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Member Since: Oct 17, 2007

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Bio: Visual artist living and working in my hometown of Chicago. I have a great appreciation for, & am very knowledgeable on, classic cinema & modern action films. I focus on a film's plot plausibility vs. plot details, cinematic flow vs. style or technique & above all else, acting. Skilled actors can often raise a film above its quality, in my opinion.

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90 T6 The Village (2004) - Oct 20, 2007
"I'm not sure I'm spelling his name correctly, but M. Night Shamalan is has seemingly mastered the art of capturing & keeping a viewer's attention by "leading" them through a story trying to figure out just what exactly is going on. In most films, that would be an annoying element inspring a very negative review, but in Shamalan's films, it is what makes them entertaining. A true Hitchcock disciple that is quickly becoming a worthy equal."
100 T10 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) - Oct 20, 2007
"The shelf full of oscars that this film won was probably really for the entire trilogy, arguably the three greatest fantasy films ever made. This one stands out for the epic battle scenes & finely crafted & paced conclusion. We might not see a trio of films on one story this well made again."
100 T10 The Maltese Falcon (1941) - Oct 20, 2007
"The standard for film noir of the 40s, with a iconic cast that conducts acting class on screen (Bogart, Mary Astor, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, Elisha Cook Jr.). The film's climatic scene, where Bogart tells Astor that she is "going to take the fall" is the "stuff that dreams are made of..." Brilliant."
90 T6 Platoon (1986) - Oct 20, 2007
"This film hasn't aged all that well, but when it debuted, it was as gripping as Apocolypse Now was controversial. The exceptional cast carries the dramatic core of the film, the violence is graphic but restrained, the musical score haunting. "
95 T8 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) - Oct 20, 2007
"You won't find too many films that are so obviously made for sheer fun as this one. The cast hams it up with relish, the sets are lavishly stereotypical, the plot pretty standard (though the story a nice departure from the old pirate film stanbys of the 40s & 50s), but none of that really matters. The key here is "harmless" fun, & this film delivers like few have in recent memory."
85 T4 The Thing (1982) - Oct 20, 2007
"A good "remake" of the 1950 classic sci fi film really isn't a "remake" at all, but a different story in similar settings & storyline. Kurt Russell heads a good cast of 2nd banana character veterans (including Wilford Brimley, David Keith, etc.) that find the frozen alien they discovered at the top of the world can adopt the physiology of almost any creature it comes into contact with. Over the top gore really serves as more of a distraction than anything else."
90 T6 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) - Oct 20, 2007
"Well crafted finale to the Terminator trilogy of films, largely because it doesn't rely on heavy handed special effects that so many other films during this era tend to. Arnold Schwarzenegger this time saves Nick Stahl & Claire Danes from futuristic armageddon, delivering some more irreverently funny one liners ("talk to the hand," etc.) with deadpan precision. "
85 T4 Dragonheart (1996) - Oct 20, 2007
"Like dragons? Then you'll love this light hearted fantasy fare, probably intended for slightly older children, featuring Dennis Quaid as a knight that teams with the last of the dragons (voiced by Sean Connery) to overthrow evil prince David Thewlis. Julie Christie as Thewlis's suffering mother & Pete Postlewaite as Quaid's monk companion lend spice & variety to the cast."
90 T6 Braveheart (1995) - Oct 20, 2007
"Hokey, sentimental & factually challenged, this film nevertheless delivers on virtually every level that an action epic is supposed to. Excellent acting (especially from Patrick MacGoohan as a villianous Edward Longshanks) is buoyed by brisk pacing, good cinematography & another exceptional score from James Horner. David O'Hara as Wallace's (fictional?) crazy Irish 2nd steals nearly every scene he is in. "
85 T4 Sudden Impact (1983) - Oct 20, 2007
"One of the relatively few things in action cinema that a true action cinema fan never tires of is Clint Eastwood wasting some bad guys with a 44 magnum. It really doesn't matter what the plot is, Eastwood during his prime is worth watching for watching's sake."