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Member Since: Mar 30, 2006

Location: BC, Canada

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68 19% Christopher Robin (2018) - Aug 09, 2018
"Naturally, this is at its most charming when Pooh & company are on screen. Somehow that little bear's schtick doesn't wear thin after decades. But the plot is painfully predictable and McGregor's character arc is too blunt even for five-year-olds. An okay outing, some chuckles sprinkled throughout, but overall forgettable. "
94 90% Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - Jul 28, 2018
"I keep seeing directors I admire repeat each other on Twitter: nobody can stitch an action sequence with as much clarity and tension as McQuarrie. What a treat that McQuarrie has hitched his wagon to a franchise that is almost entirely action sequences. But that's selling the film short. It's more than that. It's one of the best action films I've ever seen. Tom Cruise is a madman and I hope he stays that way. I cannot believe some of the shit I witnessed in this film. See it in theatres."
99 98% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Jul 28, 2018
"Well, this might just be flawless on every twisted side of it. It's been long, far too long, since I've seen a film so infused with feverish passion and energy, and bouncing with fun ideas, non-sequiturs that build character, while being so relevant and hysterical. I had tears streaming down my face from laughter. This film was a rollercoaster and I couldn't stop screaming, and every time I think about it, I just want to scream at others to hop on with me. Do not pass this one up, folks."
80 43% Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - Jul 10, 2018
"Sure, yeah. Actually, I enjoyed my time with this one. It's funnier and more exciting than Rudd's last solo venture. Also, they gave Tim Heidecker a fucking cameo. The story is neat and compact and it's a nice refresher after Infinity War. But, I dunno. I always seem to hit Marvel Fatigue when every Ant-Man movie comes out. Maybe because they're always just good enough and I'd rather watch another stellar Spider-Man or something. "
90 79% Upgrade (2018) - Jul 03, 2018
"Folks are far too hard on this one. This will be regarded as one of the better pieces of schlock sci-fi action of the decade. The script almost steers into the rocks during the last act, but a quick course correct ends on a satisfying note. And it's a rollicking film -- full of fun action, camerawork, and humour. "
73 29% Ocean's 8 (2018) - Jun 27, 2018
"This needed some of Soderbergh's verve. The script is fine, though it could've had some more splashes of character humor, and the cast does what's asked of them. Gary Ross, though. Who is this guy? Why does he get to make movies? He's not bad, he's just not artful. His idea of style is wacky iMovie transitions. I'm glad this made money. I really dig the Ocean's films and I want more. Just please, Warner Bros, put some talent behind the camera."
71 25% The Invitation (2015) - Jun 26, 2018
"The slow burn is effective and the payoff is satisfying, but I can't help but wonder how much better this film would be if a little more logic had entered these characters' heads apart from Marshall-Green's. Maybe it hurts that we don't delve too deeply into these people. The film keeps toying with grief and coping, but only a handful of this group actually appears to have experience with this theme. "
48 7% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Jun 24, 2018
"The franchise reaches new lows of dumb ideas. They compound to the point where I finally checked my brain out. Moustache-twirling villains, schlock that's worse than schlock. We're asked to care about dinosaurs one moment, then cower from them like they're mindless monsters. Just the sheer amount of dumb. And all suspense was drained from Universal's media blitz. Every. Single. Action sequence and great image was utilized to market this film. Everything was spoiled. Everything."
79 40% Ghost World (2001) - Jun 20, 2018
"I don't know if I would've liked this more when I was younger -- when I would've gotten a bigger kick out of rebellious attitudes and ambiguous life goals and general aimlessness. I mean, the latter will probably always resonate with me, but otherwise I wish I'd seen this sooner. The more realistic approach is a nice surprise. "
95 92% 20th Century Women (2016) - Jun 20, 2018
"Hard to pinpoint everything that makes this film so great. Probably because everything about it is what makes it great. What makes it exceptional is its power, and how its power sneaks up on you, how it entangles you in these characters' lives, evokes empathy for each of them, treats them like humans rather than cutouts, and tells their story in a beautiful manner. "