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Bio: 'When science shits the bed I'm the guy they call to change the sheets' - Rampage (2018)
'You're always sorry, Charles. And there's always a speech. And nobody cares' - Dark Phoenix (2019)

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30 13% Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) - Mar 15, 2017
"Some decent production design and vaguely interesting ideas however the editing throughout was terrible. Stop cutting constantly, hold the shot and let me see what's going on. Squanders the potential from final scene of the last movie and skips to the aftermath. It's billed as 'The Final Chapter' and unlike 'Underworld' it feels final. The Resident Evil film series isn't great but generally is passable entertainment for a few hours. This entry was pretty bad and might be the worst in the series."
35 20% Justice League (2017) - Feb 18, 2018
"A few fun action beats but mostly pretty dull, awash with weightless poor quality CGI which has no impact. Chemistry between characters is the biggest strength, specifically The Flash and Aquaman, but plenty of leaden dialogue. Antagonist Steppenwolf is very poor and exists solely to act as a punching bag for the heroes. The main problem is despite my issues with some recent DC films they often feltĀ­ distinctive. This feels generic, an ersatz Marvel film and a bad version of The Avengers. "
60 60% Aquaman (2018) - Dec 15, 2018
"The most consistently entertaining of the recent DC movies. Filled with well directed and clearly shot action and fight scenes with standout sequences in the Trench and Sicily that are exceptional. Plenty of stilted overly expositional dialogue along with too many jokes that don't land. Lots of colourful visual effects and bizarre creature designs but by the end the sheer amount of CGI feels overwhelming. Mamoa has fun as Aquaman with the swagger of a rock star performing at a sell-out concert. "
60 60% Hobbs and Shaw (2019) - Aug 02, 2019
"Buddy cop movie where the narrative is a mixture of James Bond and Mission Impossible and the bad guy is a super soldier with Terminator vision, enhanced strength and a cool self-driving motorbike. Feels like a true Fast & Furious feature where family is the driving force and as a theme is actually stronger here than most of the franchise. Is over the top and fairly cartoonish, runs a bit too long with multiple storylines setting up the future but overall its a well done fun action flick"
80 88% Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) - Sep 14, 2016
"Look fantastic with a mixture of photo-real CGI and well done stop motion. Great music and a really good story that deals with some dark material. My main problem is with the celebrity voice-acting which ranged from poor to merely okay with the exception of Kubo himself who was good. The beetle character strongly reminded me of Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story series and felt a bit out of place in this story. It's not quite up there with Coraline but I can't wait to see whats next from Laika"
40 30% Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) - Jun 08, 2018
"Competently made, fairly enjoyable but unremarkable. Even more so than The Force Awakens or Rogue One this feels like big budget fan fiction. A Wookieepedia article made for the big screen, designed to satisfy old school Star Wars fans by answering every single question you have about Han Solo. Paul Bettany as Dryden Vos is good, effectively menacing but didn't have enough screen time. Although the weakest entry of the new Star Wars movies it's still watchable but in the end quite forgettable. "
40 30% Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) - Mar 17, 2014
"Good effects and action scenes but it's all style with little substance. I did like Benedict Cumberbatch who had presence onscreen but his eventually character reveal was poor. It felt like part Star Wars and part remake of the Wrath of Khan. Also plot issues everywhere. Why use starships when you can beam between planets. No need to fear death as a small blood transfusion can bring you back to life with dozens of potential blood donors available. "
35 20% Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) - Jun 24, 2016
"Terrible dialogue. Too many characters, most are one dimensional. Poor pacing. Bad script with multiple subplots leading nowhere and wasting time. Plenty of wooden acting. But I didn't hate watching it overall. Some impressive visuals. Cheesy and hopeful. Future Earth looks like the Star Trek Federation, all nations now united. It has all the flaws of the original but if you were a fan you may have a good time watching this. At the end it has a blatant tease for a future movie. "
51 50% Ghost in the Shell (2017) - Mar 31, 2017
"Amazing visual effects and a great soundtrack along with impressive costumes and world design mesh to create a striking aesthetic. It had some interesting ideas which weren't fully fleshed out and the Hanka bad guy was pretty rubbish. The arguments levelled about whitewashing/race-bending ended up addressed as a quite distasteful plot point. I liked the build up of the first 2/3rds but as the plot unfolded I started losing interest up to the meh ending. Overall however it was fairly enjoyable. "
49 41% Alita: Battle Angel (2019) - Feb 07, 2019
"Feels similar to Ghost in the shell (2017) but is even more flawed. Alita's disney-like CGI eyes aren't that bad but getting rid of them would've probably been better. Incredibly dull romance that doesn't work. Good action sequences but the excessive cyborg destruction is reminiscent of the Flesh Fair from A.I. (2001). Clunky exposition and too many plotlines that don't satisfying resolve by the credits. The whole movie ends up feeling like a prologue. Bad guy Nova looks just like James Cameron."