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Member Since: Sep 9, 2019

Location: USA

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88 45% Ant-Man (2015) - Sep 10, 2019
"Brilliantly paced with lots of belly-laughs, Ant-Man is a surprisingly light-hearted romp of a superhero film. Paul Rudd gives one of his best performances, and his casting as Scott Lang was pure brilliance. Combine that with laugh-a-minute script, and the movie is a joy to watch even if it suffers from the common Marvel problem of having a totally-forgettable villain. Altogether, breezy and well-constructed but not quite deft enough to get around problems common to the franchise."
82 37% Hellboy (2004) - Sep 10, 2019
"With striking visuals and smile-inducing performances from Ron Perlman, Hellboy is an enjoyable film that never outstays its welcome. However, it is still mostly concerned about dialog and character interaction, and all of that is well-executed but not original. Furthermore, the lead character is a forgettable everyman who just bogs proceedings down. Altogether, a fun film that's a treat to see in motion, even if beat-to-beat flow could be much stronger."
45 12% Batman Forever (1995) - Sep 10, 2019
"Strikingly bad, Batman Forever is a movie to which the passage of time has been very unkind. With dull performances from the leads, the puzzling decision to try to frame O'Donnell as a young 20-something, and cringe-worthy creative decisions, the only thing stopping the movie from being an outright slog is Carrey's scenery-eating performance, easily the best thing about the film. Altogether, a surprisingly glum and uninteresting film saved from the scrap heap outright by Carrey's Riddler."
96 79% Life of Brian (1979) - Sep 10, 2019
"While not quite the masterpiece that is Holy Grail, Life of Brian benefits from incisive religious satire, individual jokes that are gut-busting and better than Holy Grail in their way, and an overall sense of farce about the proceedings. By contrast, it's more uneven, and some jokes don't quite land but also don't outstay their welcome. Altogether, a worthy sophomore cinematic effort that doesn't quite match its predecessor."
99 87% Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) - Sep 10, 2019
"A classic for a reason, Monty Python and the Holy Grail's humor, timing, writing, and acting are still pitch-perfect even with the benefit of 44 years of hindsight. The Pythons are a class act, and their best-known work towers over the rest of the comedy genre, even now."
100 95% The Matrix (1999) - Sep 10, 2019
"With its landmark visual effects, perfect score, and some of the best performances that the leads have ever given, The Matrix is a timeless classic of an action movie whose sense of style, even to the present day, has yet to be matched. Altogether, a very fine film which is still the high watermark of action cinema."
95 70% Lady Bird (2017) - Sep 10, 2019
"Perfectly acted with perfect dialog, Lady Bird poignantly captures what it was like to be a teenager in the early 00's. The main thing holding it back is that it's perhaps a little too long and could do with some slightly more aggressive editing. Altogether, though, a striking portrait of a young woman finding her way in the world whose family dynamics are perfectly realized."
75 29% Constantine (2005) - Sep 10, 2019
"Ahead of its time in certain ways, Constantine pointed toward the rise of fantasy and horror entertainment in the years to follow. On its own, it has a lot of good ideas, striking imagery, and a lot of interesting execution, but Reeves' performance is a little samey in places, and Lebouf's presence is a mostly-inoffensive head-scratcher. Altogether, it's a film whose characters play backseat to its cinematography, and it could have been made noteworthy with some better performances."
65 20% Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) - Sep 10, 2019
"A thoroughly mediocre movie, Terminator 3 dodges the bullet of being truly bad by not aiming at being the least bit innovative or insightful. It is, in many ways, the quintessential lazy sequel, but the performances give it enough heft to keep it from being utterly unwatchable. Altogether, a missable and forgettable entry in the franchise and a movie that's perfectly inoffensive but not particularly worth watching otherwise."
15 4% Howard the Duck (1986) - Sep 10, 2019
"Aggressively unlikable on every level, Howard the Duck has something that's offensive to everyone's sensibilities. Whether it's the strange touches of literally inhuman sexuality, the total lack of humor, or the cringe-worthy acting, this is a movie whose very existence is a puzzle. Altogether, just deeply unpleasant."