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Movie Buff - 199 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 26, 2008

Location: Netherlands

Bio: Don't watch tv any more, but I like a good movie now and then. Or something really, really, bad.
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73 25% Lucy (2014) - Oct 10, 2021
"A movie constructed around the myth of humans using only 6-15% of their brain, which is my absolute pet-peeve. With atrociously pretentious dialogue to boot. Really atrocious. But if it's secretly an aesop about how doing too much drugs can make you super-humanly one with the universe, and absolutely silly nonsense meant to be enjoyed with 0.1% of your brain capacity left, I'm down for it."
85 61% Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) - Oct 10, 2021
"The Blart Side of the Mall is an amazing watch, few things like it. Recommended. Not sober, of course."
10 0% Gonad the Barbarian & Search for Uranus (1986) - Sep 25, 2021
"The worst. Unsexy, unfunny, horribly animated (*if* that), horribly dubbed. Features what is essentially rape a bit too casually, not to mention some casual racism."
80 42% Mixology (2013) - Sep 01, 2021
"Am I the only one who liked this for its original concept? We follow 5 single guys and 5 single girls, single for varied reasons, over the course of one night for 13 episodes, and follow their interactions with each other. The show is not without its flaws (for me: the unsympathetic way one of the characters leaves another hanging at the end), but there's plenty of fun to watch. Loved the 'dork gets pushed to get over heartbreak'-arc despite cliches, maybe because it was so recognisable for me."
94 90% Big Mouth (2017) - Jun 09, 2021
"I've never felt the awkwardness and terribleness of puberty in such an intensely funny manner. The show is clever, witty, absurd and I probably would've loved it even more if puberty was a more recent memory for me. The only downside is watching a show about kids regularly referring to sex. Which is it's own kind of awkward."
83 51% Psycho Goreman (2020) - Jun 09, 2021
"Either you're going to enjoy watching a little girl be a little psycho and getting control over one of the most dangerous beings in the local galaxy, or you won't. But can we take a moment to appreciate the effort and love that went into the special effects and costumes, even for cut-away gags?"
68 17% Army of the Dead (2021) - Jun 05, 2021
"Respect for the cinematography, as there are some awesome action shots. Bautista running over tables shooting zombies left and right looked amazing, as well as all the close-up fights. Liking Bautista as damaged but focused action hero. But can we admit Snyder sucks at directing people otherwise? Humans and zombies both act illogically/unnaturally regularly. The Dieter character was unnecessarily cringe. The women here save a lot of the film."
78 36% Mortal Kombat (2021) - May 22, 2021
"It's weird how amazing production values gets combined with a B-movie script, with mostly good actors/martial artists and only so-so directing+unfinished editing. Sometimes great choreography, camera work & action, then back to typically poor Western cinema style fight scenes with too many close-ups and too many cuts (but at least no shaky cam). Josh Lawson is perfectly cast as Kano and very enjoyable, but I do miss Christopher Lambert. This silly movie takes itself too seriously. Liked it tho."
90 77% Top wo Nerae! (1988) - May 10, 2021
"Tonally, this is all over the place. You think it's a serious coming of age X mecha anime at first, then the kids are doing jumping jacks in mecha-suits. Then the absolute terror of a rookie fighting an alien she barely comprehends for the first time, in the blackness of space, against the backdrop of the complications of space travel at relativistic speeds, followed by cheeky 4th wall breaking epilogues. But all the little touches makes it great. Thinking of the ending still makes me well up."
78 36% Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) - May 08, 2021
"Imagine being annoyed by the stupid set-up of 2 saviours of humans having a stupid ancient rivalry, despite being stupidly stoned. Imagine forgiving everything because there's a stupid amount of explosions and action when monkey and lizard fight. Imagine stupidly cool visuals from the centre of the earth, and then a stupidly destructive final battle in a city with a stupid amount of neon lights. Yeah, that's basically this movie; I kinda like it a stupid lot."