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Member Since: Apr 26, 2020

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Age: 36

Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece. I'm Pinball_Lez on Twitter
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55 33% A Modern Musketeer (1917) - May 13, 2021
"There is a price to pay for chivalry, but also great rewards. In this case a woman. Oh, and $100,000. Fairbanks really is a cyclone in this - his departure from his hometown that involves him climbing a church steeple is proper crazy - and it's a delight to watch (despite the plot which is all over the place). It is also worth noting that some of the scenes at/in the Grand Canyon are striking, you cannot look away."
60 43% Wild and Woolly (1917) - May 12, 2021
"A Westerner stuck in an Easterner's body and a boy stuck in a man's body. All of which is good if you're a small town wanting to get a spur road built to bring in the big bucks from the mine. That is until fiction turns to fact. But in the end all is well for that city slicker is really a cowboy after all!"
60 43% His Picture in the Papers (1916) - May 11, 2021
"A very early (at least in terms of the history of cinema) and very funny satire of vegetarianism, consumerism and the newspaper and advertising industries."
50 24% Reaching for the Moon (1917) - May 10, 2021
"The power of concentration; to materially manifest that which is cognitive in nature. To realise one's desires, to dream, to fantasise. But sometimes it is just best to work hard at the button factory and move to Jersey. How was this not remade in the 1950s as a vehicle for Danny Kaye to do his thing?! I can also imagine Woody Allen making a version of this film in the 1970s."
40 13% Chef (2014) - May 08, 2021
"Credit to Favreau for making a film that made me hungry for food (Cuban cuisine) as well as a film that is sincere in terms of (starting to) come to appreciate social media (in particular Twitter) as a pharmakon. However these positives do not outweigh the negatives, mainly the predictable but at the same time inconsistent plot as well as Downey Jnr's bizarre cameo (bizarre in the sense that his character seems to have been inserted in the film just so Downey Jnr could be in Favreau's film). "
70 60% Flirting with Fate (1916) - May 07, 2021
"Is this the first time that the 'struggling artist' narrative was manifested on film (as moving image)? Whatever the answer to that question may be, this is without doubt a very well considered and executed farce about the value of art/valuing of artists (and their self-doubt and paranoia) that is a joy to watch. There are no flat spots, with the viewer constantly kept on their toes and chortling with laughter. This is a clever film and clever film making."
55 33% The Matrimaniac (1916) - May 05, 2021
"Eloping was never meant to be this hard. Also, who'd be a minister?!"
60 43% The Vampire Bat (1933) - May 04, 2021
"Significantly better than 'The Devil Bat'. A genuinely creepy film with an interesting, albeit simple, plot that is brought to life with sets, costumes and lighting that create an atmosphere that manifests vampires (even if just in the imagination). The cast all fully embrace their roles, in particular Dwight Frye as the town simpleton who is the subject of a vampire hunt (it turns out a vampire hunt is just as bad as a witch hunt)."
60 43% Taste of Cherry (1997) - May 04, 2021
"Knowing what Kiarostami is capable of, for example the 'Koker Trilogy' and 'Close Up' are masterpieces, this was a let down for me (much like 'Certified Copy' leaves me unsatisfied). While the film constitutes an interesting exploration of our (that is humans) need to seek help from each other - indeed Kiarostami makes evident that to seek help is to be human - it fails in terms of saying anything profound about death, which seems to be Kiarostami's main aim here. "
60 43% Night of the Living Dead (1968) - May 01, 2021
"Romero does indeed achieve a lot here on such a small budget, creating in many ways a genre-defining film. However, this does not change the fact that the acting and dialogue is patchy and in some cases terrible. The final 15 minutes of the film are the most well done and interesting, but it is the radio and TV news broadcasts that are the most impressive aspect of the film for this viewer (it seems likely that Romero saw Watkins' 'The War Game' which shaped his creation of these news events)."