 67% John Wick (2014) - Dec 09, 2021
85 85% Ocean's Eleven (2001) - Nov 29, 2021
"In my mind, this will always be the epitome of the heist genre. Smoothly cool, with it's jazz soundtrack, 16 mm film stock, long takes and Soderbergh's classically-informed film grammar, alongside a charismatic cast and a sharply-written story."
60 17% Now You See Me (2013) - Nov 29, 2021
"It's a fun and clever premise that I wish I had come up with myself. But the movie fails to live up to it's interesting premise due to poor editing, a nonsensical script, poorly developed characters and one of the worst twist endings of all time. Still a fun way to pass a couple of hours, but disappointing considering its potential. -2 points for a transphobic joke."
75 49% Come from Away (2021) - Nov 01, 2021
"An incredibly wholesome musical about compassion and kindness towards complete strangers during a scary time. Come From Away aims to thaw away your cold, frigid cynical heart and make you believe in the kindness of the human spirit. If watching this doesn't make you feel better about the world, I honestly don't know what will."
70 34% 100 Days of Love (2015) - Nov 01, 2021
"Breezily paced for an Indian film, but overall an aggressively mediocre rom-com. I watched it, I enjoyed it, I've immediately forgotten about it."