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87 68% Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - Nov 29, 2021
"Something about this makes it such a great addition, and great start for post-Thanos MCU. Maybe it’s the best fight choreography the franchise has seen. Maybe it’s the dive into Asian culture and mythos. Maybe it’s the phenomenal cast. Maybe it’s just how those fuckin rings are so well done and so fun to watch. I mean, it’s obviously all those things. Marvel has to work extra hard to keep me interested these days and this is a wise route to take."
72 26% Black Widow (2021) - Nov 29, 2021
"This isn’t the disaster many die hard Marvelheads have made this out to be. It’s not great either and it’s difficult not to be cynical about it when it clearly could’ve fit properly in the MCU timeline without being a prequel. But it’s closer to a fanciful Winter Soldier than an epic space opera, which is a breath of fresh air for Marvel. Not bad."
85 60% The Darjeeling Limited (2007) - Nov 27, 2021
"This could be one of Anderson’s most Andersony films, so it stands to reason that the plodding introduction and the muttered dialogue instantly repelled a sizeable chunk of its audience. I actually thought the first act was the funniest, but I enjoyed most of this regardless. I’m not sure this film in particular has much to say compared to Anderson’s other works, but it at least it doesn’t overstay its welcome at 90 minutes."
69 20% Elf (2003) - Nov 27, 2021
"This is perfectly fine Christmas fare. Ferrell rightfully became a household after this performance, and the film is still fairly funny almost twenty years later. I especially appreciate the fun filmmaking and the now very-dated Lord of the Rings reference. But I don’t think the film works hard enough to earn its resolution and as such the final act is a bit of a bore."
98 97% Dune (2021) - Nov 19, 2021
"I can understand how some may react sorely to this. Probably the same crowd that isn’t a big fan of Christopher Nolan. Prior to this, Villeneuve has always struck a balance between emotional potency and arthouse grandeur, but the source material of Dune forces his hand to retreat from feelings and lean into stoicism. He makes up for this by amping the intensity. This was an experience in IMAX. Wholly engrossing, unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I adored every minute I had with it."
84 56% The French Dispatch (2021) - Nov 19, 2021
"Well put together and entertaining as always; if you’re an Anderson fan, prepare for an overload of his style and sensibilities. I do think, as with Isle of Dogs, he’s lost some semblance of specificity that made his work phenomenal. Most people refer to his older films, but I’ve always thought Moonrise and Budapest were his masterpieces: fanciful, loaded with his style, big ensembles, but specific—specific to the character and therefore to the brilliant humour. I kind of miss that."
66 16% Halloween Kills (2021) - Nov 19, 2021
"It’s been a long, long time since I’ve seen a film be so earnestly cornball. Paradoxically, this also wants to draw on the genuine creepiness of the original, as well as make light of itself with absurd characters, as well as be a prescient parable for mob mentality—all while giving most characters nothing to do. And our new characters suck. Much of this sucks and yet I enjoyed it with extreme prejudice. I wouldn’t blame anyone for hating this, but I enjoyed myself despite everything."
83 52% No Time to Die (2021) - Nov 19, 2021
"This fits snugly in the middle of Craig’s tenure as Bond, a series of films that have always exuded class and sophisticated action sequences. Craig has never been better in the role, which is a nice way of counteracting Malek’s complete uselessness as the production tries its damndest to make him an interesting villain. This is long but I never felt bothered by its length and Fukunaga is able to make it an exhilarating, bittersweet finale."
56 9% Jodorowsky's Dune (2014) - Nov 19, 2021
"Jodorowsky is a charismatic man, as is evidenced by his ability to draw you into his worldview and storytelling. His account of this film is told like destiny bringing the greatest creative forces together, and it can be easy to get swept into the mythos of the mad genius, but he’s just an uncompromising egomaniac who buried his own chances of success with unrealistic expectations—and he’s pretty sexist to boot. This film would’ve been twelve hours of nonsense."
91 82% Tenet (2020) - Aug 12, 2021
"If you watch this like a James Bond film, I think you'll have a better time. Ever since Nolan made "Batman for adults" people have been looking for an opportunity to de-popularize him, but to me he's never made very profound films -- just expertly made, beautifully shot, twisty action films. One thing we can all agree on is he needs to leave the sound mix booth. If you kill the bass, you'll be able to hear dialogue, but that's a hell of a caveat for a blockbuster action film."