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94 97% Underground (1995) - Jan 17, 2011
"Maybe the best film ever made about war, arms, escalation, exploitation, and the majority of society churning and boiling underneath it all, giving rise to its drives and fulfilling its needs to perpetuate. The magical realism that permeates the story grants incredible, surreal glimpses of the potential celebration, appreciation, joy, and commonality that the "underground" always has, but rarely seizes."
92 95% Do the Right Thing (1989) - Aug 18, 2009
"Very nuanced and balanced handling of race relations and community. So many real viewpoints are presented by a wide cast of fun and flawed characters. There's so much blatant AND subtle racial commentary going on; it's really impressive. Spike Lee never was the best actor... Luckily, even though he's the "main character" he doesn't exactly dominate screen time. Da Mayor is the best, hands down."
92 95% The Accountant (2001) - Nov 09, 2007
"Ray McKinnon being great. Good cast, direction, characters, presenting a well-told and important story (increasingly so for our generation) with the unique twists of vision that makes something special. If you get a chance, see it ASAP."
88 86% Blood Simple (1984) - Feb 07, 2010
"Great to see this early Coen Brothers work has all their signature style in it. The effectiveness of the score, the dynamic and telling shots, lines of dialog coming up again and again, continual misunderstandings, and imperfect humans trying desperately to make things right. This is a really well-executed film with a lot of callbacks for comedy, suspense, plot, and theme. It's perfect that the single, really clarifying piece of evidence remains hidden under the strangest item in the whole film."
88 86% The City of Lost Children (1995) - Oct 26, 2007
"Whimsical and delightful... as well as creepy. Some great SFX for the time, and the setting is wonderful. Besides, a Jeunet & Caro-fueled Dominique Pinon and Ron Perlman in the same film? I'm sold."
88 86% Outrage: Way of the Yakuza (2010) - Jan 17, 2011
"Quite a refined archetype-, rather than character-, study. Beat's decades of dissecting yakuza on film enable him to distill their drives, impulses, perspectives, and nature into a wide cast of characters, with just enough meat for the actors to carve out different personalities for them. Beat's penchant for deadpan, satire, and dark humor still seeps through, even with the slick, polished cinematographic veneer. In that light, the title illuminates his take on the institutions he's presenting."
87 83% Cure (1997) - Oct 23, 2007
"Incredibly atmospheric and socially relevant. The usual criticisms are largely unjustified if you're paying attention. Ambiguous =/= Inexplicable or Unconnected. Society is depicted as angry, hateful, and boiling under the surface. Identity and relationships are mined prior to hypnotism for a reason. The cure propagates as people's painful secrets are stolen away so that they may live peacefully, post-problem-purging. A lot happens, and is revealed, subtly in the last 20 minutes or so."
96 98% Inglourious Basterds (2009) - Dec 03, 2009
"Tarantino returns to top-form in this epic, WWII-transplanted pseudo-western about the power of performance and cinema. There are a few missteps peppered throughout (narration or a soundtrack choice here, slow-mo shot there), but almost everything else is crafted with surprising, acute attention to thematic and metaphorical detail. This is Tarantino's dissertation on the rhetorical strength film, as a medium, holds in society, and it is FILLED with exquisite filmmaking to drive the point home."
92 95% Pusher (1996) - Jul 20, 2009
"Very solid, realistic middle-level gangster/drug-dealer movie. What it accomplishes best is an ever-building sense of dread, tension, and desperation as the week goes on and Frank's situation gets more and more dire. That's an accomplishment rarely seen in this type of film. "
97 99% Let the Right One In (2008) - Oct 10, 2008
"Whatever your expectations going into this vampiric horror-love story, you'll be surprised. Incredible acting and directing, and the way they handle traditional vampire lore is interesting. Unique, very deep, and nuanced. Great film. Consider the shots that bookend the story, and the recurrent imagery of looking in through glass boundaries."