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Member Since: Apr 5, 2009

Location: Montreal, Canada

Age: 26

Bio: Hi! I like movies. I also like things that aren't movies. Like Cupcakes. and Corgies.

I don't review short films.

For increased precision and accuracy, I'm only ranking films I've seen since around early 2007.
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83 75% A Star Is Born (2018) - Oct 20, 2018
"Lady Gaga is terrific, the music is surprisingly good, and honestly, I can't find much I really disliked about it, but at the end of the day it's a incredibly safe, predictable film that doesn't tread any new water or do anything I haven't seen before. And considering it's fourth remake of an over 80-year old film, that's probably not surprising. "
75 48% Black Narcissus (1947) - Oct 13, 2018
"I'd write about this in a way similar to Lawrence of Arabia: It's really racist and colonial, but I'll be damned if it isn't one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. The visuals: the sets, costumes, make-up, camerawork, editing are absolutely outstanding and the film as a whole is a deeply gothic and atmospheric, with a bright yet expressionist and noiry aesthetic. If I ever become a filmmaker this is 100% what I'd want my films to look like. Shame it's so bloody racist though. "
90 93% BlacKkKlansman (2018) - Oct 12, 2018
"With subject matter that's very difficult to watch at many points, and a political stance that's as a subtle as, well, the KKK, this is probably the best film of the year. Spike Lee is a film-maker who's always been best when angry, and he's funneled all of his rage about the current state of American politics into a powerful polemic, that's not just politically important, but aesthetically impressive as well, with great technical work and some surprisingly effective stylistic choices throughout"
75 48% Annihilation (2018) - Oct 12, 2018
"Constantly referred to as "cerebral science-fiction", however in Annihilation's case, cerebral means being as intentionally opaque with as much intentionally ambiguous symbolism as possible so that we spend the entire runtime asking ourselves questions about what the movie is even supposed to be about rather than spending the runtime asking oursevles important questions about the nature of the world, human condition, society, or even art itself. Y'know, like what good science fiction does."
80 65% Great Expectations (1946) - Oct 05, 2018
"Like a Dickens novel itself, the orphaned protagonist takes a backseat to the cast of colourful characters (including the memorable Mr. Jaggers and Ms. Havisham), gothic atmosphere, and social commentary. The cinematography is beautiful and Lean absolutely captured the spirit and feel of a Dickens novel, however my biggest complaint is that the story began to fall apart towards the end, becoming difficult to understand and perhaps a tad too melodramatic."
90 93% Planet Earth (2006) - Oct 01, 2018
"The narration, the camerawork, the subject matter... everybody knows it's a breathtakingly beautiful series. If I had to complain about something though, it's that the narration (or atleast Attenborough's) somehow still manages to be sexist, unloading human gender roles and norms unto animals who can't even understand the concept. Minor complaint though, still an absolutely beautiful experience."
80 65% Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) - Sep 25, 2018
"Funny az, Broo! Waititi is quickly establishing himself as one of my favourite comedy film-makers. The dialogue in this is absolutely hilarious and it's carried by a cast with perfect comic timing. Also, on technical level it's no slouch either, with some great camerawork and editing. An absolutely pleasant film that unfortunately runs a little too short and is perhaps a little bit too heavy-handed when it attempts to go into more dramatic territory."
88 89% Black Panther (2018) - Sep 18, 2018
"Wow. An impressively important film that will influence generations of filmmakers to come. This doesn't just allow young Black people to see their futures optimisticly , but any racialized minority as well; and it helps that the film is so well-made too, which, despite a few minor nitpicks, is almost perfect, narratively, techinally and artistically. #KillmongerWasRight though, let's just overthrow the absolute monarchy and kill the oppressors."
58 14% The Accountant (2016) - Sep 18, 2018
"A movie I probably never would have watched or been interested in if it wasn't for the combined factors of a.) it's small but passionate cult following here on criticker and b.) it being available on netflix in my country. Overall, I was underwhelmed, the procedural bits were decent; the action bits, generic and uninteresting. Worst of all, though, speaking as someone on the spectrum, is that it's portrayal of autism while accurate, also felt very fetishistic and exploitative. [Read Full Review]"
85 83% It's a Wonderful Life (1946) - Sep 10, 2018
"Believe or not I went my entire childhood without watching this, and now viewing this for the first time as a mature cinephile I'm thoroughly impressed. It has plenty of problems, but it's just bursting to the seems with so much love and heart it's mostly easy to forgive. My eyes watered at my many moments, my heart jumped and I fell in love with this film's moral universe. Filmic sentimentality done in the best way possible."