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90 96% Naked Lunch (1991) - Oct 06, 2009
"A superb approach to adaptation that serves more as a companion to the text than an alternative version. Visually astounding with an excellent turn from Peter Weller."
35 12% The Lovely Bones (2009) - Dec 19, 2011
"What a load of arse."
50 26% Dracula (1931) - Oct 25, 2009
"I wanted to enjoy this movie out of love for everything it inspired. Unfortunately beyond Lugosi as Dracula himself the film is poor. It doesn't wash to say "It was the 30s, what do you expect?" when you consider that James Whale made Frankenstein in the same year, and Nosferatu, which predates it by 9 years, is a far better telling of the same story."
45 22% Prometheus (2012) - Jun 01, 2012
"What a disappointment. The biggest flaw in Prometheus is one of Alien's greatest achievements. Alien is a movie about humans being human. Everyone reacts to the events in a thoroughly natural and believable way. In Prometheus I have no idea why anyone did anything or why they reacted in such ways. If you want the biggest example of this compare how Vickers and Ripley handle their respective quarantine arguments and how the crew do or don't respond."
90 96% Black Swan (2010) - Jan 21, 2011
"I fucking lesbians this movie. A lot of people have been talking about it being like Powell, or Polanski and a few others Argento - all of which are valid. For me though this could easily have been drawn from David Cronenberg's imagination. Particular Dead Ringers and The Fly (note Nina's rash and the film's preoccupation with finger nail based squick). Does the horror nuts and bolts really nicely as well."
75 75% Inception (2010) - Jul 23, 2010
"Cool ideas, well executed, probably not as smart as it thinks it is (or people think it is) but it was a fun way to spend two and a bit hours. Much better than The Dark Knight. Di Caprio gives his best performance since his gripping turn in Critters 3."
50 26% The Dark Knight (2008) - Oct 07, 2009
"The whole movie is a mess, tons of plots that seem to go everywhere and no where, too many characters which leads to underdevelopment, overlong, bad pacing, and an embarassing morality tale sequence. Nolan even managed to lose the great gothic visuals of the first movie and moved everything to Generic City, California. Ledger is all that makes the movie worthwhile, and he is incredible. So incredible he managed to fool everyone who saw it into thinking the movie was good."
85 93% RoboCop (1987) - Oct 06, 2009
"I never cease to be stunned that there are people who do not like Robocop. Functionally it's a brilliant action movie; Peter Weller really, er, brings the robot to life, the music is superb, the design and effects are of an exceptionally high standard and Kurtwood Smith makes a fantastic baddy. But it's got satire and intelligence to back up the nuts and bolts and it hasn't aged a day in either regard."