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70 52% Annabelle Comes Home (2019) - Dec 04, 2019
"Not being deeply invested in the Warrenverse, I saw this as a disposable, one-off 'scary sleepover' movie and enjoyed it in that sense. Given the period elements, ACH could have slotted in between "Don't Go To Sleep" and "This House Possessed" back in the day; that corny movie of the week on ABC where the Feeley Meeley box will predictably grab for a vulnerable ankle to prompt a shrieky antiphon. The pizza guy was worth a chuckle, and it piled on from there."
70 52% The Green Girl (2014) - Dec 04, 2019
"I'd remembered Susan Oliver from Trek and Twilight Zone, but hadn't appreciated the number of TV appearances she'd made. Her piloting chops were even more unexpected, and I'd loved to have had more detail on her foggy flight through a Greenland fjord. A little more narratively scattershot than I like in a documentary, but still very interesting overall."
50 9% Strange Victory (1948) - Dec 04, 2019
75 70% Freaks (2018) - Dec 04, 2019
60 22% Rancho Deluxe (1975) - Nov 28, 2019
65 34% The Rainbow (1989) - Nov 28, 2019
65 34% Zombieland (2009) - Nov 27, 2019
"Jesse is steamrolled by Harrelson in this one, and it was a delight to watch that mop vanishing into the figurative asphalt. Rumor has it Mike White had a bigger role until he gave Jesse a few light slaps in playful contempt and induced Our Hero to leak neurotic, nebbishy tears. Seeing this, Breslin herself rose up to deliver a Spinning Bird Kick which, hilariously, was the death of the original Jesse. Every role since then has been a body double, McCartney-style. Yes, I also hate the double."
60 22% Skateland (2010) - Nov 27, 2019
55 14% Adventureland (2009) - Nov 27, 2019
" I love Martin Starr as much as I hate Jesse Despise-enberg. Had I been able to capture the energetic release from this pair annihilation, I would've been able to power my vessel all the way to Planet Linklater - and likely passed this flick as a derelict en route, since that was obviously where it was trying to go."