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Location: BC, Canada

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86 64% It Chapter Two (2019) - Sep 17, 2019
"Chapter Two is bloated, messy, structurally unsound, thematically overloaded, creepy, gross, and probably too long. In short, it's a baffling, impossibly faithful adaptation of King's novel. How this doesn't pop like an overinflated balloon is a mystery to me. The cast is great, Skarsgard is still phenomenal, and it loses some of the heart of the first installment while making straight-up bad CGI choices, but it's still wildly entertaining for three hours. "
72 27% Good Boys (2019) - Aug 30, 2019
"Yes, there's only a handful of jokes over and over. The question is, do you find it funny when twelve-year-olds swear with the intensity of Scorsese mobsters? If the answer is yes, you may enjoy Good Boys. But beyond that, this juvenile comedy actually has a juvenile heart beating beneath it. It's pretty good!"
89 76% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Jul 27, 2019
"Unusual fare from Tarantino in that the plot often sits on the sidelines while the film meanders, purposefully taking winding scenic routes. This is made all the more obvious with the jarring shift into the third act (which needed a narrator to hold our hands). So much of this could have been cut and we still could've had that insane, peak-Tarantino catharsis of an ending. But, you know, I was never bored. So I don't exactly know how to feel yet. This score could change dramatically soon."
14 2% The Lion King (2019) - Jul 21, 2019
"I feel nothing. So, I guess I'm emotionally on par with the reimagined characters in this baffling remake. We have crossed into a darker timeline. This film will eat the box office alive while everyone stares at the screen, as dead-eyed as the animals, and come out content because it looked real nice. It does look real nice. Too bad this animation robs the original story of every single asset it holds. This was the worst thing I've seen in years. Please don't spend money on this."
88 72% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Jul 03, 2019
"90s kid me is ecstatic to see Spider-Man continue to flourish in the hands of the MCU. I continue to be impressed with Marvel’s handling of classic Spidey villains and seamlessly integrating them into their established universe. Gyllenhaal is perfect, the visuals are showstoppers, Holland is still the best of both worlds, and the script is tight and fun. It’s not the perfect storm that Homecoming was, but by god it’s close."
34 3% Aladdin (2019) - Jul 02, 2019
"The only parts of this you will remember are the parts you enjoyed because they were recreations of an original work of art, which happened to be excellent. Everything in this mess looks stiff and cheap, which is mindboggling considering Disney literally has all of the money on earth. It couldn't be any more obvious what a soulless cash grab this is. Laughable action, painful CGI, miscast Jafar. And I won't even mention Will Smith's plain-bread Genie. I'm officially over these remakes."
87 68% Toy Story 4 (2019) - Jul 02, 2019
"Leave it to Pixar to make an unnecessary sequel feel so necessary. While Toy Story 3 felt like the perfect bow on the story-focused package, this fourquel places an arguably prettier bow on the character-focused package. It's a lovely epilogue for the heart of this franchise. "
81 45% Late Night (2019) - Jul 02, 2019
"Will it leave a lasting impression on you? No, maybe not, but sometimes these films are exactly what we need: good-natured, well-acted, generally low-stakes comedies that are just relevant enough to be satisfying. I'm reminded of things like Devil Wears Prada or The Terminal. The script is solid and Thompson absolutely slays this role."
79 40% Rocketman (2019) - Jun 01, 2019
"Far superior to BOHEMIAN in just about every aspect. This film feels like a whole concept realized, and at its core is an emotional climax in favor of a grandiose eighteen-minute rock concert recreation. And if Rami Malek can win an Oscar for not singing, then Taron Egerton sure as shit better be at least nominated for one of the best performances this year. Though this falls into many obvious tropes, it's still flamboyantly, whimsically fun."
94 90% Booksmart (2019) - Jun 01, 2019
"The longer this went on, the more I admired it from every angle: Olivia Wilde's fantastic direction, the hilarious and relevant script, the goddamn acting, my god, these kids are outstanding. People have been comparing it to Superbad, but it's better than that. In the tiny moments where the laughs are light, the film exhibits a genuine heart. "