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50 22% Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) - Jul 31, 2022
"A spectacle indeed. Thor: Love and Thunder achieves memorable status in spite of crimes against cinema and flouting of pacing guidelines. WAY too much comedy in scene ms that didn't justify it ( and no, I'm nor referring to the cancer/hospital scene - that actually made sense to me), I certainly know if the local children in my area had been kidnapped, I wouldn't reserve room for a joke in the VERY next scene. All in all, though IT IS a fun film and maybe that's all that should matter?"
20 5% Open Season (2006) - Jun 15, 2022
"Very dry at every corner. Can't see it working as children's entertainment, definitely not for adults...Doesn't really seem to be for anyone this film, it exists as an entity of its own. The CGI seems above average for mid 2000s, it's certainly adequate, the character design itself doesn't hand itself well to CGI at all. Personally, I like my animation to be excessively expressive, this doesn't do it for me in that regard either."
70 58% The Naked Civil Servant (1975) - Jun 14, 2022
"Hurt gives a fine performance. For me, this TV film brings to the forefront a lot of sadness. Sadness in how cruel people can be. So many people are denied happiness by others, circumstance and even themselves - it's terrifying. Maybe that's what's needed sometimes, something that invigorates the burning passion of your heart, and makes it quantifiable in the world of now."
40 17% Taken (2008) - May 24, 2022
"Not really my type of thing. I really did appreciate the dark and gritty cinematography, excellent in gradual tone setting."
29 10% The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) - May 16, 2022
"Nothing really happens. Nothing spectacular visually, nor too appealing really anywhere in the script or acting. I can't speak too much on the source material (as I never read it), based on acting choices, it would seem this takes a distinct direction somewhat - a curse or a welcome change depending on your preference."
58 34% Sleeping Beauty (1959) - May 16, 2022
"All my points are essentially for the cottage scene, animation and maleficent. Everything else is a typical Disney foray - just done more blandly"
78 76% The War Game (1965) - May 08, 2022
"A Bleak and grim reinforcement. The depressing fact that this film is more important than ever(and probably will continue to be as the years pass). With exacerbated destructive capabilities and repercussions exponentially increased, it is us the people that are left to suffer, suffer at the expense of power hungry men and women and their frivolous acts of wanton destruction. "
58 34% The Tantalizing Fly (1919) - Apr 24, 2022
"Charming little animation - accomplishing the grandiose from a nondescript, everyday event."
75 69% What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - Apr 24, 2022
"A film in complete harmonisation with its own chaotic flux of a non existent script. The documentary style produces some great down to earth and gritty filmography, great atmosphere. The actors being allowed to be their off the cuff, unpredictable best, seals this as not only a unique experience but also a thoroughly competent and genuinely amusing comedy."
86 95% The Innocents (1961) - Mar 27, 2022
"A meticulously crafted film in all respects. A treat for sore eyes and an abundance of plot depth makes for a thoroughly engrossing watch."