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45 14% Green Room (2016) - Oct 23, 2020
"To be a tense thriller, the characters have to act marginally smart. Or at least not dumb. Green Room on the other hand, gets into a routine groove of dumb decisions. Once the movie gets in this pattern of going in and out of the green room to up the death count, any sense of tenseness is lost. The whole reason for the murder is poorly told and came off unclear to me in the moment. At least the acting was good. Patrick Stewart should play more villains. Shame we wont ever get more Anton Yelchin"
84 53% Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (2020) - Oct 23, 2020
"Wonder how many reviews are just going to be "It's very nice". Borat 2 is a hilarious movie, while it feels it has to rely on scripted scenes a little too much (not just with his daughter but with some random stores)The scenes that feel real capture the magic of the original and are hilarious and shocking. Borat 2's focus on misogyny makes the movie feel fresh and Borat even more endearing. Maria Bakalova, who plays Cohen's daughter in the film, not only holds her own but is fantastic character"
41 13% The Host (2006) - Oct 22, 2020
"The main family is so instantly likable, humorous, and endearing, it's a shame their story is just so unfocused and uneven. The characters outside of the main family all feel like weird half thought about additions that are never developed or given enough screen time to be anything but a distraction. To match the half thought through characters, when the main family are separated, we get 3 different and unimportant and time killing attempts at moving the plot forward. Score is great at least"
86 61% Noroi (2005) - Oct 19, 2020
"I really liked how it leaned hard into the TV show documentary part. It really grounded the film and its intense dedication to lore will help it with repeated viewings (Unlike Blair Witch, which its clearly inspired by and suffers hard from repeated viewings). Its dedication to TV hurts it though, throughout the film, anytime a scary thing happens, the movie will show the scene again and zoom in. That mixed with low budget CGI does make it feel like a "SPOOKY SCARY" youtube video at points. "
91 78% Train to Busan (2016) - Oct 18, 2020
"The zombie movie made me cry. It made me tense because I didnt want any of the main characters to die. It pumped me up with the sick running zombie scenes. This zombie movie is amazing. Train to Busan is able to keep it's gimmick fresh over 2 hours, by smartly and slowly expanding the rules of its zombies. This movie does suffer from dumb character actions, but I was so bought into them as people, I think I cared more than usual for them to act smart. The child actor is also very talented."
86 61% Inside (2007) - Oct 14, 2020
"Excellent tension, this movie actually scared me at points (which most Slasher/Home Invasion movies can't make happen. Great build up and acting for this gore fest. Story is good until the last 20 minutes, and then the movie just drops the ball. The Immigrant storyline goes no where, the gore slips from Extreme to Evil Dead territory, and the twist feels not earned enough surrounded by this disappointment. It doesn't ruin the movie, but it knocks it down from being one of the greats. "
16 7% Antichrist (2009) - Oct 10, 2020
"Is this pro woman? Anti Woman? Anti human because this is torture for everyone forced to watch this? I'll have to settle for the last one. Dafoe and Gainsbourg attempt really hard to act their way out of this script, but Lars von Trier creates the peak of masturbatory film school wank fest. The slow burn does nothing to hint at the characters turns in the 3rd act. It's like the first hour is there to waste our time. The final act is Lars attempting to shock, and failing to entertain. "
94 87% Martyrs (2008) - Oct 09, 2020
"Jesus this movie is heavy. Not many films have me just staring at the credits unsure how to process what I saw or feel. Martyrs does a lot to be more than just "torture porn", the change in how violence is shown from the start to the end of the movie being my favorite example. The movie, thanks to solid acting, feels very grounded and real. Sure it does hinge on a stupid action by the protagonist (leave the house fast plz) but it's worth it for the ride this took me on."
35 12% High Tension (2003) - Oct 09, 2020
"It's beating a dead horse to say the twist was garbage, but it's that bad it bears repeating. Like, did Aja just come up with a twist and decide to never reread his script? The movie has some nice character build up for the first 15 minutes, and then never references it again as we get grunting and hiding in closets from the worlds stupidest protagonist. Like girl, your friend's family is being hunted down and you don't go AND WAKE UP YOUR FRIEND. Gore make up and soundtrack are great though."
87 64% Cube (1997) - Oct 07, 2020
"What a creative movie. Can a shoestring budget movie with acting that is like an overacted high school production and poorly aged 90's CGI still be good? Somehow yes, when your script is this smart, the characters nicely arced with good interactions, the kills are creative, and the world is filled with so much mystery that I'm dying to know more about. It's such an enjoyable movie even though an actor went full Simple Jack."