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Member Since: Dec 2, 2018

Location: UK

Age: 57

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10 3% It Chapter Two (2019) - Oct 25, 2021
88 70% Dune (2021) - Oct 24, 2021
"This is a great film but falls short of being a masterpiece. I've seen it in IMAX and steaming. My minor issues with it are: it does need to be seen on the biggest screen with the best sound system, the sound design ramps up the tension, the effect of a big-screen viewing is almost completely lost on the small screen, The set design, spaceships, costumes etc. were great but lacked colour, why are most modern directors afraid to use colour."
25 7% Interstellar (2014) - Oct 21, 2021
"I never thought I would dislike a Nolan film this much. It was painful to watch what started well slide into pseudoscience, to outright postmodernist rubbish"
54 26% The Third Man (1949) - Oct 16, 2021
"Some memorable lines, some memorable shots, but unless Orson Wells is on screen, it doesn't hold you"
75 48% Battlestar Galactica (2003) - Oct 13, 2021
"Great start to kick off another rewatch of the best Science fiction/fantasy TV show ever made (so far) and just one of the best shows ever made. The crew of the Colonial Fleet head off in search of the legendary planet Earth home of the 13th colony, as told of in ancient Kobol mythology. SO SAY WE ALL"
81 59% Mystic River (2003) - Oct 13, 2021
67 37% Mission: Impossible (1996) - Oct 13, 2021
81 59% The Killing (1956) - Oct 13, 2021
94 83% Spartacus (1960) - Oct 13, 2021