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Bio: 'When science shits the bed I'm the guy they call to change the sheets' - Rampage (2018)
'You're always sorry, Charles. And there's always a speech. And nobody cares' - Dark Phoenix (2019)

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70 76% Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - Apr 28, 2017
"Marvel's take on Star Wars with the ship helmed by Captain Kirk. It has a great soundtrack, a strong supporting cast, and impressive visual effects which were quite colourful. The final action scene was quite reminiscent of an end of game boss battle. There are plenty of jokes and most of them land but at times jokes were made at the expense of a dramatic moment and undercuts the impact. Although still connected it feels tangential to the MCU. Overall it's great fun and as good as the first film"
75 82% Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Oct 26, 2017
"Easily the best Thor movie. Closer in tone to Guardian of the Galaxy with director Taika Waititi trademark humour clear onscreen. Hemsworth as Thor is great and the other characters are entertaining while Jeff Goldblum basically plays himself. Blanchette as Hela is fun to watch but unfortunately doesn't end up making much of an impact. Very colourful and a bit CGI heavy. The story is quite messy with plot threads left dangling but the ending is pretty good. Probably Marvel's funniest film so far"
35 21% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - Mar 26, 2016
"ULTIMATE EDITION. Slightly improved but worse than Man of Steel. Some plot holes were resolved. Clark Kent has multiple scenes added which provides some depth. Longer running time improves the pacing however it is still too long. Doomsday looked like a cross between a Cave Troll and The Abomination, another generic CG creation, and the ending was a sea of pixels. Gadot and Affleck were fine. THEATRICAL. Poorly paced, at times incoherent. Very little Superman. (Original review linked) [Read Full Review]"
90 95% Coco (2017) - Jan 19, 2018
"Another top-notch release from Pixar. Coco is centered around Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) and shows a Latin American viewpoint refreshingly different to typical western attitudes. Here the dead are honoured with a celebration of music, food and drink instead of being mourned. Pixar's trademark quality storytelling and dialogue along with the beautiful vibrant visuals and a great soundtrack ends up creating a really enjoyable movie."
70 76% Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Mar 10, 2017
"Overall a fun watch and it looks great with plenty of stunning visuals on show. Its a monster movie mashed up with a Vietnam war film. Most of the cast were pretty good although somewhat two dimensional. The tone was uneven with jumps from serious drama to comedy that felt a bit jarring, there's some clunky dialogue and it's a bit too long. I liked its running theme that was critical of war and how it affects both civilians and soldiers. At its best it seemed like a modern day predator film. "
40 31% The Great Wall (2017) - Feb 24, 2017
"Very silly but it wasn't terrible watching it. This has some inventive actions scenes and I liked the colourful visual style, especially the armour of the various soldiers. The dialogue was middling, Damon was merely okay and the pacing was a bit off as although the film is only 2 hours at times it felt longer. If I had a choice between the typical big dumb American Blockbuster and this film I can do worse than watching a Chinese version of the battle of Helms Deep from LOTR: The Two Towers "
90 95% Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 12, 2017
"One of the rare decades-later sequel that is a success, BR2049 expands upon the original but also works as a standalone movie. It is uniformly well acted, looks fantastic and has an in-your-face overbearing soundtrack that I liked. The overall story is ambiguous and thought provoking and doesn't give all the answers you want, but it does have a satisfying ending. Minimal but effective use of Harrison Ford as Deckard. My main criticisms are that the pacing is languid and it feels bloated at times"
60 61% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Dec 15, 2016
"Slow start leads to strong finish. Like last years TFA this feels like a really well made fan-film. While TFA repeated storylines from the original trilogy Rogue One apes the aesthetics and overall designs. The CGI representation of the late Peter Cushing felt off and a bit creepy. Darth Vader was cool but unnecessary and there's too many cameos. I like the multi-cultural cast of characters who are all well acted and how the film successfully shows the scale of the huge structures seen onscreen."
30 15% Allegiant (2016) - Jun 18, 2016
"You know what you're getting with this series. These Divergent films are not very good but I keep watching knowing this. I'll probably watch the next one, round out the fourth film in the trilogy. (Edit: Now that the final film is being turned into a TV movie this will stand as the last Divergent movie theatrically released, a poor note to end on)."
80 88% War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) - Jul 14, 2017
"The Great Escape: Apes style. Slower and more introspective than expected. Caesar was the standout; lifelike and completely believable, created by layering photoreal CGI onto the motion captured performance of Andy Serkis. The main story was Caesar and his trusted Ape allies journeying but a surprising amount of time was set in a POW camp. Newcomer Bad Ape was great and brought some welcome levity. 'War' doesn't quite match the best parts of 'Dawn' but was more consistently engaging throughout"