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60 T4 Nerve (2016) - Jan 19, 2017
"For the first two thirds,this light thriller based around 'players' performing dares for the entertainment of paying online 'watchers' to win money from an anonymous organising group was much better than I was expecting. It's true that the dares were far tamer than what real people would choose without consequence but the concept was simple and intriguing otherwise. My main problem was the last 30 mins which just disappeared up it's own ass in terms of plot convenience ruining what came before."
42 T2 The Brothers Bloom (2009) - Jan 18, 2017
"Wanted to like this but found it smug and increasingly annoying"
70 T5 Blow Out (1981) - Jan 18, 2017
60 T4 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) - Jan 18, 2017
"A surprisingly safe and at this stage cliche rise/fall/comeback story that feels like the comedic talent behind Popstar were afraid to take creative risks. What remains is ok and funny in places but a month later and I can't remember a single scene/line of note. Disappointing. "
81 T8 Fearless (2006) - Jan 18, 2017
"Epic martial arts fare with memorable fight set pieces. "
67 T4 Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005) - Jan 18, 2017
"Unsurprisingly given their imminent relationship and marriage, there is a lot of chemistry between the two leads that drives this high budget action rom com. Silly but entertaining, only the unnecessary and drawn out final act derails what was a solid crowd pleasing effort. And considering how real life turned out, now make a sequel where they split and REALLY try to kill each other. Box office gold!"
66 T4 The Revenant (2015) - Jan 18, 2017
"Simply stunning visuals. This is cinematography at its best from a true master and it's wonderful that so much attention and credit has been given to Lubezki. But that aside, this film plods along as slowly and as laboured as it's injured protagonist. Considering the talent involved The Revenant feels underwhelming, and while not Scent of a Woman bad, it's clear Leo got the Oscar for career persistence rather than this single performance."
46 T2 High Rise (2016) - Jan 17, 2017
"Visually and stylishly this is really memorable, however aside from that there is little cohesion or clear purpose to this film. High Rise seems to start off being about social class in a very over played manner but devolves almost deliberately into something that was beyond me. Evans is a highlight but so much of this feels directionless"
72 T6 Bringing Out the Dead (1999) - Jan 10, 2017
"When this film is good, it's great. Cage delivers one of his great unhinged performances in the second half and with it's really dark sense of humour it's really fun to watch. Rhames is also a total scene stealer and the cinematography worked really well for me. However you feel it misses the mark a little in what it set out to achieve, even if overall it seems to be somewhat underrated in Scorcese's filmography."
54 T3 Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders (2016) - Jan 10, 2017
"A great concept (recreate the 60s tv show characters and style in animation) which frequently successfully captures the spirit of the source material (the tv dinner trap was classic 60s tv). However West and Newmar are both in their 80s and the latter especially is woefully cast in her former role. The cheesy nature works sometimes but is also uneven and feels forced at times. Worth a watch for fans of the original without great expectations."