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Cinema Addict - 1202 Film Ratings

Member Since: Sep 19, 2011

Location: Portland, Indiana, USA

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Status: Single

Bio: I am just a young man trying to spread the message of God to my friends and family, and I also love movies and film in general. My beliefs don't really affect my opinions one n movies most of the time. I personally think literally any movie has a possibility of being good no matter what it is about. I will watch just about anything. If a movie is done well, the movie is good.

90-99 - I loved it
80-89 - I liked it a lot
70-79 - It was decent
60-69 - I did not like it
50-59 - I really did not like it
40-49 - It was bad
0-30 - I found no enjoyment
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97 95% The Big Lebowski (1998) - Mar 27, 2016
"I may be overrating this, but I loved every second of The Big Lebowski. A premise that seems utterly stupid to some will probably be ingenious to others. I, for one, loved the story. It had me laughing out loud for 2 hours and Jeff Bridges does as awesome as usual while John Goodman made this my favorite role from him. Love the Coen brothers and I love this. Easily a movie you can either love or hate. I also loved the music. Good filmmaking all around and one of the best comedies out there."
95 87% Deadpool (2016) - Mar 05, 2016
"This was quite possibly the most solid way to tell a Deadpool story. I was able to tolerate Ryan Reynolds too (he was made for this role). It delivers the right amount of humor and violence to be Deadpool! Breaking the fourth wall allowed the film to be even more funny. Personally loved the opening credits. Colossus was really good. Story was solid enough. Should entertain fans of Deadpool and maybe even newbies. Well-made movie all around. I'm glad it didn't flop. It's hilarious. Worth a watch."
97 95% Her (2013) - Mar 16, 2014
"This was a really really great movie. It is Spike Jonze, so yeah, of course it's weird, of course it's depressing, and while some wont be able to stand his style of humor, Her is a very well made film all around. Good directing and downright excellent writing from Jonze, a good music score and awesome cinematography and acting. It's a man and a computer, but so what. It's a very good movie about a depressed man trying to find himself and it delivers a great message on modern love. SJs best work."
95 87% The Big Short (2015) - Jun 14, 2016
"Really really great movie. The Big Short plays a pretty dang good tribute to what happened and makes you a little angrier about the whole thing just watching some of it happen. Adam Mckay's directing is different and better than his other comedies and it works well. Everybody pulls off their given roles very well and I liked the story and characters. Some comic relief is in there to go along with it too. For sure one of the best and most entertaining movies of 2015."
96 92% Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - Apr 28, 2018
"I left this movie speechless and emotionally drained. I had to watch it twice just to take everything in and process it. The Russo brothers definitely weren’t messing around with this, and everyone who says you aren’t ready for Thanos is right. This is HIS movie. This movie is done exceptionally well, from the brutal beginning to the ginormous, heart-wrenching end. For sure a game changer and for sure the biggest superhero movie ever. Period. If you’re invested in the MCU, you’ll love it"
98 98% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - May 18, 2015
"Freakin' great movie! Seriously, I loved pretty much all of it! Acting-wise, Hoult is doing well for an up-and-comer, Hardy played a good Max, and Theron really stands out! The production and make-up are really nice, the characters are awesome and crazy, Miller's directing is incredible, and the action is all over the place yet done extremely well! Story was pretty dang good too! With all of this, it's filmed really well and in the end, it's a really great movie!"
88 63% Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) - May 26, 2018
"I can see where some could be turned off by this. I had to watch it twice as I was unsure about it the first time. After that, I was able to get past things like the pacing. It is slower than some other SW movies. Still, it is not boring. Ehrenreich was a decent Solo and Glover was a great Lando! I personally thought both the score and cinematogrphy were excellent. Did anyone ask for this? Of course not. So what. No one asked for the last 3 either. It’s perfectly acceptable entertainment."
95 87% Trainspotting (1996) - Feb 28, 2017
"Early work from Danny Boyle is pretty freakin' amazing. His choice of soundtrack and camera angles are always really good as is the production value. The performances are all really good, especially McGregor and Carlyle. The story is silly and shiny and dreadful and disturbing all at once, but the tone is surprisingly well-balanced that it doesn't get uneven. This was a pretty gross, albeit honest, look at the drug world, even today. Not for everybody but it's still a really well-made movie."