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Movie Buff - 270 Film Ratings

Member Since: Mar 21, 2015

Location: PA, USA

Bio: If you're looking for someone who is very critical of movies, you're probably looking at the wrong user. I tend to view movies for what they're trying to be and how much I enjoyed it. I try not to compare a family movie with a serious drama in my rating, but try to base it off of how good it is compared to other family movies.

I do use the full 100 spectrum, but will only be using increments of 5, because I'm not sure that a 91 means much more than a 90. I will have to say it will take a particularly horrible movie to make it under 50. I'm not saying it won't happen, but it will probably be rare.

I would describe my use of ratings as follows:
0-5 - Nothing good about this movie at all, avoid at all costs.

10-25 - Good qualities significantly outnumbered by the bad. Not recommended, unless so bad it's kind of funny.

30-45 - More bad than good. May be able to appreciate certain aspects of the movie, but movie is still not very enjoyable.

50 - An equal mix of good and bad, uncertain what I think of movie.

55-70 - More good than bad. Movies I might like, but not re-watch often.

75-85 - Movies I enjoyed quite a bit and would enjoy re-watching. Would recommend, but also admit that there were some things that hindered the movie.

90-100 - My favorites. Movies I could re-watch often. Movie was enjoyable enough to ignore what negatives there were.
more Recent Ratings
90 63% Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) - Sep 16, 2021
"I actually liked the first Captain America better. This is still an enjoyable movie, but I just felt that it was going for twists and turns, but I saw most of them coming. Even so I really did like how Cap, Black Widow and Falcon made a pretty awesome team. I also thought the focus on government secrets and the dangers of inside corruption was well done, even if it's not exactly a new theme. "
75 28% Rush Hour (1998) - Sep 11, 2021
"It's a buddy cop movie. So expect action, humor, and the main duo to not get along super well at first. In Rush Hour that's due to some major cultural and nationality differences. The jokes maybe lean a bit too heavy on those difference and Tucker can be a bit too loud and obnoxious, but it also manages to be funny and enjoyable to watch. It's by no means a deep movie, but then again it's a buddy cop movie. When are they ever?"
45 4% Robots (2005) - Sep 04, 2021
"The humor was super immature. The world just seemed underdeveloped and felt like they spent more time making elaborate machines than setting up how the world works. Add in a plot that doesn't entirely make sense and is fairly basic when it does, and you have a very forgettable movie that is more bad than good."
85 48% Thor: The Dark World (2013) - Aug 29, 2021
"I'd probably put this movie on par with the first. It's entertaining, but flawed. Odin seems like a completely different character here than from the first movie, the villain is rather shallow and lacks motivation, and Ian and Dr. Selvig are kind of unnecessary characters. However I did really like Frigga, the banter between Loki and Thor, and there are some pretty cool actions scenes. It's not perfect, but I had fun watching it."
95 81% Toy Story (1995) - Aug 15, 2021
"Toy Story is a great movie. It's considered a modern family classic and innovator of CGI for a reason. However, Toy Story is one of those movies that requires you to not ask too many questions. Who tells the toys the rules? Why doesn't Buzz move when Andy is around since he doesn't think he's a toy? Most won't ask these questions, but if you think too much about the world it loses some traction. Even so, you can't deny the charm and greatness of Toy Story. It is a great family movie."
90 63% Iron Man 3 (2013) - Aug 01, 2021
"Not as good as the first, but way better than the second. Iron Man 3 picks up with Tony after the Avengers and he's not doing so well. He seems to have some severe PTSD, can't sleep, and has made like forty new versions of armor during the time. Interesting that despite all the suits, we see Tony mostly without a suit. This entry seems to be tackling the question of who is Iron Man, is it just the suit or is it Tony. A good tense movie, but does have some flat moments."
90 63% Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) - Jun 12, 2021
"Place the swashbuckling of Errol Flynn, the fun musical sense of Disney's Robin Hood, a good number of aspects of Kevin Costner's Prince of Thieves, and a Mel Brooks movie in a blender and this is what you get. I've always enjoyed this movie, but I'll admit that some of the jokes have aged out of being funny and others are a bit flat in general. However, I felt that what does work, works really well and makes for an enjoyable time. It's silly and stupid, but that's exactly the point."
90 63% Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) - May 29, 2021
"This movie has flaws I know it, but I can't say I particularly care. I have always enjoyed this movie from the first time I've watched it. I maybe notice the flaws more today and it does detract a little, but the mixture of action, romance, humor, and even just pure absurdity leaves a memorable impact. "
90 63% Robin Hood (1973) - May 22, 2021
"I always enjoyed this movie growing up, and thankfully it is also a movie that I still enjoyed today. Sure it's maybe a bit goofy and the villains are over the top inept, but it's a lot of fun to watch. It just has so much personality to it, despite the animation maybe not being as top notch as other Disney movies."
85 48% Monsters University (2013) - May 16, 2021
"It a fun and entertaining story, just not as good as the first. I think a lot of the problem is that the movie is focused on Mike and Sulley, which leads to every other character being either pretty one dimensional or not developed at all. The story was fairly predictable, but I didn't really expect the ending entirely. It's not the best Pixar sequel/prequel, but it's not the worst either."