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Member Since: Mar 31, 2006

Location: BC, Canada

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91 82% Doctor Sleep (2019) - Nov 30, 2019
"The best King adaptation in 20 years. Flanagan is now on my list of filmmakers to watch. A wholly engrossing horror/thriller, magnificent performances, and an impossibly good compromise between King’s original works and Kubrick’s seminal film. I adored this movie. Even though the last act can be indulgent, it earns that right by cultivating its own cinematic identity. "
93 88% Knives Out (2019) - Nov 28, 2019
"It's a film that, for much of its runtime, is squarely focused on conversations between people in a large house. And yet the camerawork is swift and fun, the compositions are stimulating, the dialogue is Dickensian, and the plot wants to make you feel smart before it tricks you. The second act experiences a small lull as the main cast is pushed aside, but the climax is as it should be for a classic whodunnit. Also, some really excellent subtext to boot. A wonderful time."
95 92% Jojo Rabbit (2019) - Nov 27, 2019
"This was utterly endearing. The humor is gut-busting, the characters are beautifully defined, and the subject matter is well balanced between comedy and drama. Waititi rides a very fine line -- understanding that to laugh at Nazis is to diminish them, but also that we must solemnly acknowledge the suffering they inflicted. I guess because Nazis are back, many of us expected this to shred into them, but I didn't expect this to commentate much, rather just tell its story, and I felt rewarded."
92 85% The Irishman (2019) - Nov 23, 2019
"Scorsese is a master because he takes this, an elephant of a film burdened with multiple aspects that should sink it, and makes it not just work, but work kind of beautifully. The trip-ups are small (early de-aged scenes are distracting and awkward), but once Pacino enters the picture, the film breezes along. And it can sometimes feel like a retread for Scorsese, but its pensive, quiet ending will sneak up on you and, hopefully, rattle you a little."
89 76% Ford v Ferrari (2019) - Nov 23, 2019
"I’m always impressed when a filmmaker can make me care about subject matter that I normally find boring. Mangold is the truest star of the show here. His direction makes us care about everything from the high-octane races to the character-driven quiet conversations. But Damon and Bale are also fantastic—especially Bale. "
74 32% The Holiday (2006) - Nov 18, 2019
"Few writer-directors can master fuzzy films like Nancy Meyers. I love artful cinema as much as most here, but I'm also a sucker for light comedies that are (mostly) well written and feature a cast totally game for the material. It's cute background noise while you decorate your Christmas tree."
58 10% The Laundromat (2019) - Nov 18, 2019
"The writers saw what Adam McKay has been doing and their only takeaway was to have central characters address the audience in humorous fourth-wall breaks. The result is deflated and preachy rather than elucidating and eyebrow-raising. I don't get much of the decisions made here. And overall, it doesn't even feel like a film. Streep's story arch is effectively abandoned until she literally removes her makeup and addresses us as Meryl Streep herself, which... doesn't move me? I don't get it, man."
90 79% Parasite (2019) - Nov 07, 2019
"Elegantly made and instantly funny. The film strays from its tone by the third act, which isn't so much a criticism as an observation. The build-up may clash with the denouement for some, and even I stopped being sure what to think for a while. I'm not sure it sticks the landing. But it's captivating throughout. It maybe just could've punched a little harder at its intended target. "
87 68% Joker (2019) - Oct 20, 2019
"Joker is not the second coming of comic book films, despite what you may have heard. It's evidence that, like Ledger's indelible performance a decade ago, this character is a deep diving pool for talented actors. Phoenix has been turning in astounding work for years now, and this is his best yet. The film overall is unfocused; gorgeously-shot, well-made, but skirts its social commentaries to the point of blurred vision, and nobody really wants to hear the Joker rant about mental illness."
84 56% El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) - Oct 20, 2019
"Unnecessary but cathartic. Less a film and more two extra episodes of Breaking Bad which cover ground that, honestly, most of us probably imagined for Jesse once we saw him speeding off to freedom. Breaking Bad remains the best show in television history, and El Camino nails the aesthetic and atmosphere. It's difficult to judge on its own, which is probably its worst feature."