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Bio: I perform various production-related tasks
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63 49% Come to Daddy (2019) - Jan 20, 2021
"I enjoyed the third act quite a lot. It made me wish the first two acts had the same level of bizarre, violent fun. Elijah Wood picks the craziest movies to be in, and I love him for it."
43 22% Promising Young Woman (2020) - Jan 16, 2021
"Video review:"
82 83% The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) - Jan 03, 2021
"It's rare to see a film realistically depict this period in history, back when everyone in the Middle East had New York accents."
76 70% Possessor (2020) - Jan 02, 2021
"If Antiviral was Brandon Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, then Possessor is his Scanners. Full of big, bold ideas and executed with plenty of style and gore. I was left wanting much more on a character level, and the script was asking for another draft or two, but the end result is still absolutely worth watching. Hopefully, we don't have to wait another 8 years for the next Brandon Cronenberg film"
82 83% Bringing Out the Dead (1999) - Jan 02, 2021
"Schrader and Scorsese swap out the taxi for an ambulance and deliver another great New York by night ride-a-long with a cast full of colorful characters, interesting themes, and wild visuals. The drawbacks are mostly in the structure and the somewhat loose tying together of the many disparate narrative threads, plus Cage's narration can be woefully overwrought at points, but I would guess that was pulled straight from the source novel."
83 84% Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance (1972) - Dec 28, 2020
"The cool factor is absolutely through the roof"
75 67% The Color of Money (1986) - Dec 26, 2020
"A guidebook on every possible way you could film a pool table. I would say the acting is on par with The Hustler and Scorsese's direction is maybe a small step up from Robert Rossen's. The script is the only clear downgrade in this belated sequel."
77 71% Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (2020) - Dec 24, 2020
"Davis and Boseman both deserve serious awards attention, but the entire rest of the cast excel in their roles as well. I can't believe it took this long for Mayor Royce from The Wire to tuck his good-strong dick away and dig into some juicy parts; the guy can ACT. Also, I'm shocked they recast Octavia Spencer as the horror movie icon: Ma"
60 44% The Debt Collector (2018) - Dec 21, 2020
"The story is more bare-bones and straight-forward than I even thought was possible; they literally spend the first 2/3 of the movie just going from place to place, beating people up, and sometimes taking money, that's it. It does well to not bite off more drama than it can chew, and the script moves nicely from one action scene to the next. The in-between bits aren't anything special but they are well-acted from both leads. A quick, enjoyable time with a lame gunfight to end it on a fizzle."
85 86% Nate: A One Man Show (2020) - Dec 17, 2020
"Unlike any show you have ever seen before. Bizarre, funny, and heavy in the precise right moments. I was lucky enough to see Natalie Palamides live in LA right before all the theaters began shutting down for Covid, and I knew Netflix picking this up would be a treat. Looking forward to watching her career unfold, especially after what should hopefully be a big profile boost."