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60 T3 The Wraith (1986) - Feb 20, 2017
"Anti-horror told from the perspective of the tragic bad guys as they inevitably get destroyed one at a time by an unstoppable spirit of vengeance driving a purple Chrysler. Randy Quaid pulls a "No Country" as the Sheriff who's always two steps behind the audience and accomplishes nothing but gets a third of the screentime and Sherilyn Fenn sports a sexy tan. It's a movie about destiny. "
68 T5 Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Feb 17, 2017
"Outlandish and nauseating, stylistically cool but substantially lacking (what is the point of Marlon Wayans' character?). Ellen Burstyn's physical performance really carries the film. The overzealous anti-drug message is complimented by the implication that the missing father figure was the catalyst for all this dysfunction - if only there were some clear-headed Ward Cleaver type in the picture this nuclear family would be on the up-and-up! "
74 T6 Big Trouble in Little China (1986) - Feb 17, 2017
"Somehow it took a few watches for me to realize that Kurt Russel's character is actually the sidekick, and that it sends up the western genre as much as kung fu flicks. Doesn't mean the plot makes sense or anything, but I understand the charm of it now. "
80 T7 Akira (1988) - Feb 04, 2017
"A confusing yet immersive messiah tale exploring the psychic fallout of post-war Japan. It goes without saying that Neo-Tokyo is impressively detailed and vibrant, the gamelan soundtrack is unforgettable, and it's tough to overestimate the impact this had on animation (who else was imitating the camera like this - panning shots, tracking shots, lens flare?) but what I find most impressive is how consistently funny it is. If it weren't for all the apocalyptic body horror it'd almost be a comedy. "
77 T7 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) - Jan 24, 2017
"You'll always remember this as the kids pirate flick that was *almost* better than Goonies. At a meager 2 1/2 hours you can watch the entire thing while waiting in line for the ride! Thankfully it's well-paced and charismatic, featuring Depp and Rush at their tongue-in-cheekiest. It doesn't do much with a theme (it's okay to break rules in the name of freedom) but like any good campfire ghost tale it draws more strength from the enthusiasm of the telling than the story itself. "
71 T5 The Rock (1996) - Jan 12, 2017
"Sorkin and Tarantino were uncredited script doctors on this and you can see their fingerprints all over it - the mexican standoffs, the syringes to the heart, the way every other line has to be super intense but blasé at the same time. It's ridiculous and dumb but Cage makes it fun with his shtick of yelling the last word of every sentence. I'll watch that dude in anything. Add Fauré to the list of composers that Hans Zimmer likes to shamelessly rip off."
70 T5 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) - Jan 05, 2017
"You know, for being such a niche subgenre the 'musical mockumentary' has a relatively high bar (Spinal Tap, CB4, Walk Hard) and Popstar isn't that far down. Its big weakness is being all short-burst humor, there's no "this goes to eleven" type of material that will stick with everyone forever - but I guess that's how pop culture is now, digested and discarded quickly. What was the message of this movie anyway, that Marky Mark needs to get back with the Funky Bunch? Not something I'm against."
65 T4 The Losers (2010) - Jan 05, 2017
"Like a store-brand Shane Black film, it has the requisite laughs and explosions but it's just missing that special ingredient that makes you want to revisit it ever. Idris Elba was hilariously overqualified for his role. "
42 T2 Assassin's Creed (2016) - Dec 27, 2016
"Dumber than The Davinci Code, not as fun as National Treasure, more confusing than Metal Gear Solid, and ugly as sin. I never played these games and now I don't want to."
65 T4 Scrooged (1988) - Dec 27, 2016
"Not Bill Murray's best attempt, and it's all on his shoulders here. I found myself wishing they had made the version with Buddy Hackett instead. "