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61 30% The Ice Storm (1997) - Feb 13, 2020
"This one left me completely cold (no pun intended). Right off from the start, when Maguire summarised the Fantastic Four comics, I knew that this would go after my deepest feelings and everything would be alligned to tackle them. The characters are boring as hell. They don't exist beyond some sad looks and forgettable lines. People are comparing this to Bergman? Please..."
69 38% 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Feb 10, 2020
"Doesn't explore the possible feelings and thoughts of being trapped in a bunker with no knowledge about what is going on outside and doesn't explore the mind of a man who's been building this bunker. At least the man is played by John Goodman. The movie doesn't offer anything special but you can spend a nice evening with it. But Jesus, when I see one more montage sequence of people getting along well in an otherwise dangerous situation, I'm going to jump into a keg filled with acid!"
86 82% Uncut Gems (2019) - Feb 09, 2020
"It's effective but in a very interesting way. You don't really know just how dangerous things are becoming for Howard. Are the bad guys really going to kill him? He is part of this strange diamond trading world and murder doesn't seem the first choice of dealing with difficulties. This world is built up upon estimations and so we have to estimate how the situation looks like constantly, which is of course pretty hard given the craziness depicted here. Really good stuff."
83 69% Katalin Varga (2009) - Feb 08, 2020
91 95% Grand Illusion (1937) - Feb 08, 2020
"A warm-hearted war movie that doesn't come across as stupid and naive. How is this possible? You'll find some answers in other reviews on this site but I want to add that there is of course the illusion of a happy end in war times and knowing that two years later Germany did even worse makes this movie really heavy."
74 47% 1917 (2019) - Feb 08, 2020
"Pretty intense in some parts but I couldn't get rid of the feeling that everything I felt was exactly planned out my Mendes and his crew. The focus her seemed to provide a thrilling experience but everything else was lacking. It should have cared more about the war machine which devours the individuals and the absurdity of war in general. I believe in doing so the movie would have had even more impact."
84 73% Les confins du monde (2018) - Jan 31, 2020
85 78% Pourquoi Israel (1973) - Jan 27, 2020
83 69% Dazed and Confused (1993) - Jan 19, 2020
"It's kinda cool that this movie works. The main promise isn't the plot of course but the depiction of a regular day as something very special. I hated the stupid initiation rituals but all the rest filled me with a good feeling of nostalgia and I didn't even grow up in the States."
86 82% The Nun (1966) - Jan 19, 2020
"Everybody's trapped here, but the fate of Suzanne is especially cruel. She's not granted any individuality and even when hope comes up, it soon gets destroyed by the hypocritical or uptight people around her, who aren't allowed or willing to be honest with themselves or her. The colors are mostly cold and so the part in the second convent with its more bright setting gets particularly eerie. I've probably never felt so much tension because of surpressed sexual desire in any movie before."