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60 56% Ready Player One (2018) - Mar 19, 2018
"A better title might be Reference: The Movie. This film has some notable issues; the characters are thinly sketched, some of the acting isn't great and a few of the big emotional or dramatic moments don't land. Despite this Ready Player One is great fun to watch. The action scenes are imaginative and well directed, the pacing doesn't let up and it is consistently engaging to watch. Surprisingly it's also really funny with a number of laugh out loud moments"
35 16% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) - Sep 12, 2016
"Disappointing. Lots of CGI but the actors are so poorly integrated with the visual effects that at times it looked like a made for TV movie. Feels like a film from a decade ago and is often rehashing storylines from earlier X-men films. Jennifer Lawrence seems to not care about this film and gives a flat effort. The final battle reminded me of Fantastic Four (2005). A city is destroyed, I think maybe Cairo? It passes the time but overall it's not great. What a waste of Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse."
80 87% Baby Driver (2017) - Jun 21, 2017
"Very inventive with a terrific soundtrack where the score is matched to action beats. All the secondary characters give good perfomances but the standouts are Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm playing against type to great effect. Unfortunately the few times the film slows down and focuses on the main character Baby and love interest Deborah it almost stalls out. Thankfully the rest of the movie is exceptional."
80 87% The Death of Stalin (2017) - Oct 30, 2017
"A satirical drama that is informative and often darkly comic. Shows what life was like under totalitarianism in Stalinist Russia and illustrates how fear pervades and brutal violence was commonplace. The Death of Stalin doesn't hold back and is filled with great actors reciting witty dialogue along with good characterisation. The problem is virtually every character is a terrible human being, except Olga Kurylenko as Maria, meaning it's difficult spending time watching such odious individuals. "
75 80% The Shape of Water (2017) - Feb 26, 2018
"Beauty and the Beast for adults. While the movie romanticises the fairytale relationship it doesn't shy away from the more animalistic traits of the Merman. In general the cast were all believable in their roles and felt fleshed out as characters with special mention to Michael Shannon who is scarily convincing as the main antagonist. The film is well directed, looks great, has a good score and the costume for the Merman is really impressive."
70 74% Star Trek Beyond (2016) - Jul 22, 2016
"My favourite out the three new Star Trek movies. The drone ships had a great look to them and the film kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Enjoyable character interactions, new alien Jayla was great and I liked the expanded role for Karl Urbans Mccoy. Hiding Idris Elba under makeup wasn't the best idea although he had some good moments near the end. At times image was too dark where it was difficult to clearly see what was happening. Overall a good watch. "
90 95% Coco (2017) - Jan 19, 2018
"Another top-notch release from Pixar. Coco is centered around Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) and shows a Latin American viewpoint refreshingly different to typical western attitudes. Here the dead are honoured with a celebration of music, food and drink instead of being mourned. Pixar's trademark quality storytelling and dialogue along with the beautiful vibrant visuals and a great soundtrack ends up creating a really enjoyable movie."
60 56% Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) - Aug 02, 2019
"Buddy cop movie where the narrative is a mixture of James Bond and Mission Impossible and the bad guy is a super soldier with Terminator vision, enhanced strength and a cool self-driving motorbike. Feels like a true Fast & Furious feature where family is the driving force and as a theme is actually stronger here than most of the franchise. Is over the top and fairly cartoonish, runs a bit too long with multiple storylines setting up the future but overall its a well done fun action flick"
65 65% Doctor Strange (2016) - Oct 25, 2016
"Take Gregory House and the world of Harry Potter, add in the visuals of Inception and you get Doctor Strange. Inventive kaleidoscopic effects and overall a well-made film but I didn't get into the story. The Ancient One played by Tilda Swinton was surprisingly entertaining and yet again the villain of a Marvel film doesn't stand out which is a shame. The final action scene wasn't the usual laser into the sky and fighting hundreds of anonymous bad guys. Worth seeing for the imaginative visuals."
90 95% The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Jun 08, 2015
"Every shot perfectly framed. Beautiful to look at. Ralph Fiennes incredibly funny. Only downside was Edward Norton. He stood out from the widely varied cast as the weak link. Just didn't look as committed to his role as the other actors. "