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93 87% Uncut Gems (2019) - Jan 19, 2020
"Will seek to overwhelm in the best possible ways. This film focuses on panic and obsession, traits expertly entrusted to and performed by Sandler (it’s a career best for him), and somehow pulls the threads tighter and tighter, past the breaking point. It’s so goddamn well done. "
97 96% 1917 (2019) - Jan 12, 2020
"For the first half of the film, I had a similar reaction to most critics: this is technically brilliant, but I'm not being drawn in, I'm not getting emotionally invested, and it's not doing much on a thematic scale. But by the halfway mark, either the film transformed or I did, and I found myself teary-eyed for the full remainder. It remained not just striking and impossibly well made, but I also found tethers to the characters, to the circumstance, to the nightmare. This is the real deal."
90 78% The Farewell (2019) - Jan 09, 2020
"We're in a transitional age for film -- not so much as an artform (that's always in flux) but as a medium itself. And though there's much to be cynical over, the Disneyfication of our world for example, there's also my belief that 2019 was an exceptional year for film. More and more women are being given opportunities and thus we're getting stories we otherwise wouldn't have. Lulu Wang's effective family drama snuck up on me with its power, heart, and thoughtful execution."
92 85% The Two Popes (2019) - Jan 09, 2020
"Meirelles has had a curse with me ever since his exceptional debut with City of God. I've found him too unfocused, too panicky, too flashy in the editing room. But this material is perfectly suited to his style, which I think has also mellowed somewhat. Hopkins and Pryce talk for two hours, but the camerawork is often boldly close, beautifully distant, or shot like a documentary. And frantic editing, spliced with news footage, grants the film a real-world authenticity it would otherwise lack."
96 94% Little Women (2019) - Jan 04, 2020
"You know how sappy, soulless rom-coms are often labeled the feel-good movie of the year? And really they only make us feel good in vapid ways? Little Women makes you feel good in a fulfilling way. It’s a reminder of why collaboration is the medium’s cornerstone. Gerwig’s script is tactfully modernized and her direction keeps the pace afloat and the ensemble brimming with chemistry. I knew nothing of the original work and left feeling happy. Just in bliss. That’s so hard to find today. "
82 48% Dolemite Is My Name (2019) - Jan 04, 2020
"A hell of a cast spearheaded by one of Murphy’s best performances. Halfway through the film, there’s a moment when Moore has a reaction to a weathered picture while rehearsing lines for the next day. This is, unfortunately, the one semblance of character growth we’re treated to. The film is fun, but also devoid of much interesting conflict. "
98 97% Marriage Story (2019) - Jan 01, 2020
"Feels like the seminal relationship film of the decade, flying in just on the heels of 2019. This is one of those The Big Five Oscar pictures; I would not be surprised (or upset) if this swept the awards season. I found myself totally caught up in this grounded, painful story. Where Squid and the Whale left on a bitter, pathless note, Marriage Story concludes with the bittersweetness of reality. "
97 96% The Squid and the Whale (2005) - Jan 01, 2020
"Even when we don't have to war with external problems like most people, with enivornmental or social struggles -- even when we can live comfortably, we are still people at the end of the day. Confused, self-interested, torn people. And Baumbach's Squid and the Whale is a beautiful mirror-reflection of that. It effortlessly gives us the insight of the whole picture while pivoting us into certain camps. There are no good or bad guys. Just people."
81 45% Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - Dec 22, 2019
"This is everything it shouldn't have been. Erasure of Johnson's excellent story decisions. The Force is a superpower again. Bloodlines matter more than new, interesting ideas. Few scenes running longer than ten seconds without a cut. Shameless pandering. Zero consequences. More questions raised than answered. This was half Force Awakens, half a prequel. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. At this rate, this franchise will never grow beyond its very limited roots."
93 87% The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017) - Dec 22, 2019
"The cast and quirkiness of this may seem like smoke and mirrors to convince you of the film's greatness, but the script consistently snuck up on me with poignant moments of being human, of being sons and daughters, of the impossible frustrations imbued in those relationships. And because this cast is in top form, they can seem almost spellbinding. But I think this screenplay is underrated. It's hilarious and genuine. Plus I'm a sucker for Sandler when he gives a shit."