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Bio: 'When science shits the bed I'm the guy they call to change the sheets' - Rampage (2018)
'You're always sorry, Charles. And there's always a speech. And nobody cares' - Dark Phoenix (2019)

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51 50% The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) - Jun 08, 2019
"Enjoyable enough movie that's well directed and looks great but the amount of product placement made it feel like I was watching a 2 hour commercial. Cinnabon and e-harmony jumped out as the most obvious, as well as making Greenland and Iceland the next go to holiday destination, but here are some others I noticed: Life, Papa Johns, Kodak, KFC, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Heineken, Sesame Street, jansport, Air America and Air Greenland "
60 60% Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Dec 15, 2016
"Slow start leads to strong finish. Like last years TFA this feels like a really well made fan-film. While TFA repeated storylines from the original trilogy Rogue One apes the aesthetics and overall designs. The CGI representation of the late Peter Cushing felt off and a bit creepy. Darth Vader was cool but unnecessary and there's too many cameos. I like the multi-cultural cast of characters who are all well acted and how the film successfully shows the scale of the huge structures seen onscreen."
30 14% Allegiant (2016) - Jun 18, 2016
"You know what you're getting with this series. These Divergent films are not very good but I keep watching knowing this. I'll probably watch the next one, round out the fourth film in the trilogy. (Edit: Now that the final film is being turned into a TV movie this will stand as the last Divergent movie theatrically released, a poor note to end on)."
51 50% Wonder Woman (2017) - Jun 05, 2017
"Captain America The First Avenger (DC Edition). Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman carries the action well and effectively conveys the characters innocence, fares less well in the big emotional moments. It spends a bit of time on the impact of war. The supporting cast are all pretty good with a little depth. Too long and the final act has too much bad guy monologuing and CGI fighting but compared to recent DC films it's better than Man of Steel and brings to an end their downward trend in quality since"
35 20% Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) - Jun 24, 2016
"Terrible dialogue. Too many characters, most are one dimensional. Poor pacing. Bad script with multiple subplots leading nowhere and wasting time. Plenty of wooden acting. But I didn't hate watching it overall. Some impressive visuals. Cheesy and hopeful. Future Earth looks like the Star Trek Federation, all nations now united. It has all the flaws of the original but if you were a fan you may have a good time watching this. At the end it has a blatant tease for a future movie. "
70 76% Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - Apr 28, 2017
"Marvel's take on Star Wars with the ship helmed by Captain Kirk. It has a great soundtrack, a strong supporting cast, and impressive visual effects which were quite colourful. The final action scene was quite reminiscent of an end of game boss battle. There are plenty of jokes and most of them land but at times jokes were made at the expense of a dramatic moment and undercuts the impact. Although still connected it feels tangential to the MCU. Overall it's great fun and as good as the first film"
35 20% Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - Mar 26, 2016
"ULTIMATE EDITION. Slightly improved but worse than Man of Steel. Some plot holes were resolved. Clark Kent has multiple scenes added which provides some depth. Longer running time improves the pacing however it is still too long. Doomsday looked like a cross between a Cave Troll and The Abomination, another generic CG creation, and the ending was a sea of pixels. Gadot and Affleck were fine. THEATRICAL. Poorly paced, at times incoherent. Very little Superman. (Original review linked) [Read Full Review]"
51 50% Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) - Aug 10, 2017
"Impressive spectacle with an imaginative in-depth world design that felt lived in. The plot was nonsense where the fairly interesting setup fizzled out and the ending sequence has the entire plot laid out in a leaden exposition dump. The two leads are miscast and have zero chemistry with each other. Uniformly wooden dialogue where the more characters spoke the worse the film became. At it's best is reminiscent of Star Wars or The Fifth Element, it's worst of Jupiter Ascending. Looks great though"
40 30% The Fate of the Furious (2017) - Apr 13, 2017
"The action and stunts from a James Bond film mixed with the plotlines and acting from a typical daytime soap. Charlize Theron as the main antagonist is no Jason Statham and she doesn't come close to matching his OTT performance in the last movie. The F&F series peaked at No. 5 and although this movie is better than films 1-4 it doesn't reach 5-7. Like the other films the best aspect has to be the racial diversity of the cast. Make sure to avoid trailers as they spoil every single action sequence"
30 14% The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) - Feb 09, 2018
"A great cast, good score and intriguing setup are all wasted by the end. The first half is tense with some effective body horror moments but the second half is a mess. The Cloverfield additions are vaguely interesting as a connection to earlier films but they're just shoehorned in, poorly integrated into the story and harmful to the movie as a whole. The entire plotline on Earth often looks cheap, clearly tacked on and could be entirely cut out leaving a better film. Chris O'Dowd's pretty funny"