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65 35% Kid 90 (2021) - Aug 31, 2021
55 14% Zero to Sixty (1978) - Aug 31, 2021
"Imagine "Repo Man" with Olivia Barash replacing Emilio and acting as mentor to Harry Dean Stanton. Nickerson and McGavin make it work, with a nod to Sylvia Miles. Meanwhile, the many cult elements that make Repo Man worthwhile are absent here, Joan Collins and (ugh) the slapsticky Hudson Brothers no substitute. David Huddleston shows up for five minutes. It's a mess, the car chases aren't especially interesting, the seduction subplot hobbles the leads' chemistry somewhat... but I still liked it."
70 53% Pervert Park (2014) - Aug 31, 2021
55 14% Malibu High (1979) - Aug 31, 2021
"I watched this because a reviewer elsewhere compared it to 1978's "Mag Wheels", so it rated a look. No, they're both their own beasts. This one ~does~ have a "Breaking Bad" feel as the lead slippery-slopes her way from manipulating high school vixen to prostitute to hitgirl (!) and, while I was still boggling at this progression, the theme song from "The People's Court" started playing over the final chase scene. It's bad, granted, but it's got some curveballs to wing at you."
55 14% Mag Wheels (1978) - Aug 31, 2021
"Did you hear that this flick has one of the most batshit insane 'happy endings' ever? You heard correctly, and could watch just for that. The boss semi-rape is slimy, the sensitive outcast gets zero justice (even after singing!), Buck Flower's daughter has a bitchy winsomeness... it's like a prototype 80s teen sex comedy struggling to set the mold and hysterically missing the mark. There's an undercurrent of sheer mean-spiritedness here that's oddly engaging. And then, seriously, the ending."
70 53% A Quiet Place Part II (2021) - Aug 31, 2021
75 71% The Sparks Brothers (2021) - Aug 31, 2021
55 14% Over the Rainbow (2019) - Aug 31, 2021