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Location: Montreal, Canada

Age: 25

Bio: Hi! I like movies. I also like things that aren't movies. Like Cupcakes. and Corgies.

I don't review short films.

For increased precision and accuracy, I'm only ranking films I've seen since around early 2007.

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78 T6 Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) - Feb 25, 2018
"American Tourists in Europe: Proudly being loud and drunk since 1908! Nothing revelatory here, but it's probably the best take on the comedy-of-manners subgenre I've seen yet, with a subtly great performance from Laughton and some great deliveries from the appropriately named Charlie Ruggles. It's both a little problematic and ironic that a country still under the grips of Jim Crow segregation is held up to be the model of freedom, class-mobility and self-determination."
73 T5 Stephen Fry in America (2008) - Feb 21, 2018
"I enjoy a lot of the work Stephen Fry has done, but on a personal level I find him to an insufferably pretentious twat with some subtly (and some not-so-subtly) classist, sexist and racist beliefs. Still, I'm a sucker for both travel shows and Americana, so it still ended being alright, but I can't help it but feel it would've been better with a more likable host."
65 T3 The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) - Feb 20, 2018
60 T2 Hükümet Kadın (2013) - Feb 20, 2018
"Really wasn't all that great, and there weren't many jokes that truly made me laugh out loud, but it was still a surprisingly fun little comedy with a colourful and entertaining performance from Akbag."
68 T4 Jurassic World (2015) - Feb 20, 2018
"Hollywood blockbuster that plays it incredibly safe, eschewing any genuine artistry or originality for a by-the-numbers, passably mediocre kinda-dumb action flick reliant on nostalgia, who's best praise is that it wasn't as terrible as the other two Jurassic Park sequels. I watched it once and have been given no reason to want to watch this or any of its upcoming sequels again, especially wile the masterpiece original Jurassic Park exists. -2 pts for the egregious level of product placement."
40 T1 Fantastic Four (2005) - Feb 19, 2018
80 T7 RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked! (2010) - Feb 19, 2018
"The backstage drama between contestants was always the least-interesting part of Drag Race, for me, however despite it's emphasis on the cattiness of the queens, Untucked has provided some really emotionally touching moments as well, such as when contestants get messages from back home, creating moments so touching I cry until my mascara is runny and my fake eyelashes fall out."
95 T10 RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars (2012) - Feb 19, 2018
"Ignoring the first season and its weird format, it's essentially everything you know and love about drag race except the queens are all far more experienced and talented, and as a result you see a far more impressive level of artistry exhibited throughout."
58 T2 Muppets from Space (1999) - Feb 18, 2018
"Really weak effort from The Muppets, there's a weak plot, most of the jokes fall flat, and there's an obvious lack of musical numbers. Still light-hearted and fun enough to be a passable family entertainment, but there's certainly better out there."
68 T4 Rent (2005) - Feb 15, 2018
"Are we really so starved for queer PoC representation that an at-best mediocre musical like this is able to become a crown jewel within the gay film canon? Positive portrayals of the queer community aside, it's difficult to defend this: there were some musical numbers I liked but also some which were absolutely awful, and the weird boho-chic romanticization of poverty was definitely off-putting at times."