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0 film ratings
Dennis Li

Cinema Addict - 1046 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 13, 2013

Location: Örebro, Sweden

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Bio: 27 year old gay guy with a faiblesse for Asian cinema. I care about how films look, what they say and how they say it.

Grading scale:

0-Bad ideas and/or execution. It's the superlative of the bad movie. If I consider the thing as a whole, there are no redeeming parts. Connected to frustration and unhealthy feelings like wrath.
1-Something that, as a rule, does not fulfill, or does wrong, what it had set out to do. I may have appreciated some ideas or a few moments, but nothing that is not contaminated by a feeling of general failure.
2-It may have good times, but its imperfections won't let it go any further. Reasonable, in the sense of being halfway between insignificance and importance.
3-A good film which lead to emotional investment without, however, evoking feelings of veneration. If there are visible imperfections, they are mute. If they try to speak loudly, they can't, because I am deaf to the whole.
4-An unequivocal recommendation, without reservations. A film outstanding in many ways, that sticks to my mind and whose vision I would not disregard if it invited me, at any time, to rewatch.
5-Platonic ideal of cinema. Has a certain gravitas that not a lot of films match. Sometimes a difficult film to enter, but once you're inside, it is impossible to escape. Never awarded without a rewatch.
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