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Location: Melbourne, Australia

Age: 36

Bio: A score between 91 and 100 indicates a masterpiece. I'm Pinball_Lez on Twitter https://twitter.com/pinball_lez?lang=en
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55 38% This is Orson Welles (2015) - Sep 15, 2021
"There is nothing new for me here in terms of the life and works of Welles, but I do always enjoy listening to Christopher Welles talk about her father (and in particular her relationship with Rita Hayworth as the second wife of Orson). Martin Scorsese's reverence for the great man is also worth taking in. The outtakes from 'A Safe Place' and 'Someone to Love' that show Welles in uproarious laughter are worth savouring as they capture something of Orson's 'joy for life'."
70 67% Le royaume des fées (1903) - Sep 14, 2021
"Méliès summons all of his considerable expertise and experience to create what in many ways is an epic, even if at times uneven, film. I am amazed that someone could make this film in 1903! It is one of those Méliès movies in which there is so much going on in some scenes that the viewer does not know where to direct their attention (they have to choose). The witch in this cinematic realisation of 'La Biche au Bois' has to be one of the great villains in cinema history."
50 26% Orson Welles: Autopsie d'une légende (2015) - Sep 14, 2021
"I expected more from a French film about the great man, considering that the French were perhaps the only people to really appreciate what Welles was trying to do with cinema at the time he was doing it. Despite the presence of McBride, Thomson and Jaglom, the film is very short on insights about Welles and his films. But, as always, the archival footage of Orson is a delight as is listening to Jeanne Moreau's love for Orson. Peter Jason impersonating Welles and Houston is a bit of a fun."
55 38% 9/11: The Falling Man (2006) - Sep 13, 2021
"The initial refusal for most Americans to acknowledge the photo of 'the falling man' (the 'the' is important) and then for those who fought for its acknowledgement to conclude that it ought to be viewed as symbolic of all those who died (and not the photo of a particular individual dying), strikes me as a mass aversion to accepting that death is inextricably tied to some specific individual Dasein. A not wanting to accept that the death of the falling man was 'his' in a radical sense."
65 59% Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles (2014) - Sep 13, 2021
"Workman is right to not use an omniscient narrator as this is sure to fail when it comes to documenting Welles' life and work; the voice of Orson cannot be substituted for another (except maybe Simon Callow). Through the voices of friends, family, scholars and Welles himself, a rich impression of Orson is made possible. He emerges not fully formed, but certainly leaving the impression of a "destitute King" as Jeanne Moreau describes him (perhaps the most apt of all characterisations of Orson)."
60 50% Mickey's Service Station (1935) - Sep 12, 2021
"I always knew that grasshoppers were trouble (in this case a plague of one)."
55 38% The Band Concert (1935) - Sep 12, 2021
"Where will Donald pull a flute from next?! Mickey is nothing if not committed."
50 26% Mickey's Man Friday (1935) - Sep 12, 2021
"Mickey achieves a lot here; colonisation, civilisation and inventing an ingenious fort protection system. An American in the 1930s could achieve anything and everything!"
65 59% Le Monstre (1903) - Sep 11, 2021
"Whenever Méliès brings out a mystery box it's best to run away (unless your the audience, in which case you must stay to watch the chaos that ensues). The way the monster changes in size (bigger and then smaller) and lurches around is a lot of fun to watch (a 'haunted house' experience for sure). Very rarely is the ending of a Méliès film not satisfying, and this is no exception with the beloved wife transformed back into a skeleton when reunited with the prince. Hilarious!"
60 50% Le Mélomane (1903) - Sep 11, 2021
"Nothing to see here, just Méliès creating musical notes (for 'God Save the King') out of duplicates of his head. I am being sarcastic of course."