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Member Since: Nov 29, 2011

Location: USA

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93 87% Casino Royale (2006) - Jan 18, 2021
85 63% You Only Live Twice (1967) - Jan 01, 2021
93 87% Soul (2020) - Dec 30, 2020
97 94% Mr. Show with Bob and David (1995) - Dec 10, 2020
87 66% The Exorcist III (1990) - Nov 15, 2020
90 75% Miracle Mile (1988) - Nov 15, 2020
"Makes a lot darker choices than the usual Hollywood thriller from the 80's would, and really gives a great sense of power and dread to the situation. There's a lot of intelligence, sensitivity and attention to detail that separates it from many disaster films which often don't bring to question morality and individual action, and instead focus only on bombast. "
87 66% The Seventh Continent (1989) - Nov 12, 2020
"A movie where the suppression of information and context only adds to the chilling feeling of unease throughout. The deliberately slow pacing and its focus on the irrelevant minutia of a suffocating culture of consumerism, the sudden edits from scene to scene, and it all eventually carrying over into the final third feels like being on a broken rollercoaster that you can't get off of that is going to crash at the end, but thinking there's still a chance it won't."
89 70% Persona (1966) - Nov 12, 2020
"Aside from that insane introduction, it really didn't do a lot for me. A lot of Bergman's movies seem to blend together after a point where you're just supposed to take the repeated use of extended monologues and redundant plotlessness as trademarks of his genius. But I really did not know what the point of this was. He's made movies before and after that I consider much greater and more moving of efforts, but everything in this seems to serve very little purpose and left me detached from it."
100 97% Safe (1995) - Nov 12, 2020
"A masterwork in dread filled atmosphere and sound design, with a message that works both as a critique of the alienating society we live in, and in turn, people's alienation from each other, and vice versa. A horror movie more astute than many of the genre's best, focusing on a subject matter that is even more relevant today, and all too closely relatable in both its sense of isolation and its questioning of reality."