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Celluloid Junkie - 2567 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 6, 2010

Location: Canada

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Bio: NDN living in so called Canada.
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91 89% The House That Jack Built (2018) - Oct 08, 2018
"Some to Misery are Born/ Every Morn and every Night/ Some are Born to sweet delight/ Some are Born to sweet delight/. Some are Born to Endless Night"
68 48% Firecrackers (2018) - Oct 06, 2018
"Has a nice form that you can only get from a debut film. Feel it loses its aesethics about 3/4 of the way through. A nice portrayal of canadiana "
70 53% A Land Imagined (2018) - Oct 06, 2018
"I like movies with shots of machinery and this one has a lot of it. I liked them playing counter strike "
69 51% M/M (2018) - Oct 06, 2018
"Maybe a little less focus on people having sex and the film could've progressed more. Actually who needs that in this era of cinema too much reliance on progression "
25 8% Spice it Up (2018) - Oct 05, 2018
"The Q&A for the film just explained that they had a crap movie their friends(who was also one of the curators of the event lol) pretended was good but needed another touch and they added a film within a film thing cuz that makes the movie they originally made not bad cuz it's like Inceptioning your brain"
68 48% Netemo sametemo (2018) - Oct 05, 2018
"That one dude is seriously so cucked. Like the joking definition and the literal. Decent picture tho. Weird moments of real crass humour caught me off guard "
77 64% White Boy Rick (2018) - Oct 05, 2018
"MM character had a lot of qualities that reminded me of my father. Always the dreamer. Left me thinking about a lot of the less than legal things that we'd (my brother, him and I) partake in. Maybe I should write a book or make a movie or I could just write reviews that get read by 4 people on the best film website"
90 87% The Last Movie (1971) - Oct 05, 2018
"Motion pictures are evil"
90 87% L'eau froide (1994) - Sep 27, 2018
"A film about youth done in a poetic way that isn't a drag. That party scene especially when creedence starts playin is beautiful. Just a frantic showcase of rebellion."
70 53% High Wall (1947) - Sep 27, 2018