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Movie Buff - 123 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 6, 2010

Location: Greece

Bio: Be inventive, create a perversion.
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82 77% Aldrig som första gången! (2006) - May 12, 2012
8% I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) - Apr 26, 2011
"Click. Watch this movie again? Y/N. Click: "N'. Are You Sure? "Y". Esc. Exit."
80 74% L'affaire Maurizius (1954) - Mar 12, 2011
21% You've Got Mail (1998) - Jan 03, 2011
"I'm sorry, movie, but you're just not my type. Romantic comedies. Why does that genre exist again? Most importantly, why did I watch this?"
100 95% Pulp Fiction (1994) - Jan 03, 2011
"I love you, movie. "
100 95% Underground (1995) - Jan 03, 2011
"It is truly one of the most visionary, inspired works of art that defies genre and transcends nationality as an insane, clamorous and emotional masterpiece of Yugoslavian tragedy through its affluent symbolisms, delightfully macabre humour and visceral genius in merging reality with fantasy into a final unparalleled chorus of absolute, feral madness. Both painful and hysterical, it breeds horror and power, the sickness and beauty of the human condition. This movie is sick. It is fucking sick! "
71 63% Nord (2009) - Jan 03, 2011
"LØL! For some reason this movie can lift my mood efficiently with its fairly simple, linear script and exotic location. The goal is one: a father must find his son. No embellishments, idiotic twists or pretentious depth to it, it just is what it is and serves its purpose: genuine comedy. The ending was most fitting; no sentimental reunions, rather a simple scene in which the man eventually reaches his destination, and from then on all is left to our imagination. Yes, perfect!"
100 95% The Virgin Spring (1960) - Jan 03, 2011
"It is a gift to be able to deliver such underlying complexity of the subject matter in conjunction with the themes and symbolisms intrinsically concealed beyond the surface with such raw, visceral simplicity of film-making. Bergman imparted in this film all of his essence and his humanity. He truly is inimitable. "
94 87% Fanny and Alexander (1982) - Jan 03, 2011
"A masterpiece that mothers a fusion of reality and fantasy, as both dimensions fluidly interweave with one another and bring forth divergent emotions to the viewer as only Bergman knows how to best craft through his sheer cinematic brilliance. The character depth and inconceivable acting steer us from bleakness to light, from relief to agony and from childhood to aging, through life, tragedy, and magic. It simmers slowly, then burns with accelerating speed onto a beautiful, painful finale. "
57 51% Anastasia (1997) - Nov 14, 2010
"Dammit, I liked it! And Demitri was hot, that's always welcome in animations."