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Location: BC, Canada

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82 49% In the Loop (2009) - Nov 08, 2018
"I found this mostly funny with some dry patches sprinkled throughout, and I know that review sounds like a weather forecast but I'm too far in to change it now. The cast is great, especially Capaldi."
62 13% Return to Oz (1985) - Nov 08, 2018
"Oof, yeah, this is weird because I like it but also I don't? I don't hold an affinity for the 1939 classic; I like it but it doesn't hold a place anywhere in my heart, so the comparison doesn't enter into my analysis. That said, this is a hodgepodge of creativity and an inability to glue to it all together. It belongs in that special pantheon of mid-80s weirdo flicks that probably scarred more kids than they entertained. "
76 36% Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) - Oct 30, 2018
"This deserves more respect. Even now, in an age of retrospect and renewed appreciation, Season of the Witch still deserves more respect. The film is a fun and well paced mystery that goes off the walls in all the right ways. Acting, camerawork, and conceptual framework are all great. "
78 39% Halloween (2018) - Oct 29, 2018
"Very nice way to re-energize the franchise. Green's direction is solid and muted -- it doesn't get in the way, in other words, which I worried might be the case. In fact, the film feels like an endearing tribute to the franchise as a whole, even if it wipes the slate clean from '81 and after. Michael Myers is terrifying again, and that's probably all fans wanted, but there's thoughtful character work and terrific music to appreciate as well."
84 57% Creepshow (1982) - Oct 25, 2018
"Nice mix of spooky fun and comedy. Stephen King plays a pretty great hillbilly. While creature effects in full lighting don't hold up today, the film still possesses some remarkably effective tension-building thanks Romero's sharp direction. Really entertaining."
87 68% Trick 'r Treat (2008) - Oct 25, 2018
"I found this utterly delightful, and your mileage may vary based upon how early in October you start putting up Halloween decorations. This never becomes terrifying, but rather tries to harness horror the way the holiday does: in good fun. It's successful. This feels like the cinematic ode to Halloween we've never truly gotten until now."
86 64% Krampus (2015) - Oct 23, 2018
"A strange case of folks not remembering this genre when it's resurrected after thirty-odd years. Remember Beetlejuice? Remember Gremlins? Remember those gateway horror films that had legitimately scary elements but wasn't overtly trying to terrify young kids? This film belongs on the shelf with those two and others of their ilk. The designs are fantastic, the atmosphere effective, and a solid story that fashioned this short-lived fad into something interesting."
83 52% Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (2017) - Oct 23, 2018
"I submit that this would not work today if Jim Carrey hadn't completely detached from his 90s persona and become the personification of zen mastery that he is today. Time helps, too -- time away from the havoc he caused because he was too dedicated to the role. It's a fascinating slice from a man whose process doesn't get exercised much anymore, and it takes place at the tipping point of his popularity. Man on the Moon 2 will probably be about Carrey himself. "
39 4% Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988) - Oct 21, 2018
"This is certainly the most boring entry, which is odd considering they threw Jason against a Stephen King invention whom he could barely touch. Everything else is just so uninteresting. Nobody actually cares about Carrie 2.0. There's one good kill (sleeping bag, obvs). The self-awareness of Part 6 is totally abandoned. It's just a pile of meh."
71 25% Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) - Oct 21, 2018
"The seriousness of the franchise is rightfully over and the time has come to abandon all reason, because what else can you do for a sixth damn sequel? The same beats need to be achieved (teenagers, camping, murders), so let's make it interesting! The film is half self-aware with displays of metahumor and fourth wall breaks. There's fucking Police Academy slapstick. The film wants to entertain. Also, a groovy Alice Cooper Jason theme song over the end credits? This might be my favorite Friday."