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Member Since: May 19, 2014

Location: Connecticut, USA

Bio: A movie fan in general, yet I tend to lean towards more sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. I base my movies on acting, direction, cinematography, entertainment value and story among other things, and I rate on a scale of 100, by 5's. I will also provide an explanation for my ratings.

100 - If I ever have the pleasure of seeing the perfect movie, I would put it here.
95 - What I would consider a masterpiece or a favorite movie of mine.
90- An incredible movie that for one reason or another may not reach the same caliber as what is higher, in my opinion.
85 and 80- Really good films, that may have a small aspect or two that I didn't find completely appealing.
75 and 70 - Good films, that I wouldn't consider great or favorites, but were very entertaining and worth a second watch!
65 and 60 - Movies that I felt were good and alright, with quite a bit working against them, usually the average films.
55 and 50 - Films that were below average definitely but I wouldn't regret watching.
45 to 20 - Movies that I felt were just bad. Not a lot would be good here, but there is always something that keeps them from being lower.
15 to 5 - The worst of the worst. It is quite scary how bad a movie can be.
0 - A special spot in my heart for those so bad they're good movies

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30 T2 Justice League (2017) - Nov 17, 2017
"Oh god. Coming from someone who actually enjoyed both Suicide Squad and Justice League, this was a mess. Some of the worst CGI I've seen since Gods of Egypt used to sell a big story which is really just scenes from all different types of movies pasted together in a sloppy and oddly paced way. I can't believe I was excited for this."
50 T3 Killer Legends (2014) - Nov 11, 2017
"I think Zeman is a good documentarian, however, I think this format doesn't suit him as much as Cropsey's does. While this is a little more based in research than Cropsey, it doesn't deliver the blows that it does, which in the end leaves Killer Legends a lot less entertaining. I'd love to see more singular cases from him."
60 T5 Cropsey (2010) - Nov 11, 2017
"Creepy and a fun "watch with the lights off" documentary, but it might not be the most accurate look at folklore or its boogeyman. While I won't fault it for its low-budget look, it doesn't do the best job of bringing out all sides. Instead, it goes for entertainment factor, and it hits pretty hard in that regard. A fun watch,; about it."
15 T1 The Vatican Tapes (2015) - Nov 11, 2017
"Almost unforgivably bad. The fact that Michael Pena agreed to this actually fascinates me. What starts out as a bland excorcist flick, becomes even more bland and unimpressive as it turns out that its something a little more powerful... and boring. Don't waste your time. Not even so bad its good."
65 T5 Pet Sematary (1989) - Nov 11, 2017
"A pretty well-made film for the time and budget. The plot and some of its elements are genuinely very scary, while the story itself is both fun and thrilling. The acting is more than a little off, but its honestly a pretty fun Stephen King thrill ride."
40 T2 Resident Evil: Vendetta (2017) - Nov 07, 2017
"Not that I've gone out of my way to watch most or all of this franchise but as a fan of the games this was a weird contrast. Writing is way off, animation borders on uncanny, but the plot is kinda cool and the tone can be well done at times. The beginning in the mansion is also a radical call-back"
55 T4 Annabelle: Creation (2017) - Nov 06, 2017
"Way more acceptable in quality than the first Annabelle, but still lacking a lot in contrast to the Conjuring films. Some of the scares are super good, and the acting is more than acceptable. The whole Annabelle concept is still a little trite, however, so while acting and direction carry the film, the story can lack at points."
70 T6 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Nov 03, 2017
"I think that Thor Ragnarok is probably on the better side of Marvel movies, and I must say it gets major props for its 80's callbacks, Jeff Goldblum, and use of Zeppelin, but otherwise, parts fall a little flat. Everything is awesome on Sakaar, but everything on Asgard is just a little too boring, uninteresting, or trite. However, for a few scenes, this is absolutely a must-see."
90 T9 Halloween (1978) - Oct 31, 2017
"I mean there are sheer points just for the amount of originality in the concept at the time, but even if those were taken away its a damn suspenseful film that I have to say is probably one of my favorites in the slasher genre now. Halloween was super cool and might be heading onto my Halloween watch-list every year now."
70 T6 Street Fight (2005) - Oct 03, 2017
"Definitely a good documentary, but with more of a focus on the corruption of Sharpe instead of the nobility of Booker. I liked it, but perhaps could have put its message a little better."