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88 T9 The Exterminating Angel (1962) - Jan 11, 2018
"The film's genius is a central conflict so elegant it's not even there, an unidentifiable impasse. I once had a similar idea for a show that involved trapping Ted Nugent and Dee Snider in a room until they revealed something profound about the human condition one way or another. It only takes time and pressure. Buñuel later expressed a regret that he didn't push these characters to cannibalism - so much foreshadowing stands out with that in mind, the natural base conclusion of a dinner party. "
29 T1 Drillbit Taylor (2008) - Jan 10, 2018
"A burglar pretends to be a bodygaurd who pretends to be a teacher so he can rob kids seeking protection and guidance - but the kids end up being cool so he gives their stuff back. At this point Owen Wilson could set out to poison puppies and they'd try to make you feel bad for him. "
87 T9 8 Mile (2002) - Jan 08, 2018
"For a vanity project about a singular talent it's very generous to the role of the posse/squad/homies in solidifying the man's confidence and credibility. It's also a great illustration of factory work and white trash living - my personal areas of expertise. Eminem's scowl is magnetic, he's almost comically irritable, a time-bomb in a cyclone of social pressure that could BLAOW at any moment. Oh, there goes gravity! "
27 T1 Police Academy (1984) - Dec 23, 2017
"Apparently Bill Clinton watched six Police Academy movies back to back with his daughter a few years ago and she's still recovering. "
52 T2 Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Dec 20, 2017
"A sloppy and didactic attempt at deconstructing the past. I haven't seen a chase sequence take that long since the cops were tailing O.J. down the 405. The Resistance is the creative state of the franchise - running out of fuel, crawling forward when it should be blasting off, commandeered by people with different agendas who aren't in on each others plans, assailed by angsty man-children with gripes about the past. "
66 T5 The Disaster Artist (2017) - Dec 20, 2017
"Doesn't dig into the characters as much as I'd hoped. Franco's portrayal of the courageous fool is a solid anchor but too often it feels like it's just riding on the gag that he sounds foreign. Franco the younger is miscast despite obvious chemistry. A more believable Sestero would have gone a long way towards finding the gravitas that this (and by extension The Room) was yearning for. "
99 T10 Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972) - Nov 24, 2017
"The emotionally distant father of Apocalypse Now and Predator - It doesn't take an algorithm to decode my taste, I just like movies about people going insane in the jungle. Popul Vuh's detached, dreamlike score counters Herzog's physically focused 'in-the-thick-of-it' direction to produce a truly spellbinding effect, a quasi-religious experience for nihilists. "
85 T8 The Holy Mountain (1973) - Nov 14, 2017
"The first rule of filmmaking is that if your message is about abandoning the ego you shouldn't cast yourself as a suave wizard who kicks Jesus' ass and takes him as a pupil. Jodorowsky broke the rules with this film. "
72 T6 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Nov 09, 2017
"Like any good doomsday myth it's funny and lighthearted. Earth is wisely swapped for Planet Hulk, Jeff Goldblum reprises every role he had on Portlandia, the action is all video game combat, the Devo guy does the music. Villain is poor even by MCU standards but Blanchett brings the right attitude. It's probably the most entertaining Thor movie but the worst Guardians of the Galaxy movie. "
25 T1 Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999) - Oct 26, 2017
"Whether it's John Cena visiting terminally ill children or evil genies interpreting the phrase "go fuck yourself" too literally everybody loves a wish granter. Somehow this movie doesn't do enough wish granting. Everything is awful except Andrew Divoff and even he's awful. "