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85 79% Hereditary (2018) - Jan 16, 2019
"Unfortunately didn't watch it in a theatre. The marvelous direction, sound design and music deserved to be experienced in the best way possible. Almost everything in this movie is firing at all cylinders and several shots are instantly iconic. A momentous achievement for a first time director. Toni Collette is playing her heart out and Alex Wolff is integral to making the movie work. Tempted to give it a full score, but the ending is, although obviously thought through, a little too literal."
80 60% Cold War (2018) - Jan 15, 2019
"Not so much sweeping love story as portrayal of a dysfunctional, destructive relationship. The short running time left the main characters feeling somewhat enigmatic and hard to judge. To the film and actors' credit, they were still believable. Beautifully shot and involves a lot of musical moments which might have a more profound effect on others but only left me intrigued. and not transported. Well made and interesting movie, that I think will be something special for those on its wavelength."
65 20% Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018) - Jan 01, 2019
"Should get props for trying something new, but the end result is just kind of boring. The whole choice-gimmick gets old really fast and the story is just not interesting enough to make going through the same scenes again and again anything else than irritating. Some of the endings are fun and always a plus when a movie tries to tackle free will."
80 60% The Favourite (2018) - Dec 30, 2018
"Perfectly acted, immaculately filmed and one of the funniest movies of the year for me. A good dressing down of the usually hoity-toity period drama. Ultimately felt too long and left me a little cold, which would've been fine had it inspired me to analyse it for days after seeing it. Likely some of its themes and subtext flew over my head. Might be much better on a rewatch."
75 43% Support the Girls (2018) - Dec 30, 2018
"As a comedy it failed completely. I did not laugh or even snicker once. Even so, it has a lot of unassuming charm and humanity, especially in Haley Lu Richardson and a great performance by Regina Hall. Feels quintessentially American, which perhaps does not translate as well to a Norwegian like myself."
85 79% The Guilty (2018) - Dec 28, 2018
"A great exercise in tension, believably written and acted. Might get a little too "plotty" by the end, but I was glued to the screen for the entire runtime."
75 43% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - Dec 18, 2018
"Brimming with ideas and creative energy, but suffers from being overstuffed. You eventually grow a little numb from all the craziness. Can't wait for what Boots Riley makes next."
90 91% Eighth Grade (2018) - Dec 17, 2018
"Rarely have I felt so invested and laughed so much. Totally captures the emotional turmoil of being a teenager. Never been a fan of cringe humor, but this movie mines comedy from it without ever being mean or condescending. The car ride is among the most forceful scenes in recent memory and Elsie Fisher gives among the best performances of the year."
85 79% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Dec 17, 2018
"Large swaths of this movie is gorgeously and inventively animated, full of jokes and gags that actually land, music that soars and characters that are a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the plot gets a little too generic and the movie doesn't quite stick the landing. But the web slinging along the way was terrific!"
85 79% The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) - Nov 20, 2018
"Wasn't sure how I felt about it after watching it, but it lingered in my mind for days. Some of the segments are instantly charming or riveting, while others you start to admire over time. Together they make a great distillation of an absurd, or even nihilistic view of life, which is just pure Coen brothers."