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Member Since: May 22, 2020

Location: Italy

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52 22% Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985) - May 02, 2021
"Think of this as a parody of First Blood part one. If you watch it as a B movie, it sort of works as a comedy, but it doesn't resist the slightest serious scrutiny."
76 53% Lifeforce (1985) - May 02, 2021
"Space vampires, that turn brits into vampire-zombies, with all the glory of the 80s practical effects. A very interesting premise. The execution? Well, it's a good sci-fi horror movie."
48 20% Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) - Apr 29, 2021
"The sequel the is great. This one is not"
69 39% Elysium (2013) - Apr 27, 2021
78 60% Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) - Apr 26, 2021
"This is a hard to classify movie. Yes is a silly comedy, but it goes to interesting places, and has some locations that are quite creative. At moments surreal. The end feels a bit weird as if suddenly they realized that they were running out of budget so they decided to wrap up the movie in a couple of minutes."
78 60% Wheelman (2017) - Apr 24, 2021
"Very nice cinematography. If you like this genre, go for it."
69 39% Wayne's World (1992) - Apr 22, 2021
"Wayne is an idiot"
67 34% They Live (1988) - Apr 20, 2021
"A rather direct (and accurate) metaphor of capitalism. Don't ask too much from this movie. It's fine and a fun watch."
82 69% Sunshine (2007) - Apr 17, 2021
97 98% 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) - Apr 17, 2021
"Beautiful piece of hard sci-fi. So ahead of it's time when it comes to AI. People might be hard on it because of being a sequel to 2001 and being clearly a different type of movie. Less mystical and more down to earth."