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Member Since: Apr 15, 2014

Bio: I perform various production-related tasks
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85 86% The Devils (1971) - Apr 23, 2021
"Oliver Reed has a wonderful mustache and throws a crocodile out a window. This was my main takeaway. Well, that, and when his head and mustache are shaved for execution, he looks just like a less repugnant Joe Rogan"
53 33% House by the Cemetery (1981) - Apr 22, 2021
"The most atrocious child dubbing I've heard in quite some time. Almost enough to make me turn off the film, honestly. You're telling me the mother couldn't open that hatch wider, but the kid could force his humongous fucking head through? I'm not buying it."
90 91% The Father (2020) - Apr 20, 2021
"They really put 0 effort into any of the posters for this movie, huh? Anthony Hopkins gives what is possibly his best performance. Absolutely devastating and heartbreaking."
64 50% Nobody (2021) - Apr 20, 2021
"It's John Wick + A History of Violence from the writer of John Wick and the director of the seriously underrated Hardcore Henry. Nobody is a lot of fun and is so close to being great but doesn't quite seal the deal. The script feels like it's missing a couple of ingredients and all of the pieces don't manage to fall into place in the end in a cohesive way. The action and cast are wonderful though."
50 28% Mother's Day (1980) - Apr 17, 2021
"The new Joe Bob season is finally here. There are a couple of effective sequences: sneaking through the house and the rope cutting through her hands. Not much reason to watch this film on its own otherwise."
68 55% Whistle and I'll Come to You (1968) - Apr 14, 2021
"A simple little ghost story with nice atmosphere and a strong third act. It's a bit of a slow burn pacing-wise but at only 40 minutes, it breezes right by."
60 44% Dead Man's Shoes (2004) - Apr 12, 2021
"I had high hopes for this one and was definitely a little disappointed. For me, the twist was obvious 10 minutes, and without that to come as a surprise, the narrative is too simple and straightforward for its own good. I'm a huge fan of Considine, and he's great in his role, but the filmmaking on display did not impress, especially in the numerous flashbacks."
80 78% My Dinner with Andre (1981) - Apr 12, 2021
"Wallace Shawn says inconceivable in this one too, just FYI"
83 83% Malcolm X (1992) - Apr 09, 2021
"Watched in three sittings"
79 74% Versus (2000) - Apr 05, 2021
"If you can get past the cheap, ugly visual presentation, this is a ton of goofy fun. Does not take itself seriously in the slightest."