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80 92% Winter Sleep (2014) - Dec 16, 2018
"The cinematography was beautiful, the dialogue was intriguing, and the story felt natural and real and every scene served a greater purpose. At first I walked away disappointed, thinking to myself that Aydin's transformation was not earned, that it came about because the writers needed to end the story. After further reflection I finally understood what those critical moments were, buried so deep in the story you have no choice but to keep thinking about it long after the credits roll."
50 46% Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) - Dec 05, 2018
"This was one of those movies that almost succeeded, but then they ruined it horribly through trie-hardism. There were moments that were truly funny, others that were heartfelt, and the overall idea for the adventure was solid. This movie left me wondering who's nephew the director was as it spent 90 minutes insecurely flexing those big Disney muscles by showing off what must have been every Disney property under the sun. Even the pre-movie scene was an executive circle-jerk."
50 46% The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) - Nov 29, 2018
"This was a movie for those days where you just need to turn your brain off for a couple hours. The concept was a good one, and the overly corny acting of two actually great actors made it fun to watch. Overall it was ok, there are better movies out there that fulfill the same purpose, but if you've already seen them all then go ahead and give this try."
70 82% Creed 2 (2018) - Nov 28, 2018
"I don't care what anyone says, the Rocky movies are some of the most fun movies ever made and the Creed revival is at least trying to maintain the spirit of what made them so good. The first Creed was a little lackluster, but it wasn't bad. Creed 2 was surprisingly good. It had all the elements you would expect in a character drama, but followed a meaningful story (even if the plot was simple) and had the right amount of tearful moments as well as comedic ones."
50 46% The Kindergarten Teacher (2018) - Nov 26, 2018
70 82% Marriage Italian-Style (1964) - Nov 25, 2018
80 92% Green Book (2018) - Nov 25, 2018
"This film had me, and the tgeater, laughing throughout. An extremely heartfelt movie that did an amazing job covering one of our country's more contentious times. At no point during the film did it try to to make the audience feel guilty, but it took great care to show just how fragile life was even in the liberal north, and how difficult it was to do something as simple as earn the respect of a neighbor. But this is also a story of friendship and change. A hopeful story."
60 66% Widows (2018) - Nov 16, 2018
"The interesting thing about this movie is that it was very well acted, every scene was well directed, and there were no seemingly bad parts in the movie. Yet, somehow, it was just lackluster in its delivery of a compelling story. Widows was filled with predictable plot twists, the characters were all caricatures of themselves, the commentary on our society was glaringly blunt and over-the-top, and the actual story was lackluster. All in all, it was good, but just barely."
40 26% Suspiria (1977) - Nov 11, 2018
"This falls under the so bad it's good category. I had many laughs from the absolute absurdity of the movie during the first 30 minutes. After that it simply became a chore as the terrible acting and lack of real plot sunk in. This was more of a hallucinatory experience than a horrible film, and in that regard it was quite entertaining but, again, only for so long before I found myself wishing it were over already."