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Location: Connecticut, USA

Bio: A movie fan in general, yet I tend to lean towards more sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. I base my movies on acting, direction, cinematography, entertainment value and story among other things, and I rate on a scale of 100, by 5's. I will also provide an explanation for my ratings.

100 - If I ever have the pleasure of seeing the perfect movie, I would put it here.
95 - What I would consider a masterpiece or a favorite movie of mine.
90- An incredible movie that for one reason or another may not reach the same caliber as what is higher, in my opinion.
85 and 80- Really good films, that may have a small aspect or two that I didn't find completely appealing.
75 and 70 - Good films, that I wouldn't consider great or favorites, but were very entertaining and worth a second watch!
65 and 60 - Movies that I felt were good and alright, with quite a bit working against them, usually the average films.
55 and 50 - Films that were below average definitely but I wouldn't regret watching.
45 to 20 - Movies that I felt were just bad. Not a lot would be good here, but there is always something that keeps them from being lower.
15 to 5 - The worst of the worst. It is quite scary how bad a movie can be.
0 - A special spot in my heart for those so bad they're good movies

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70 T6 The Post (2017) - Jan 15, 2018
"The okayest movie that Hanks, Streep, and Speilberg could have made. Its alright, but far from anything truly special. Speilberg forms a really good movie but its hard to get invested in and the emotional beats don't lead anywhere groundbreaking. Good, but not very memorable."
90 T9 Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - Jan 15, 2018
"Definitely a win for the Coen brothers. A phenomenal cast is really what spearheads this, with an early Oscar Isaac performance in which he kills it. The background is so interesting, too, that its fun just to see what New York was like in the 60's. Plus I'm a sucker for depressing, music movies. Firing on all cylinders."
85 T9 Gerald's Game (2017) - Jan 10, 2018
"Gotta say, I don't get the hate for the ending. Granted, this is a King book I have yet to read, so I'm not sure if the film desecrated an even better conclusion, however, I thought it was compelling, interesting and creepy. This is the first movie in a while to get a visceral, physical reaction out of me, and I have to commend it for that. One of the best King adaptations in memory. Flanagan strike again!"
40 T2 Cult of Chucky (2017) - Jan 10, 2018
"If the whole film were the last half an hour this could have been the second best in the series. IT has a pretty bad script and some of the worst acting in the series, but it's purposeful campiness and callbacks to the rest of the series leave it on much higher ground than some of the previous horror-fodder. I liked it quite a bit, but its still not quite at the level I'd like the series to be at."
65 T5 1922 (2017) - Jan 10, 2018
"It's just too much in the middle. I feel like this could have been a much better film if they committed to full on horror or full on crime drama, and not whatever is in the middle. That being said, its not bad. Thomas Jane rocks and its a typically pretty good King story."
95 T10 The Shape of Water (2017) - Jan 08, 2018
"I gotta say, I think those who find the story off-putting have to remember that this is Del Toro. And probably the finest Del Toro since Pan's Labyrinth. A visual masterpiece, for sure, but beyond that, its cast is exquisite, score is incredible, and the urban fairy tale aspects and cold war setting make this an interesting, compelling, and easy watch. It may turn off some, but this will easily land as one of my favorite films of 2017."
45 T3 Curse of Chucky (2013) - Jan 07, 2018
"Surprisingly, Curse of Chucky is a huge step up from the last couple. Apparently direct-to-DVD was the way to go for this series. The acting is passable, and while most of the plot and set-up was generic, there are some highlights, like the interesting chili roullette. It's good gore and fun, which is all I can ask for from this series after Bride and Seed."
85 T9 Lady Bird (2017) - Jan 07, 2018
"It's hard to say that I've ever come out of clear Oscar-bait feeling so good. It's very simple and very enchanting in that simplicity. I found Lady Bird to be delightful at parts, heart-hurting in others, but overall very relatable. Gerwig's debut is more than satisfactory, and Ronan and Metcalf are shoe-ins for best and best supporting actresses."
55 T4 A Ghost Story (2017) - Jan 05, 2018
"Artsy for the sake of being artsy. Pretentious for the sake of being pretentious. I'm sure there's some things I just didn't grasp or appreciate as an individual viewer that other people will dig, but it drags. Every shot is a little too long, except for the pie scene which is way too long. The score is great and some of the cinematography is wonderful, but that doesn't constitute a good film."
65 T5 The Meyerowitz Stories (2017) - Jan 04, 2018
"I feel as though maybe I'm just not appreciating this as much as I should be able to. This feels very reliant on the cast, as Sandler, Stiller, and Hoffman give great performances. However, I might be alone in thinking that the way Baumach did this movie was just too pretentious. It's very purposefully artsy and hard to follow correctly. That being said it's got some solid humor and great messages to carry it through."