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80 T6 Monterey Pop (1968) - Feb 21, 2018
"Easier to go through than Woodstock, but I feel like this compilation leaves so much to be desired that i think it makes sense to see these special features on the Criterion set to be fully embraced by this festival"
70 T3 Salò, or The 120 Days Of Sodom (1975) - Feb 18, 2018
"Not that bad, but not bad either"
20 T1 Son of the Mask (2005) - Feb 10, 2018
"this is child abuse"
77 T5 The Mask (1994) - Feb 10, 2018
"oh man remember when Jim Carrey was opening up the box office floodgates instead of being in a semi-existential state of semi-retirement? Good times amirite? also I saw this when i was 11 how the fuck did i never rate this til now"
80 T6 Ciao Ciao (2017) - Feb 04, 2018
"I've never seen hills in film so green in my life"
50 T2 Samurai Cop (1991) - Feb 03, 2018
"This is a great piece of cinematic trash i love it"
94 T10 Phantom Thread (2017) - Feb 02, 2018
"I bet this is what Morrissey wishes his personal life looked like, except with Morrissey he could potentially afford it"
83 T7 Pain & Gain (2013) - Feb 01, 2018
"This is when Michael Bay is at his barebones and his funniest in decades. He's suffering in the same vein as Emmerich and Snyder; good, compelling and competent directors stuck in soulless franchises. That being said, out of the 3, Bay managed to make a good film during his entrapment; a dumb film about dumb people doing dumb shit, and it's a fun ride. I don't know how i didn't rate this til now. Bayfellas."
85 T7 Sideways (2004) - Jan 31, 2018
80 T6 The Descendants (2011) - Jan 31, 2018