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Cinema Addict - 1085 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 25, 2009

Location: USA

Gender: Male

Bio: Am mostly into old and/or European films. Low tolerance for Hollywood and mainstream modernity. I don't rate a title unless I've watched the whole thing (or at least tried to, in the case of a few stinkers) and don't rate from distant memory either.
more Recent Ratings
80 57% It Happened One Night (1934) - Sep 15, 2018
40 11% Planet of the Apes (1968) - Sep 15, 2018
50 16% The Whip and the Body (1963) - Aug 02, 2018
"Very colorful and nice sets, but, yeah, I got a few power naps in. Slow. And silly. "
80 57% Speedy (1928) - Jul 30, 2018
30 6% Baseball (1994) - Jul 29, 2018
60 24% The Ghost (1963) - Jul 23, 2018
"Entertaining enough gothic b-horror. Nice sets. If you're looking for a happy movie this isn't it. Harriet (White) Medin is great as the housekeeper. Peter Baldwin reminded me of Vincent Price - maybe it was the dubbing. (Apparently, Hichcock is Italian for Hitchcock.)"
70 37% Le mariage de Chiffon (1942) - Jul 16, 2018
"An adequately charming & light-hearted romantic drama set in the 1900s with a few unforgettable characters. "
80 57% Terror Creatures from the Grave (1965) - Jul 15, 2018
"Campy and low budget, yet at the same time I really liked it. Creepy and effectively shot with a nice gothic atmosphere and good cast. Just don't expect to see much of these "terror creatures." The version I rented (slightly longer dubbed U.S. version) was in absolutely terrible condition, but I've read it's out now in HD on Blu-ray. This should be a cult classic if it's not already. "
80 57% Night Train (1998) - Jul 09, 2018
"Felt like it was made for British TV, but it was well done. Hit the spot on a Monday night. Would say it was romantic if it wasn't for the needless gore in several scenes. John Hurt was great, as you would expect. So was Brenda Blethyn and the rest of the cast."
70 37% Le Magnifique (1973) - Jul 08, 2018