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Movie Buff - 166 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 26, 2008

Location: Netherlands

Bio: Don\'t watch tv any more, but I like a good movie now and then. Or something really, really, bad.
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30 4% Kevin & Perry Go Large (2000) - Aug 07, 2020
"Not having grown up on Harry Enfield & Chums, I couldn't help but find this agressively unfunny. Like, does the main character know his friend is a girl? Or is this just British humour's unfunny half, gender-switching? Either way, I have to admit the soundtrack is generation-definining for the dance/trance-crowd, so +30 points for that."
86 63% 21 Jump Street (2012) - Aug 07, 2020
"I completely get why Channing Tatum, after reading the script, was like dude wtf bro why? I'm also very happy Jonah Hill convinced him 'Duuuude it'll be fuuuun!' Essentially a remake taken off the rails, full steam ahead."
90 76% 12 Years a Slave (2013) - Aug 07, 2020
"This might sound off, but I never felt how loathsome slavery really was. I mean I knew it intellectually, but never FELT it the way I felt it after watching 12 Years a Slave. That so many in the US dislike this film shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did."
89 71% Gone Girl (2014) - Aug 07, 2020
"The rare movie where all the characters are unlikeable but sympathetic. The rare movie where Ben Affleck being a self-loathing depressed person REALLY WORKS OUT for the film. The kind of movie where you go: 'Huh, rather loathsome', and then you go home, contented, while mulling the film over."
95 93% Falling Down (1993) - Aug 07, 2020
45 9% Babes with Blades: Flower of Sarnia (2018) - Aug 06, 2020
"So what do stunt(wo)men do when they want to act, but only get roles like 'Tarzan's ape friends' (thanks, imdb!)? Apparently, they write, direct, choreograph and stunt-coordinate their own b-movie. Now Cecily Fay does AMAZING M.A.-action, which makes me confused about the sometimes chaotic and hard-to-follow camerawork, considering she co-directed Warrioress which did that better. The backlit fighting scene here was ALMOST great though. Overall: vaguely amusing shlock with cool moves on display."
82 46% Deadpool 2 (2018) - Aug 06, 2020
"If you were on-board for the Deadpool train the first time around, you're going to be on-board again. Even if the momentum slumps in the middle, with the jarring alternation between slapstick and depressing story beats."
99 99% BoJack Horseman (2014) - Aug 02, 2020
"Best animated series of all time, not even exaggerating. So much feels that I had. So many emotional gut-punches in the first 2 seasons, replaced by 'full body feels' in later seasons. Oh, and effortlessly interwoven with satire on US culture and philosophy on life? How will I survive life after Bojack Horseman? I guess, like Bojack, 1 day at a time, just trying to do and be better, despite everyting."
90 76% Goblin Slayer (2018) - Aug 02, 2020
"Really enjoyed this one! A fun juxtaposition of semi tongue-in-cheek fantasy (RPG) clich├ęs and gorey fantasy action, to hammer home how brutal and traumatising adventuring can be for level 1s who underestimate goblins. Having the titular character be a monomaniacal stoic/emotionally broken person, who's really good at a shit job, allows for surprising subtlety. And the main characters just hanging out.. feels wholesome. I only wish the females escaped the Japanese anime character tropes."
30 4% Dragon Crusaders (2011) - Aug 02, 2020
"Alright, this could've been..better. Tracked this down because I'm a huge fan of Cecily Fay's action in Warrioress, released the same year. The good: she kicks ass, and she's given a lot less lines, so there's way less hammyness, The bad: the atrocious camerawork and editing! Multiple cuts per second and switching between wildly varying angles, ooph! If they had cut out the dragons, and focussed on making the Demon CGI passable, this could've been a decent fantasy-horror-action flick."