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Bio: Film enthusiast, assistant librarian, math tutor, hack.

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95 T10 On the Beat (1995) - Aug 04, 2010
"Though there are some sparse comedic touches, On The Beat is at its heart a dark drama, utterly realist and forlorn, examining tradition, boredom, and purpose; with some serious political undertones. The ending hits the hardest as there really isn't one, totalitarian bleakness is the only revelation, as brilliant direction and camerawork gild the screen."
96 T10 Whistle Down the Wind (1961) - Apr 02, 2010
"A beautifully photographed tale of innocence existing in a dark world. I especially thought the way it portrayed the adults in contrast to the children was brilliant; harsh, puffed up, cynical... but just as confused. Faith is blind, but paired with love it can make all the difference. Bleak, inspiring, and real."
87 T9 Aoi tori (2008) - Jun 25, 2010
"At a meditative pace the film examines our fear to confront the instability we see in others and the weight one action can have. The earnest portrayal of the young protagonist and his sincere burden of guilt inspire tears as much as the theme encourages deep reflection. Tender and beautiful."
92 T9 Laila's Birthday (2008) - Oct 19, 2010
"Presents a mildy harrowing look into a disturbed anarchistic society, so close to peace, where simple things are made infinitely complicated by screwy mindsets and stupid conflicts. 'Laila's Birthday' is a smart, interesting, and very frustrating anti-anti-etablishment movie. "We just want to live." The ending is a little light, but I liked it."
59 T3 The Magic Pony (1977) - Mar 02, 2010
"If you make other people do your crap for you then the Water Princess you had kidnapped will marry them instead; unless your sexy. Trust in your Magic Pony!"
98 T10 The Murderers Are Among Us (1946) - Aug 11, 2010
"A despair ridden, accidental romance, amongst a city of ruins. The guilt of the protagonist is deeply felt as the desperate state of Germany mirrors his inner turmoil. However, despite all that I just said, it wasn't as bleak as I expected; not that I'm dissapointed. The glimmer of compassion, in the form of Susanne, was both wonderful and brave."