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Alex Watkins

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Location: Olathe, KS, USA

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I like just about anything; I have my preferences (I find myself leaning towards crime, noir, and epics), but I'm not an extremely discriminate moviewatcher. Chances are, if it's a classic and/or well-received by most, I'll probably like it, so I guess I'm kind of predictable. I also love anything with great cinematography and gorgeous visuals; my very favorites are populated by-and-large with movies that are, among their other merits, pleasing to the eye.

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T1 The Red Pill (2016) - Apr 23, 2018
"Two hours of men being given enough rope to hang themselves by observing the toxic effects of patriarchy on their lives while coming to the conclusion that it's all the fault of fucking bitches, while a mealy-mouthed purportedly feminist spokeswoman sits there limply nodding her head at every single intellectually wafer-thin argument they make and concluding "Wow, I'd never thought of that!" What a piece of shit movie. "
T6 The Lost Boys (1987) - Apr 11, 2018
"Less of the buzz-killing squares out to ruin everybody's fun, more Kiefer Sutherland partying it the fuck up in an abandoned hotel, please."
T8 A Quiet Place (2018) - Apr 11, 2018
"I can't really convey, as a CI user, the personal satisfaction I got from watching a horror film featuring a young girl whose primary struggle is the alienation, exclusion, and lack of love she feels from struggling with a cochlear implant."
T10 Good Time (2017) - Apr 06, 2018
"A night-gone-bad film which careens from one miserable scenario to the next with reckless abandon, the acuity of its portrayal of the wrong places with the wrong people continually gnawing in the pit of my stomach. Few films have ever made me as anxious. It's as propulsive as the best action films with a sense of sheer dread to rival the best horror, and shot with the flair of a Nicolas Winding Refn film. I'm torn between wanting to never watch again or wanting to watch it again right now."
T6 Super Dark Times (2017) - Apr 06, 2018
"Its eventual devolution into a potboiler slasher/thriller is a disappointment, given the strength of its portrayal of the confused, bizarre, and often aggressive behaviors of boys-becoming-men, set in an anonymous (and perpetually dusky) lower-middle-class suburbia which rings so true to my own adolescence. Ah well. "
T6 Up in the Air (2009) - Apr 06, 2018
"It skillfully plumbs the pathos and good humor of its middlebrow conceits, with clarity and conviction, but something about its treatment of the victims of our mercenary rings, if not utterly false, then at least uncomfortably facile. It's all well and good to tell JK Simmons to go back and cook since he loves it so much, but get real: he just lost a six-figure job with a mortgage and kids. Politics aside, it's an enjoyable enough film. Clooney and Farmiga are in fine form."
T8 The Shape of Water (2017) - Mar 08, 2018
"It superficially codes as a prestige picture in its era-specific trappings, but don't get it twisted: this is del Toro making an expensive creature feature with a postmodern (in the sense of pastiche) twist. The square-jawed man of action (played with typical brilliant intensity by Michael Shannon) is cast as the villain, and his opponents comprise a disabled woman, a black woman, a gay man, and a Russian. (And, of course, a fish-man.) The trick is that none are perfect; just, well, human."
T10 Ex Machina (2015) - Mar 07, 2018
""...and God created woman." Isaac's amoral tech-bro seeks to inflate his own ego with the ultimate act of creation, and in doing so opens a Pandora's Box beyond even his own imagination. It's equally deft as a sci-fi mind bender, a bottle horror film, a commentary on gender roles, and a criticism of technocapitalism; it is, in fact, as irreducibly complex as about any film I've seen. "
T8 Annihilation (2018) - Mar 06, 2018
"It's only by accepting the necessity of change - on a fundamental, biological level - that Nina is able to persevere. It just so happens that change is often terrifying. It's a nice mashup of Tarkovsky's humanist sci-fi with body horror (and, weirdly, The Last of Us). More movies should treat the natural world around us as a setting worthy of both fear and awe."
T6 Dunkirk (2017) - Mar 01, 2018
"A curiously bloodless and weightless film about death on a massive scale, which attempts to shape the chaotic events of history into a linear (albeit strangely telescopic) narrative against all rhyme or reason. It's like a World War II film as post-rock, all giant crescendos that never peak or hit you in the gut. I would rather have spent the entire film with Hardy's character, whose perspective offered, quite literally, a new angle on things."