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Cinema Addict - 1285 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 19, 2014

Location: Connecticut, USA

Bio: A movie fan in general, yet I tend to lean towards more sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. I base my movies on acting, direction, cinematography, entertainment value and story among other things, and I rate on a scale of 100, by 5's. I will also provide an explanation for my ratings.

100 - If I ever have the pleasure of seeing the perfect movie, I would put it here.
95 - What I would consider a masterpiece or a favorite movie of mine.
90- An incredible movie that for one reason or another may not reach the same caliber as what is higher, in my opinion.
85 and 80- Really good films, that may have a small aspect or two that I didn't find completely appealing.
75 and 70 - Good films, that I wouldn't consider great or favorites, but were very entertaining and worth a second watch!
65 and 60 - Movies that I felt were good and alright, with quite a bit working against them, usually the average films.
55 and 50 - Films that were below average definitely but I wouldn't regret watching.
45 to 20 - Movies that I felt were just bad. Not a lot would be good here, but there is always something that keeps them from being lower.
15 to 5 - The worst of the worst. It is quite scary how bad a movie can be.
0 - A special spot in my heart for those so bad they're good movies
more Recent Ratings
80 73% Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) - Jul 26, 2019
"Once Upon a Time... isn't Tarantino's greatest work, but that doesn't mean it's a longshot from great. In fact, I think this movie is pretty damn good, despite maybe not hitting the mark in a few areas. For one, the first act is pretty slow, but the second and third act pick up at breakneck speeds. The finale almost forgives everything. Great camerawork (as per usual), an outstanding cast, with Pitt even outshining Leo, and just an all-around good way to spend 3 hours."
80 73% Annihilation (2018) - Jul 26, 2019
"Annihilation feels like a bunch of ideas that just pass the cusp of idealization to realization. It's awe-inspiring to watch these ideas cross this threshold, even just barely. It's an amazingly cool concept, grounded by some great performances, and while it's not perfect, it's definitely an awesome watch."
50 29% The Lion King (2019) - Jul 26, 2019
"This version of The Lion King just did absolutely nothing for me. It wasn't a bad film, and so I don't feel like I can rate it poorly, but the truth is that it really did the bare minimum for me. The casting, while seemingly perfect, was unimpressive. Glover and Beyonce specifically were uncharacteristically dull. And while some shots looked beautiful, the animal CGI feels like it regressed even from Favreau's last attempt in Jungle Book. Just sorely disappointing."
80 73% Toy Story 4 (2019) - Jun 24, 2019
"Toy Story 4 does a great job at making itself feel necessary, after we all thought 3 was the perfect end to the trilogy. 4 takes on new themes and old characters in perfect and interesting ways. And though its not the perfect conclusion that 3 was, it holds up in its own right that leaves it hard to compare to the original trilogy. That being said, I loved it."
40 19% X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) - Jun 12, 2019
"The biggest crime of Dark Phoenix is how horribly boring it is. It focuses on toned down and almost caricaturized versions of Jean Grey and Xavier, all while the alien menace is one of the most uninteresting and seemingly useless villains in the series. Even the bad movies in this series have always been kind of fun to watch for a variety of reasons, but Dark Phoenix is the kind of boring bad, that doesn't leave it with an X-Men Origins bad taste in my mouth but makes me not want to watch again."
75 64% Fyre Fraud (2019) - Jun 12, 2019
"Fyre Fraud is definitely one of the most entertaining documentaries that I've seen recently, in that I not only felt like I learned a lot about the situation but also that I enjoyed watching how spectacularly it failed. As a documentary it does its job well, though not perfect, to provide its own point of view and new information that can inform people to making their own opinions. Interesting, for sure."
30 12% Malevolent (2018) - Jun 12, 2019
"It's sad that Malevolant turned out as boring and uninteresting as it did, because truly it had potential. The trailer looked good and it intrigued me, but very little of anything happened that made the movie fun, entertaining, or even substantive. It was just kind of a mess that felt trite and easily bullshitted."
60 40% Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Jun 03, 2019
"By this point, this whole Legendary studios kaiju fanchise is going to be remembered for how interesting and beautiful their monsters and the cinematography surrounding them are. Some of the shots are drop dead gorgeous. That being said, the characters lack any real enthusiasm and it makes the movie feel about a half hour longer than it actually is. They listened and showed more monster this time, however they didn't cut enough humans."
85 82% Rocketman (2019) - Jun 01, 2019
"I really enjoyed this one. Whereas Bohemian Rhapsody came across less as a labor of love, and more as surefire Oscars hit, Rocketman takes the more experimental route. This film is the personality and persona of Elton packed into a film format. It's flashy, sassy and not afraid to let you into some more personal and troubling moments than you may have been prepared for going in. A fantastic one, through and through, and I think a model for musical biopics going forward."
75 64% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Jun 01, 2019
"When Bohemian Rhapsody sticks to its guns as a full on recreation, it's a hit like nothing else. It's still pretty good for the rest, if not a bit boring. It's not the sex drugs and rock and roll lifestyle I feel like I should be promised to see in a movie about Freddie Mercury, but that being said, it's serviceable and it will have you singing."