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Bio: Hi! I like movies. I also like things that aren't movies. Like Cupcakes. and Corgies.

I don't review short films.

For increased precision and accuracy, I'm only ranking films I've seen since around early 2007.

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75 T5 The Silence (1998) - May 24, 2018
"Individually, many of the scenes are absolutely beautiful, and the way Makhmalbaf combines music and camerawork together is a wonder to behold, but taken together as whole, the great individual moments fail to create a narrative that is more than just mildly engaging. Also, I know none of the characters were played by professionals, but the lead child actor was still terrible, regardless."
80 T7 Janelle MonĂ¡e: Dirty Computer (2018) - May 16, 2018
"It's not the feature-length theatrical ArchAndroid movie I've been dreaming of since I my ears first heard the sweet, funky sounds of Janelle Monae, but it's a decent enough consolation to fill the time while I wait. Not the best music she's ever made but the aesthetics and production design are absolutely-stunning (as should be expected from her.) It's cool to see her feminist afrofuturism morph into an intersectional feminist afro-pansexual-polyamorous futurism."
90 T10 Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (2014) - May 16, 2018
"A monumental and mesmerizing must-see experience. Simultaneously a cosmology for our modern age, an appeal to adults to look at the world through childlike curiosity and wonder and an almost religious and poetic exploration of man's place in the universe, this sets the high-bar for what adult-orientated educational programming and popular science should be."
80 T7 Henry V (1944) - May 14, 2018
"I don't really know what to say about it other than "it's decent." The fourth-wall breaking structure works surprisingly well and it's one of the most accessible and straight-up joyous Shakespeare adaptations I've ever seen. In fact, I'd probably recommend this to the top of the list as a first-time film for those more unfamiliar with the bard's work. That being said, there's also nothing particularly masterful about it, and the more nationalistic and militaristic elements make it feel dated."
78 T6 A Quiet Place (2018) - May 11, 2018
"Horror is pretty much my least favourite genre of film, so I was pleasantly surprised by this. Builds tension through effective build-up and pay-off, and is efficient and lean at a well-paced 90 minutes. The family dynamics are a little empty and simplistic but still effectively made me care about the characters more than most other horror films do and Blunt completely nails it (see what I did there?) in her role. Great to see ASL in a mainstream film, it really needs to be used more."
73 T5 White Rabbit Project (2016) - May 06, 2018
"Mythbuster's winning formula is often imitated but never replicated, though this comes kinda close. Somewhat uneven in quality, the show is at its best when they actually build and experiment things, rather than just... talk about them, the latter of which unfortunately happens much more than it should."
80 T7 Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) - May 05, 2018
"Apparently back in the day Halloween consisted of wealthy white elementary-aged kids starting bonfires in the street and throwing mysterious white powder into people's faces, and if that's not the most terrifying holiday ever than I don't know what is."
60 T2 Coming to America (1988) - May 03, 2018
"The premise had a lot of comedic potential, BUT... the entire script felt like it was an early draft, with an awkwardly-paced narrative, abrupt ending, long scenes full of nothing but filler, and many unfunny jokes. Murphy and Hall's likability and charisma ultimately still make this a watchable flick, but I also don't have any reason to re-watch it either..."
40 T1 The Mummy (1999) - Apr 23, 2018
"I'm giving this a lot more bonus points then I probably should simply for actually being genuinely funny at many parts (clearly the director has a good sense of comic timing), but unfortunately this film also has a pointless narrative riddled with plot-holes, laughably-bad line deliveries, White actors in brown-face and painfully offensive portrayals of Middle Easterners, and no number of necklace scenes can ever fix that."
63 T3 Matilda (1996) - Apr 22, 2018
"There's some surprisingly strong directorial choices, and it's clear that DeVito has some clear borrowing from German expressionism. However, despite being very fun to watch the performances completely lack any subtelty and the story has no nuance or depth to it. Passibly entertaining family film."