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T3 Housewife (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"I cannot dislike this mix of giallo, Possession (1981), and Phantasmagoria 2. WRT the latter, Housewife has definite 90s point-and-click vibes: muddy sound-design, genre clashes, jarring editing (a dream!?), and FMV quality acting. It'll be cult one day: I love the continental misconceptions of an all-American story and Wiseau-like moments of utter bathos. Housewife is also short, and the pace of outre conceits (visions? dream mazes? the chosen one?) stumbles. But the manic energy sustains."
T8 Bad Genius (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
T6 Félicité (2017) - Oct 12, 2017
T8 Cocote (2017) - Oct 11, 2017
T10 Twin Peaks (2017) - Oct 09, 2017
T8 The Work (2017) - Oct 09, 2017
T3 Dragonfly Eyes (2017) - Oct 09, 2017
"Scans like a bad Chris Marker film: a Level Five tech-collage without the adept essayism. Is the new art of surveillance best utilized towards the ends of telling a bad love story? That's likely the point. It's so fake its real! It's hyperreal! The film's also about the push/pull between China's past/future: temple calm vs. falling skyscrapers. But instead of thought-provoking montage, DE stultifies with 'shocking' images and a stolid stream of ideas. A lacking work from gifted artists."
T6 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 06, 2017