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Alex Watkins

Cinema Addict - 2168 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 7, 2006

Location: Olathe, KS, USA

Bio: Read my full reviews here!

I like just about anything; I have my preferences (I find myself leaning towards crime, noir, and epics), but I'm not an extremely discriminate moviewatcher. Chances are, if it's a classic and/or well-received by most, I'll probably like it, so I guess I'm kind of predictable. I also love anything with great cinematography and gorgeous visuals; my very favorites are populated by-and-large with movies that are, among their other merits, pleasing to the eye.
more Recent Ratings
91% Midsommar (2019) - Jul 04, 2019
"A film that dares to confront wrenching horrors with a sense of clinical detachment (the leads are, after all, anthropologists), while the audience and our ostensible protagonists do their best to deny the reality of circumstances until their fates are brutally sealed. It's as much a fish-out-of-water comedy or a breakup film as a horror, and the creative ways in which Aster manages to upend each genre only make me more and more certain he's a true visionary. But what a happy ending!"
91% John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) - Jun 25, 2019
"Expands the scope of John Wick's bizarre hitman universe while yet again raising the bar for creativity in action choreography, staging and cinematography. And so ballsy it IMMEDIATELY lets you know there'll be a fourth film. The knife fight early on is the greatest accomplishment in choreographed comedy since the days of Buster Keaton. Eat your heart out, Jackie Chan."
72% Ghost World (2001) - May 05, 2019
"It's difficult neither to portray an angsty teenage girl as an empathetic everywoman nor as a selfish asshole; what's difficult is portraying her as both at once, which Ghost World manages with aplomb, helped immensely by Zwigoff's wry, askew portrayal of late 20th century suburbia as a hyperreal consumerist wasteland, a killer soundtrack, and Steve Buscemi doing some heavy lifting as pathetic middle-aged sad-sack Seymour, a character so unforgivably himself he's thoroughly endearing."
42% Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - May 04, 2019
"As with most of Marvel's other films, I certainly Watched This. Unfair of them to coast on the sheer likability of Paul Rudd, but a forgivable crime."
42% Zombieland (2009) - May 04, 2019
"Obviously way late to the party, but I think this benefited from viewing it long after the zombie moment ended, since, while it doesn't have much to offer the genre, it's not bad as a buddy-comedy-road-film. "
91% Personal Shopper (2016) - May 02, 2019
"Arthouse spiritualism that occasionally is bold enough to tip over into full-blown horror and is all the better for it. Maureen's grief casts a shadow over all of her supernatural encounters so that she sees malevolence lurking in every corner, but the truth of the matter is typically far more mundane and benign, to both her relief and her disappointment. She neither knows if she believes nor if she wants to."
42% Atomic Blonde (2017) - May 02, 2019
"I think we hit peak neon some time ago, but that stairwell fight is an all-timer, up there in the pantheon of "desperate, tired people trying to brutalize each other" with They Live and Eastern Promises. Charlize always delivers, of course."
72% River of Grass (1994) - May 02, 2019
"Equal parts homage-to and parody-of Badlands, the central characters even more dimwitted and reckless than Kit and Holly, but without their sense of fatalist grandeur. Set apart as much as anything by Reichardt's already-assured talent as a stylist; its matter-of-fact portrayal of the barren beauty of suburban Florida had to have been a huge influence on The Florida Project, or Amy Seimetz's Sun Don't Shine. "
17% My Name Is Julia Ross (1945) - May 02, 2019
"Aside from being completely absurd and convoluted, the central mystery tips its hand far too early, so there's no real tension aside from the will-she-won't-she-escape, which I think you can guess the answer to. Points for style and merciful brevity, I suppose."
42% The Night Comes for Us (2018) - Apr 30, 2019
"Joe Taslim and Iko Uwais have a final fight with a box cutter and a piece of a wood with a rusty nail, if you're wondering what kind of movie this is."