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Member Since: Apr 26, 2020

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece. I'm Pinball_Lez on Twitter
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99 99% Sobibor (2001) - Oct 17, 2020
"I consider this a continuation of 'Shoah' and so rate the film accordingly. Sobibor, just like all the other extermination camps, was a finely tuned death machine. To stop these production lines of death would require extraordinary actions against the Nazis, which is exactly what Yehuda Lerner and his fellow Jews managed to do on October 14, 1943 at 4pm. Lanzmann's pursuit of detail is almost obsessive, which seems required in order to adequately document 'the final solution'."
70 52% Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974) - Oct 17, 2020
"Memories merging. Identities merging. Rivette here seems interested in exploring the idea of memory as cinema, and by extension immersive/interactive cinema as a kind of memory as lucid dreaming. But any genuine sense of surrealism is shattered by the playful nature of the film, which to me works against Rivette's intention of the film as a meaningful exploration of cinema/memory/dreaming. This is no harsh judgement of Rivette, only Buñuel has really managed to pull this off. Also, too long."
60 37% Bernie (2012) - Oct 17, 2020
"A fundamentally dark film - based on true events - about the way people manipulate those around them which begets more manipulation but in wider circles. There are some tonal inconsistencies in the film that detract from its full potential impact - Linklater seems to reach for moments of levity when they are not needed. But Black manages to do enough with his performance to imbue the film with the necessary tragedy."
55 30% Mr. Holmes (2015) - Oct 17, 2020
"An interesting and mostly well executed twist on the mythology of Sherlock Holmes. Quite a contrast to Guy Ritchie's two recent (well, within the last ten years) Sherlock Holmes films (which I prefer)."
50 22% Looking For Grace (2016) - Oct 17, 2020
"A 'teenager rebels' film that also touches on the temptation (and often need) for adults to rebel in response to the unsatisfactory nature of their lives. Nicely photographed (by Katie Milwright). An Australian film that embraces and does not poke fun at (as a means of dealing with insecurity) what it is to look and sound like Australia."
40 12% Folk Hero & Funny Guy (2017) - Oct 17, 2020
"A reasonable premise for a road trip film but the execution all feels a bit too safe. One of those annoyingly self-conscious films. Karpovsky is entertaining but Russell less so (he's no Kurt)."
85 83% Notting Hill (1999) - Oct 16, 2020
"It's difficult to say why this film works so well, why it appeals to me so much. Perhaps it is something to do with English charm? It helps having a writer like Richard Curtis. I find Julia Roberts intolerable in most films, but in this case she is basically playing herself with her Americanness perfectly butting up against the Englishness of Grant and the rest of the superb British cast. It's genuinely funny, sad and romantic."
60 37% Le Weekend (2013) - Oct 16, 2020
"It's no '45 Years' but is nonetheless a worthy exploration of the changing nature of love. The film does seem to capture something of the rejuvenative power of Paris. Broadbent, Duncan and Goldblum are all very good."
35 8% Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) - Oct 16, 2020
"Hilarious in some parts but the loudness (both visual and auditory) does grow tiresome rather quickly. Baren Cohen is perfectly suited to the role of a ridiculous villain."
55 30% Hyde Park on Hudson (2012) - Oct 16, 2020
"An odd film, a kind of historical comedy-drama, but nonetheless enjoyable due to the performances of Linney, Murray and Colman."